LAUGH or CRY? Maybe being on YouTube is easy for some…

Okay this is me looking at myself this Is me trying to look directly at the Camera [Music] ’s in order I know all the food yeah I Think the little things hanging off them Add all sorts of other spices I think That’s cinnamon This is just one of those days I dropped The nutmeg Vanilla bean powder Or a Let’s do this every day over and over Again for storage [Music] As hot what Okay Oops we just lost an egg on the ground We need a chocolate colored egg please Did I put it in no there you go dump it In there You can also have a problem with this Working it’s not plugged in can you Please plug the tan on in please make it Stop Foreign Chase Do you think this is funny [Music] Oh Okay why am I filming what do I want to Say here We’ve got Um

Uh blah blah blah blah what is that Called we’ve got cam knife’s not made For that Okay this isn’t turning out so good do You guys not like green beans You’re not a green bean nibbler He’s like just to scratch me Okay where are my Nippers No come on You guys have a wheelbarrow down there And then mix it up Okay So Ava you know what this last step we Have to do is I think we’ve got one more Time one more time Oh my God Foreign And I get worse and I think probably as Many times as I tell myself I’m gonna Miss him I got him that time Can you see the furry part though yeah Yeah I can see the foreign [Music] I’m gonna make it worse Now you girls all have foreign [Music] Lighting is probably way different The other how does this I feel like this Is wrong like I can be like that There we go I don’t know whatever I gotta tell you this is taking longer Than I expected it was gonna take

Is it going backwards okay Oh look there’s two speeds I have been I have been beating these Egg whites for a really long time and They’re not supposed to take this long And it won’t they won’t get to stiff Peak oh my goodness this is taking Forever And of course it always goes wrong when You’re on camera why does it not work This way in the normal kitchen but as Soon as the camera’s rolling Oh I feel really big right now I’m Forgetting what else something else I Don’t know Get wet there we go that’s the key okay Under it of course it’s getting the Camera all wet Of our everyday favorite plum jelly now Let’s try it again Yeah it’s plum jelly okay I always just have to like gather my Thoughts for it I know what I’m gonna Say the other day I was reading Little House on the Prairie The other day I was reading okay I definitely need chocolate now Oh that is so delicious Um Well that’s a good outtakes one

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