Land Plane Wet Gravel with Small Tractor

Hey good morning and welcome back to the Channel it is a rainy nasty day got a Couple of uh tasks to do today and it's Not gonna be super Exciting but you might learn something If you you stay with us so this is the First task we uh buried the line across For the gate opener and you can see I Don't know if the camera is going to Show it or not but there's a pretty good Dip there Yeah so we're gonna Grab the uh land plane and run through Here and and fill these holes in the Trucks drove over enough now and it's Rained enough uh that it's it's sunk in I've got to get the uh the Mulcher off The back and then we'll put the the Quick connect on and the land plane Foreign Closed in eventually because you can see Right here that even though we're under The barn the wind has been blowing and It's got moisture All over The tractor I'm gonna let me set it up there and you Yeah Foreign This is the big land plane for the T25 It's six foot wide Um I want to think it's near 500 pounds I'd have to look at the specs again but You can see when I picked it up the back

End of the tractor pulled down a little Bit but it lifted it right up let's go See if it'll pull Uh six foot land plane in the width Thank you Thank you What I'm doing right now is that I Forgot to stabilize my back end so the It was wandering a little bit left and Right so I tightened that up but the Right side of the three-point hitch is Picked up uh higher than the left side Caused me to dig in on the left side a Lot more than the right side and caused Me a little bit of problem and it's not Doing a good job so we're heading that One level it back out I'm just taking a guest over here based Upon experience so They could be fine It's not rocket science anyway Get her done so I got my gate set up so That every after 90 seconds the gate Closes so every time I go through the Gate time I come back I gotta push the Button open up here That putting that's so I mean it's Definitely the first world problem I Have to push the button open gate Foreign Foreign It's fill it in the hole and that'll Continue to sink and Adjust in over the next couple of days

It's supposed to rain like the rest of This week so but you still made a Mucky Mucky mess I feel better than it was Several times I was impressed the two The T25 did really well Big Muddy mess And uh pulling that wet heavy gravel I think the T25 did pretty okay with This land plane uh I have no complaints With how it handled it's obviously a Little bit oversized attachment If you were going to be doing dry stuff Uh on a regular basis I think T25 and That six foot land plane would be fine If you want to use that land plane to Its full potential obviously I think You're gonna need a little bit bigger Tractor I appreciate you watching our Channel and I got a few more things Coming up I'm going to show you in Another video let me show you a little Bit what's coming next and then we'll Close this video out hey we're going to Be changing out a PTO shaft we're going To take the universal joint out and Change it one head over to another shaft So if you've never changed out a PTO uh Universal joint you stay with me on the Next video coming out you'll see us do That we bent this I don't know if you Can see that with a camera right there But I meant this uh this PTO shaft this Is kind of a cheap shaft to begin with And you can see that it's definitely got A bow in it and now it will not uh

Compress all the way So listen God bless have a great day

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