Joys and sorrows of roadside firewood stand.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead here to talk about my firewood Stand and the Saga of is there going to be theft are People going to be honest and as many of You know there was a thief that was Trying to get into my cash Post in a Stolen vehicle he was doing it he got Arrested and ever since then and that Was what six months ago it seems like Every time I put out bundles it was paid For we have a very small percentage of Bundles disappearing and nobody was else Was bothering to try to break into a Metal cash box so things have been going Really well as a matter of fact I've Been selling a surprising amount of Firewood when it's not even camping Season or hunting season necessarily so Uh I've been doing really well and like I said things have been getting paid for And uh I showed up today and all the Firewood's gone and I had a bunch of Bundles in there and it's not surprising Because people have been buying large Amounts of bundles not just four or five Bundles for a camping trip but I I've Been selling large bundles so I thought Great I sold all the bundles that I had Out again but I went in my cash box and This is the first time in like six Months that people just took a whole Bunch of bundles I I'm estimating based On my records that I have here on my

Phone there was 18 to 20 bundles there At five dollars a bundle you know that's Uh what eighty dollars some I think that math is right well 20 would Be a 100 bucks worth so if there was 20 Bundles there's a hundred dollars worth Of firewood uh gone that hurts uh so now I have to make a decision am I going to Be worried about this again I did not Catch anything on my video camera uh am I going to be able to put out large Amounts of bundles uh I filled up this Entire stand last weekend with uh 56 Bundles that's as many as we could get In there and most were sold and paid for Um but uh and it's nice to just fill it Up at once and and leave it there but Maybe I'll have to start just doing 10 Bundles at a time so stacking up so People can see them but then not so many That if they take off with them it's Going to really hurt So anyway I got to make decisions on how I'm going to handle this it's Unfortunate it was going so good I was Thankful uh but uh Theft has hit me again and again because There's no other driveways nobody to see It it it is a pretty easy target Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects like this Firewood stand are my passion hope to

See you again soon be blessed

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