Kitoti CK2610 – 400 Hour Review

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to do a review on The coyote CK 2610 with my new friend Larry and Larry's also got a YouTube Channel called Full Circle Ozarks and He's had this tractor a couple years He's put 400 hours on it and we're gonna Run it actually do some work and then We're going to give kind of a review From a first time user and a long time User sound like a plan Okay Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you All right so I'm going to give some of My thoughts on the operator station then I'll get with Larry and give kind of his Overall view of someone who's put 400 Hours on this instead of 30 minutes But I definitely I like the the two pedal system I've Always said that I'm not from an ergonomic standpoint I'm Not crazy about having the break on the Same side as your Your forward and reverse pedals I like That better on the other side and I like I I'm not crazy about the fact that you You kind of need two feet to set the Emergency brake

Those are kind of minor concerns really A lot of the ergonomic stuff Isn't as much of the deciding factor to Me is how much work you can get done but It operated smoothly joystick placements Comfortable these the two button system Which is what I would term a true third Function rather than a diverter Very convenient location it's much Simpler and easier to operate the Grapple than it is on mine nice roomy Operator station very convenient getting On and off it's got a nice step Comfortable to operate this it feels Like when I let off the pedal and I Think it's the difference between about My tractor because this is about the Third time I've ran another tractor and Said this but when I let off this pedal The machine wants to keep going a lot More than Mine mine's very Abrupt like when you let off that pedal It stops like immediately so that amount Of Coast might be a preference thing but I'm seeing this the way this one is as Being more common before we get into the Full review A couple of other features I forgot to Mention it does have an adjustable seat Mine does not that's a very nice feature It feels pretty comfortable and I always Like to look at the three point setup This has a nice heavy drawbar it does Not have extendable draft arms and the

Stabilizers are the turnbuckle style It's got a convenient fuel fill location At the back up high that's where mine is I really like that this exact same frame Is used on the the 3510 and the 4010 and Several different models and it's just a Different engine all right so I'm going To finish my thoughts on the tractor and Then we'll get all of Larry's so I always compare to mine as a point of Reference because my tractor list weight Is like 2500 pounds the way I have it Configured it's like 5500 pounds with Wheel weights the cab fluid in the tires Three-point attachments backhoe subframe I have it weighed down so it's a heavy Tractor but it's significantly smaller Than this the rear tires are much Smaller the frame is just overall Smaller this all is 25 horsepower Whereas mine's 38. but it doesn't feel That way when you run it when I was Pushing those logs with your weight and Your horsepower it pushed them just fine The lift capacity is higher than mine Even though I have a lot more horsepower Do you happen to know your hydraulic Flow rate 11.7 gallons per minute Hydraulic flow sometimes that's Confusing because part of that goes to Steering and part of it goes to your Implement but it has more hydraulic flow Than my tractor and I'm guessing it was Cheaper do you know what the price of

Just the tractor is on this I don't know what the current price is It was When I when I bought this one I I bolted It as in a package deal with uh And I got a really good deal on during Covet I just said that way so mine was Like 26 000 Two and a half years ago and now it's Listed like thirty three thousand for Just the tractor I'm thinking my package Was I think seventeen thousand So that's a dramatic difference and for The jobs I would do every day The majority of them this tractor is Going to do them at least as well for a Lot less money There are little things I like better About mine but I'm impressed with this Of any I've ran a few 25 horsepower Tractors and to me this is the most Capable of those So what are your thoughts about why you Bought the coyote and now 400 hours Later would you do it again and just Overall review on it I definitely would Do it again uh the primary reason I Bought this one amongst the other brands That I looked at cost was a factor but The lift capacity on the front end was Important I like the idea that I could Go with a 25 horse engine and it was it Would be non-emissions that was that was Important to me uh it wouldn't be a deal

Maker if I had to do a regen but uh that Was that was the primary reason the the Only thing that I probably would add to This tractor if I was going to do it Again would be some rear remotes this One tractor doesn't have them and I may Add them eventually uh but uh that's Probably about the only thing that I Would add And so this Has a 1800 pound listed lift capacity Mine when I bought it was much lower I Don't remember 1300 something but I Switched the mechanical self-leveling Loader I can get 1700 to 1800 pounds an Inch off the ground depending on how far Out it's extended but The lift capacity on a lot of the other Manufacturers is better and coyote is One of the higher ones One thing I would do if this was my Tractor and we'll tell that story real Quick but I would definitely get some More weight on it it felt whenever I Picked those logs up it lifted the back Quicker than mine would have and he's He's got a box blade on the back which Isn't the heaviest of three-point Attachments yeah and he had fluid in the Tires but then he had a tire puncture And they now don't have fluid in them And he doesn't have the wheel weights so For my purposes I'd probably add a Little bit of weight but there's always

A trade-off with adding weight because You're sinking and making more tracks in This muddy ground and every type of way To add weight costs money which is why He's got a big log strap to the Three points and that that log seems to Work pretty well but again if you if I Hook onto a big 16 foot log I can feel It Yeah when the machine has more lift Capacity than the weight of the rear end You get that Another thing that took me more getting Used to than the tractor was this type Of grapple I've looked at these but I've Never ran one and this one to me has a Little bit of a unique geometry to it That it has It feels like a clam shell but then the Bottom still comes out quite a bit now For me it was a little bit awkward I'm Used to driving into it and then closing My jaw and this when I drove into it the Jaw wanted to grab the log behind it so You saw me struggling a little bit with Picking those up it wasn't getting used To the Tractor is getting used to the Geometry of the grapple Yeah it definitely takes a little bit of Getting used to but this is a very heavy Built grapple you said this weighs like Six or eight hundred pounds yep I Believe it's like closer to 800 pounds So so that that's that was why it's

Important to get a tractor that could Lift look but again primarily I've used It to lift logs for my Sawmill yep so 400 hours What kind of breakdowns or problems have You had with the machine haven't had any With the machines other than a one Hydraulic line was leaking at the Fitting and that happened within the First hour of operation and uh my uh My folks that I bought bought it from Came came right out and and took care of That for me so so I could tell you Things I like about my tractor better Than I like this one but especially when You factor in the price difference and The extra size I want something a little Bigger I I think this is a heck of a bargain for What you get for the what you pay for it And I really appreciate you taking time To show us You're quite welcome make sure to check Out Larry's channel it's full circle Ozarks I appreciate you taking time to Watch put links on the screen to more of Our videos and we'll see you next time Take care

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