KUBOTA WON’T LIKE THIS VIDEO! 511 GRILL GUARD SMOKES OEM. #tractors #kubota #madeinusa

The front of your tractor needs Protection you're gonna wish you had it At some point so get a grill guard today And here's why you want five elevens Let's compare it to Kubota 511 is using 11 gauge steel the Kubota you can bend By hand with no effort that's not gonna Happen with 511 and look at that Perforation pattern the Kubota looks Cool I'll give it that but we're looking For protection here not just looks in Some cases you'll even find 511's grille Guard is 25 bigger offering even more Protection and with 511 you can even add Side guards for more protection yet want Your grille guard paint matched 511 Offers Kubota orange chassis gray and Even John Deere Green or get the Textured black which is going to match Any machine out there all of 511's Products are made right in the United States in Michigan and they're stocked And ready to ship that Kubota guard took Three months to arrive so go to 511 Designs right now save five percent off Your order using Code GWT and get some Protection on your tractor

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