Leveling Our Yard and Seeding the Pond Bank

Just saw a big snake swim across the Pond and there's a bunch of frogs right Over here I bet he'd like to catch Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I'm going to try to clean up a Mess I made a couple weeks ago So this area down here was really rough And bumpy and not very fun to mow and I Decided to level it out and reseed this Area And I dug it up with the Harley rake on The skid loader track loader and the Ground was too wet I couldn't finish it I couldn't smooth it out with it being Clumpy and muddy like that so I've been Letting it dry but it's also the rainy Season so we finally had maybe four or Five days without any real rain and this Is about as dry as it's going to get Because it's going to rain tomorrow so In this video I'm gonna try to smooth This ground out better with the tractor And seat it I'm also going to work just A little bit on the pond bank that I Reshaped over here and before any of That I would just want to show you the Algae problem I've got on the pond see If any of you have any suggestions for This a week ago I was thinking man the Pond is looking perfect other than still Being a little bit low But out there you can see just a little Bit of those lily pads trying to come Back

But we'll see how that does uh I know how to get rid of them from last Year But my other thing This algae just came out of nowhere and This is the most algae I've seen on this Pond since we moved here And I don't know what I want to do about That so visually Nobody likes the pond being covered in Moss it's an irritant when you're Fishing But I've been thinking about it a pond Is a natural ecosystem You've got fish in there that produce Waste and that fish waste Is like fertilizer for anything that Grows in the pond and if I've killed off All the lily pads and I kill off all the Algae There needs to feels like there needs to Be something In the water That's growing and using up all that Nitrogen in the fish waste So I don't know if I should get rid of Every kind of vegetation I see But I do know those lily pads completely Take over so I'm going to keep those Knocked down So what do you guys think should I treat This Moss or algae with anything or just Leave it in this area I removed probably

Eight to ten inches Of soil so that we're actually shedding Water from the property down into the Pond because I have a muddy property and A dry Pond and I want to get as much Water as I can running off here Now of course without any vegetation on There it's just going to erode so I want To get it shaped which I think it's Pretty good right now and then I'm gonna Get some grass seed on it I do think It's a little bit wavy in places and I'm Gonna see if my offset rear blade will Clean the edge of this up so that's the First thing we're going to do is try to Run that blade down it I don't know if It'll really reach far enough [Music] I'm using the iron craft six-way rear Blade to take the crown off of this and Just kind of smooth it out When I first demonstrated this several People were worried that using just the Corner could bend the blade But you'll see here in a second I dug in So hard that it stopped the tractor and I couldn't pull anymore and didn't hurt Anything [Music] I parked the tractor way over there and Left it running because it's doing a Regen but that's kind of what I was Afraid of You can see it's making a nice Contour

Down on this but I don't have those Gigantic huevos they're gonna let me Drive down far enough to reshape the Whole bank with that Almost needs to be a wider blade to Really reach out past the tractor Further But I think if I back a little bit down It and drag up what I just went over a Little it'll smooth it out a little bit From where I started And that'll be good enough it's just a Pawn bank right [Music] [Music] A region is still running I did a decent job it's not perfectly Smooth but for what it is I'm satisfied And this is three or four times I've Worked on reshaping this Bank from how It originally came straight out dropped Off about two or three feet and then was Flat again they call those cow killer Pawns I like this a lot better and I'm Gonna quit messing with it The tractor is still doing a regen and This ground is still got a bunch of high And low spots in it I actually could Smooth those out with the rear blade That's already on there But I think the box blade will do a Better job so I'm gonna go grab the box Blade start smoothing this out [Music]

[Music] [Music] Foreign At some point while I was running the Box blade my camera battery died so I Don't know how much of that we got But I just first I was going back and Forth and I just made circles until it Felt like most of the low spots and the High spots were gone Feels like it did a pretty good job now I'm going to go up and get the drag Harrow and put the fingers down on that Harrow and just let it Kind of Break the soil up just enough that those Seeds are going to get covered over I Don't have a bunch of straw to put down And I'm not going to go get any I'm Going to put the seed on most of this And just leave it but I've got some of Those rolls Like Straw blankets that I'm Going to roll out on the bank and see if I can keep it from washing down into the Pond Just saw a big snake swim across the Pond and there's a bunch of frogs right Over here I bet he'd like to catch And I was gonna try to get it on video But When I got off the tractor he Disappeared They say I couldn't see him very well But they say the venomous snakes will

Ride higher on the water With their entire body above water and That's what this woman was doing so I've Heard there's water moccasin around here I'm wondering if that's what it was I'm Gonna be watching for him anyway I got This Harrow from American Hero And pretty nice American-made product I think it's gonna be perfect for what I'm doing today And basically It's just got all these teeth that are Going to disturb the ground so the seed Can get just a little bit of dirt on Them If anyone's interested in getting one of These three-point drag Heroes I Absolutely recommend getting it from American hero they make a great product And it's exactly the type of company I Like to support I do have a discount Code for these at agfolks.com use code Rockhill I'll put a link to that in the Description of the video I've got 50 pounds of Kentucky 31 seed In this Curtis spreader Gonna spread it around here and if I Have any left I'll take it on the bank On that side And while I'm spreading it the drag will Be down covering the seat over Oh it's pretty windy out here so I don't Know how well this is going to work

Plus I've had this stuff six months I Can't believe I forgot I even had it I Can't believe it's not All moldy looking I guess it was kept Dry Foreign Well I feel like I gave this my best To make water run off of it To get grass to grow and make it smooth The mow Those were the goals hopefully it works Appreciate you guys taking time to watch The video put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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