Lessons in Logging with Some Good Old Boys

Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And I'm on my way to visit my friend Paul case on a property that he is Logging And you guys know I do firewood and some Tree felling and basically any chance I Get to run a chainsaw But I'm always looking for opportunities To learn from someone who has more Experience than me and you know these Are two guys that do this every day and Have been doing it for a long time so They're gonna take down a really big oak Tree and I'm interested to watch how They go about it and just learn as much As I can I think it should make a really Interesting video so I appreciate you Guys for tuning in and let's get out There and get started well this is Definitely the property but it doesn't Look anything like it did a few months Ago Man I thought he had kind of said they Hadn't had as much time to work out here As normal but they have made a ton of Progress I can hear the saw running but I'm not Sure exactly where they're at so let's Go find them As I walked by this old Red white and blue truck I'm gonna do an impression of my Favorite whole case line He says

It was Freedom what brought me here Because freedom is the name of my truck Morning Paul morning Well this place looks a lot different Than it did a couple months ago I Wondered if you might think that So Well you know both sides of this are Already leaning so you know where They're going Yeah This one here necessary that way Hopefully I'm gonna have to have my legs hopefully They'll go that way So I don't bust it so as much lean as This has Um you're just going to make a standard Cut I'll break my notch And then i i bark at That's what I like to do too and then With it leaning like that I'll probably Catch 22. if you don't you got to leave Enough to where it don't pinch your saw But if you leave too much Barbara Foreign All right So you might have noticed he made a Really shallow face cut And they do that to preserve as much of The log as possible because these are Saw logs and they make money by the Board foot so you don't want a big face

Cut Damaging part of that Lumber and The only other option is a Humboldt Which is an undercut and That can't be used if you're cutting as Low to the ground as possible so it just Makes sense to use that shallow face cut Yeah so there's There's a big Hollow pocket at the Bottom of this where the two trees came Together And then it's got a lot of lean I don't Know if you can see that Got quite a bit of weight up top going Two different directions Foreign All right Thank you Foreign So I actually did a tree pretty similar To this and honestly the one I did the Big Hackberry was larger diameter it had A lot more branches and large branches On it and pretty tough tree to manage And I got through it what impressed me Watching this operation this morning is How quickly they made this look easy And process this entire thing down into Usable saw logs firewood and a brush Pile and almost looked bored doing it Foreign I definitely appreciate these guys Letting me tag along today Paul has his own YouTube channel it's

Called Paul Case Farms so if you haven't Already go check him out I keep thinking that looks kind of like What I do only 10 times faster He just does it without thinking let me Tell you what he cut last week Oh There was five loads of logs on my Kodiak truck Which are usually around 800 board foot A piece those are all saw logs and then I don't that was stem still left here But I left with nine loads of logs like That on freedom Speaking of which you were a day off he Only worked four days It's pretty good I mean we only work six Hours a day too because he's Yeah produce more wood than I can sell Pretty much on the firewood end right Now I was going to ask you how you got here How I got here yeah What do you mean Freedom brought me here Favorite line I I put that in the last Video it was Freedom that brought me Here Because freedom is the name of my church Any of you that don't know Freedom's the Name of my truck and you should get a Picture of my truck around there behind Of you it's red white and blue Freedom Has offered me the freedom to not unload

Firewood when I was out here a couple Months ago this tree was buried in the Woods and obviously it's all clear there But if you look here I mean you couldn't even see any of this Back here That is a lot of clearing for Two guys Mainly one guy with the chainsaw and one Guy on an old wheeled Bobcat they were Grown together but he fell One into them That sprung them apart Oh they were wrapped around each other Right there you know this one was into Here another tree hit it and they popped Loose They kind of look like they were wrapped Around each other Foreign Foreign So I was really impressed with how Quickly they cut that tree and got it All bucked up into usable logs and the The brush sorted out and Said look like they've done it before But I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I felt like I learned a Lot I really enjoyed it I hope you Enjoyed the video I'm gonna put links on The screen to a couple more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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