Folks I get questions like this from Time to time thought it was worth making A video about it but your loader or your Bucket's not sitting level okay and that Could be well actually the last time it Came up was with a snow Pusher that Wasn't sitting level it was side to side Wonky right and so there's a lot of Things that go into this a lot of well Let's go from simple to most difficult Things to check on your tractor on your Equipment to make sure that it's set up Correctly and see if we can narrow down Where the problem's at now it goes Without saying you need to make sure That your ground is level yeah it may Look level but we have drains that are Sloping here okay we have a floor drain Floor drain everything slopes down to Them now we are pretty much sitting kind Of with the slope right here so you can See the whole bucket is on the ground That means the rest of the tractor is Kind of on that same that same slope as Well so it's all consistent so that's a Big one to check out though because I've Had folks tell me It's parked in the garage they sent me a Picture and it's it's one side's off the Ground the other side's not well There's your ground level Occasionally it's not now in the case of A snow Pusher another obvious thing You'd want to check just to rule out

Because as simple is the height of both Skid Runners you have one on the left And the right hand side make sure They're set at the same height because If they're not obviously it's not going To sit level you may also be able to see The rear blade and if that whole rear Blade is making contact or consistently Not making contact then you're good to Go that way too But easy enough to rule it out now one That we don't see very often but we did Start to see it a few times with the Manufacturer that we dropped a year or Two ago was the brackets on the back Side of an attachment for a skid steer Quick attach or a John Deere quick Attach are welded up crooked now this Could be a little bit harder to measure But If you can kind of square everything up And take some measurements that are Consistent on the left and the right Side and see If they are identical or not that'll Help rule that out or if they are not Identical and one side is sitting up Higher than the other or the other side Sitting lower than the other you know Same kind of thing well then you know You have a problem with your attachment And while it's rare it's not completely Unheard of so it's worth checking that Too or let's say the one attachment is

The only one you have problems with Sitting level and all the other Attachments sit level just fine well you Know you can probably rule out the Tractor and the loader portion of things And focus on a problem with the Attachment hey and while we've got this Kubota sitting here I thought it's an Appropriate time to mention we are going To be installing bucket brackets on this Kubota from ju fabworks they are a Discount Club partner you buy directly From their website you use code GWT to Save five percent off your order we did A whole video about bucket brackets on Our John Deere tractor well that Bucket's sitting outside very handy you Can put a receiver on there chain hooks D-rings all sorts of stuff strengthen The top rail add versatility a pretty Cool way to enhance the bucket now a Couple of things could be going on with Your tires one Again seems obvious is tire pressure Make sure all four tires well I guess The front the left the left and the Right and the front are the same PSI the Rears left and the right are the same PSI so everything's identical because if You have lower PSI on one side than the Other maybe you have a slow leak and you Don't even know about it But that happens and it'll throw off the Levelness of your attachments now the

Other problem that I've personally had With tires was on a John Deere 4 Series I had a while back I don't remember Which specific one it was doesn't matter Had R4 tires all around but It was a different R4 Tire on the left Side versus the right side They were off by an inch one was taller Than the other by an inch I kept trying To figure out what the heck is going on Here it just you could feel it right you Could just tell something was off you Could visually see something was off but You couldn't figure out where it was and Being the same tires same tire tread Pattern They were filled the same PSI it was the Weirdest thing took a long time to Figure out and was not covered by any Manufacturer any dealer nothing else That was money out of pocket to get one Correct tire put on there and make it Right we were proud to be sponsored by Rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the

Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at Rimguardsolutions.com a couple different Things I've seen go on with loaders in Particular John Deere loaders one on This end and one on this end now you Have independent paddles on John Deere And it's been mentioned a lot how they They don't both go down and up at the Same exact rate sometimes it's you know Oil like this and then it's like this And kind of wonky typically once you're Connected to an attachment they're They're in unison and how they move but There still is an opportunity Potentially for them to be a little Cattywampus and provide an opportunity For it to be out of level so Maybe I like to kind of fully reset Things you know rock it all the way back Roll All the Way Forward I don't know Why it's probably just like turning your Computer on and off to fix a problem Right but On the rare rare rare occasion I had That happen that seems to resolve the Issue it's worth a shot anyways now in 2017 I ordered a brand new John Deere 3046r open station tractor 320r loader I Think it was on there maybe the h165 Same thing just a different sticker used

That for a long time on occasion one Side of the loader base would kind of The loader would almost kind of start to Pop off it kind of like move around a Little bit not completely but just weird It wasn't solid anyway it took a long Time had been in for service and a Warranty deal once or twice Dealers couldn't figure it out but in The last time it did go in there they Realized that the mounts for the 3r Series which are unique to that series It had two right hand mounts that Somehow were able to both bolt on on the Left and the right hand side somehow Sort of work and interlock with the Loader itself But not completely and so that was the Problem with that one where it would Kind of come on and off and cause uneven You know usage on the front end with Pallet Forks or a bucket or anything one Side being a little bit higher than the Other because there wasn't a solid rigid Connection there with the wrong bracket On there pretty unbelievable that that Happened but and I think that's going to Be a a rare occurrence for anybody out There but stranger things have happened I'm proof of it now you can see this Bucket here has taken its fair share of Abuse and You know certain attachments get worked Hard right so there's always a

Possibility that the bottom Edge has Just got wonky and out of square because Of how it's been used and and it's got a Lot of work out of it but that could be Causing an issue but even though this One has has seen us better days it's Still in decent enough shape and that Bottom that bottom line that bottom rail Is laying straight across flat across The floor so I don't think that's an Issue here at all but one thing that That customer's dealer told him to check On his 1025r that he had Was bleeding a lot or bleeding the air From the hydraulic system that Potentially there could be an air bubble In there Because he's got a two still you know This Kubota has one cylinder in the Middle The 1025r has a cylinder on each side And potentially You know there's an air bubble in there Somehow causing things to sit on a level I personally think that's a pretty low Probability Kind of a pain in butt in the butt to Check to Um I'd say go ahead dealer you can check That if you want to but that's not Something I'm going to do now the last Thing I can think of is to measure other Points on your tractor on both the left And the right so maybe under the front

Axle into the rear axle and the left and Right points does your belly mower mow Level I mean has that been tweaked or Set up or changed or out of whack you Know do other attachments on the back Mole level or cut level or grade level Or whatever is it only on the loader can You narrow it down to the more you can Narrow down the better I guess is what I'm getting at so this is everything That I could come up with to check Probably not exhaustive I'm sure you Guys have other things to take a look at Too and maybe some common sense things I Haven't even thought about but it is a Real problem that a lot of tractor Owners have so if you have something to Share an idea to help them out leave a Comment down below and let us know now If you're looking for something for your Tractor we'd love to help you out we Sell and ship tractor attachments all Around the country every day of the week Check out goodworks tractors.com free Shipping rewards and financing too if You enjoyed today's video we'd love to Have you tag along hit that subscribe Button right down below I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We'll see you soon Foreign [Music] [Music]

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