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What did one twin say to the other twin There's not enough womb in here for the Two of us You're welcome Today's video is brought to you by Ariat So today I am wearing an Ariat jacket I Love this jacket It's good for all different seasons it's Good for like fall and winter and even In the spring it's like it's down filled So it keeps you really warm and it's Also not too hot if you're wearing it in Days like today where it's not that cold My leggings are from Ariat and my boots Are from area if you want to see all the Other things that eriat has check out The links below you also get 10 off your First order so we absolutely love all The stuff we've got from them so check Them out in the links below and thanks To Ariat for sponsoring this video All right so let's go in the cabin I'm Going to show you something exciting Don't mind the mess in there it's a work In progress so there's gonna be stuff Everywhere let's go So our toilet is all hooked up Pretty awesome Don't have any water in here yet but We're gonna put water in here So Jeremy and his friend came and hooked It all up yesterday we they were gonna Hook up the shower but we need to put Something behind it so we're not really

Sure we're gonna price blue board or Yeah we just need to buy a couple seats That yeah some blue board uh then we're Gonna put that up and then once the well We're gonna wait till the wood stoves Put in then we're gonna put that up and Then we're gonna put the shower together The reason we're waiting for the wood Stove is because you have to glue the Shower to the blue board and you need Heat to help it seal so it's probably a Couple days after the wood stoves and We'll get it nice and hot in here and Get that all glued and put together and Then once it's in there it can cool yeah And then you find that it's just like a Lot of cures right yeah Yeah we don't want that and then they'll Hook up the sink as well because we have That here so he's also going to move the Shower head down because it's like up in The sky right now so he's gonna get that Moved a little bit lower Just gonna bring this down here a bit so It's like a Better height so we haven't we have a Spring that runs through the land so We're gonna collect water from there and Then come over here and I'll show you Where we're gonna keep it Foreign So this is going to be like a little Utility closet and the pipes You can see the pipes are right here so

We're gonna have a water area so it's Gonna be a big bucket something we'll Figure that out as we go these will run Into it we're also going to buy a DC Pump so it'll pump the water through the Line so we can flush the toilet wash our Hands have a shower then we're gonna get A hot water on demand hot water heater On demand yeah and we'll use that to Heat the water for showers and washing Your hands so we'll kind of figure it Out as we go but that's the system we're Going to use until we get a wow a well Was priced up pretty high so we're not Doing that right now but maybe next year We'll be able to afford to do that yeah But as soon as we get well that DC pump Yeah 100 demands that'll all just switch From running into there to running into The main line as well or whatever yeah It'll be perfect yeah It's actually going to be pretty sweet So we'll just kind of set the water like Right there where you're at yeah and Then build a couple doors right here Like big probably big like opening doors Whatever bifold doors and that'll work Great so great yeah it doesn't look Pretty cool mm-hmm and then over here Too this is where the sink will actually Be right here so the sink will be there But she was talking about sink The door for this open you come up there And then toilet it's coming together

Sure is cool Foreign Cool I like to smell that oil Nice glasses Safety first I'd like you yeah I'm glad to have one of those I thought A few times that we wanted one Remember when we put the cabinets in and You had to like we had to drill a hole Like that underneath the wires and stuff Yeah we need some oh yeah different hole Saw bits for sure Well Let's see See how well we can keep this Replacing Foreign Foreign All right Foreign Just give me something to nail to or Staple the vapor bear too and then nail The finished boards on later That's what I'm throwing in here these Two by six so it over hangs an inch on This side and this side gives me Something to nail to Just for anybody that wasn't sure Foreign Grace For my Gable truss there into the Top plate so It was a winner when I was throwing them

Up So we're kind of just trying to get it Done but now I have to pop that off And run a board on top of the these Dresses and put push that brace out Before I can throw this on because it's In the way Where are my plastic's gonna go Anybody doesn't know what those are it Just helps with ventilation up in the Attic I got to put them in the other Side because I forgot to grab them but I Remembered this side so it's going to go Every Every second uh Space in between Joshua should be good If you can see right up there too we Have uh Gable events in each end too so That'll Help keep everything Airy Foreign Foreign So we got that bedroom ceiling done This bedroom ceiling's done And Now we're gonna Possibly go in the bathroom do that Little spot next and you know maybe out Here we gotta leave a little opening for The Wood stove so that's coming in a few Days So maybe we'll just leave it open so he Can just not move insulation around yeah

We can just work around it but one thing We want to do before we forget To do Is throw an attic patch up here yeah So we're thinking we're gonna do it Right here in the hallway right by the Bathroom and before Sam's bedroom it's a Pretty convenient spot and it's kind of At the peak so it gives us lots of space To crawl up and get in there yeah with It only being a 412 pitch there's not a Whole lot of height so We're gonna this is like right in the Center yeah best spot for it yeah and uh Being a cabin here or just trying to Keep it practical Hey we'll trim it out make it look all Right by time it's all said and done it Yeah it won't look too bad yeah but Right now I think we're just gonna frame A little something up and set a piece of Plywood there And then we'll maybe Staples above below The other side of it that's what we did Before yeah I think that's what we had Right yeah and then some foam strips Around it to just hold the seal or Whatever yeah we're good it worked yeah Worked fine so yeah and then we made it A piece installation we picked up kind Of over it or something I don't know Well We'll get to that later main thing is to Make sure we don't seal it in yeah

Because if you get working you might Forget real fast yeah easily so we're Gonna build that we're gonna throw that Up here quick yeah so we've got some Scrap pieces of 2×4 laying around so we Grabbed one already off the floor Jeremy's Gonna Knock this brace off we Don't need it anymore anyway and just Kind of use a lot of the scrap stuff Save us buying new stuff at the moment Yeah these here two by sixes too I was Using that for the top of the partitions To give us something to nail to also Yeah also the you know we used for Planks to walk on We the the reason why we have two by Eight planks is actually those will now Become headers yeah for all the windows Yeah so those planks that we used was Actually wood we were going to use for The header so that's That's what we've done before too is Just use the planks now the planks are Down we're going to get the headers in Before we insulate too yeah we brought Them inside because they were outside we Used them when we were doing the siding Yeah and I brought them in to dry out so There's one you can see right behind Jeremy so it's all dried out now so we May even get to that here real soon Because we kind of have to leave the Ceiling open for the wood stove guys so We might start cutting those up and get

All the windows prepped and ready anyway Yeah so Recycling wood it's not wasteful No no It'll all be used for something I've got To pop your nails out yeah like okay Foreign Ty you have a box As you can see it's a bit cold in here Yeah so we got the heater going on over Here Right down there So we got kerosene heater rolling right Now we basically have no ceiling so There's lots of ventilation for that Breaking still And that's our work light yeah right There uh but we're gonna now get Finishing that out of catch it's good That we're getting this insulation all In there now because You know See my breath it's getting cold we're Getting down below zero now and yeah Wood so is going to be in a week from Today so we're gonna get this insulation In add a catch we're gonna do some stuff By this shower you know it's going to Get working Saturday morning up here though yeah I'll get your soft ready Thank you You want to pull that down not really Pull back down woman

Clear ones yeah I'm just all right yeah This place just like this way down Look at me a nice finished trim piece Okay yeah yeah you got enough round to get this One off you should Whatever just cut into the wood Completed anyone 50 piece of wood here You can call Dave you gotta get that ear Back yeah Oh these will work Foreign Ty Yeah I think so yeah let me see the other one Yeah yeah This one looks kind of Twisted yeah Yeah that one was better than the other Yeah that this one looks like an actual Circle Have to get some more bits yeah Throw in the garbage that's terrible we Use those more than any of the other Events yeah Yeah we'll need these workers Foreign Foreign ER we could add styrofoam glue it onto This or whatever we had it like this Though before and had no problems it Actually You never noticed a cold spot coming out Of there or anything no but again if we

Do We'll put a piece of foam or styrofoam Or something just so it's easy to push Up but this did work in the last place With a sealed like that and airtight so We'll just do this for now and go from There Okay that's the best looking audit hatch I've seen in a while Uh that's fine like that Okay yeah oh yeah it looks good so we Left this these are I don't know they're An inch yeah that's where we cut them These are like an inch high So later on whatever we do on the roof Or the ceiling Grout it's usually about an inch wide it May not be exact but at least we can put It on this so you're not looking at Plywood So we'll put like the Finish boards in Here However they run here it's probably just Going to be boards or whatever we'll Just put them in here too and then we'll Just run like Trimmed like a barter So it'll look like A little nicer when it's all done and That that little bit of depth keeps it From at least being up in here instead Of sticking down And it should look good I think it looks All right yeah it serves purpose that's

The main thing yeah yeah we definitely Don't remember about the enlightenment Yeah we won't Vapor Barrier over that Now yeah right Yeah and then we'll just baby very up to It like we've done in the past three Around there bring the plastic into There and then that foam will seal it For The phone we put on the seal the actual Door itself so cool well there we go all Done room Hatch Door yeah that's a nice one the door Yeah well I mean they're all nice but See it was from the Bears just eating us Yeah so there's a really solid chance That they would it's cooling down man You feel that you feel it in here today Feel winter in the air it was 28 Fahrenheit like minus two I'm pretty Sure that's what I said and the wind It's windy yeah so it feels like feels Chilly yeah compared to it's been like Crazy abnormally nice so when it just Gets down below a little bit a little Freezing like a swing like that it was Legitimately I think like 20 Celsius Recently it was that's so crazy so when You go from that down to minus two two Days ago it was 20. it feels like quite A swing so yeah I'm I have long johns on Right now so yeah that's how much it's Cool down yes anyways uh it's Sam's

Birthday so yeah you have to go Celebrate with Sam she had a birthday Party this weekend and we're also gonna Have birthday cake again on her actual Birthday here so celebration time so We're gonna roll out and well we'll get Back doing more of this too all right See you in the next one later foreign So come over here and I'm going to show You Something Foreign

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