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Something tells me it's just going to be One of those days and I think what I Want to do is start in the middle and Then skip to the beginning and then Maybe just ignore the end Entirely but we'll see how it goes I'm Going try to turn big wood into small Wood [Music] It is cold today how cold is it like a Really really cold I need good this Cold A [Applause] [Music] No [Music] He [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] A Naon didn't make it very long out Here I don't know how it got so cold so Fast but I guess that's how weather Works hey I probably won't put in a real Long Day For So you've seen the Middle now let's go to the beginning of The day When I woke up this morning it was cold

And Rainy and I was sitting in the house It's about 9:00 in the morning I was Sitting there with a cup of coffee Thinking about what I was going to do When it stops raining get uh here a Delivery truck in the driveway and Thinking what could they have for Me and then as I was standing up to go Find out it hit me I knew what it was Something that's kind of a big deal to Me in this little box right Here it's from YouTube And I thought this was a moment I should Share with you guys because this Happened because of You and I don't want to be dramatic About it But whenever I started making videos This seemed like an impossible Thing and thought I could never do that That's for you know those other Guys it's somehow here we Are okay we've got couple things with Little notes here they just start Raining on Me and inside this box is a Plaque wow that's really bright and Reflective and you Know I got this box I thought man I had To film something say something to the Viewers And I thought I should go get a little

Knife to open the box with so so I don't Look like a fool like fumbling at it With my thumbs and I thought no what Would a Rock Hill Farm's video be if I Used a pocket Knife or the right tool for something so I grabbed this little screwdriver to cut The Tape so here we Go 100,000 Subscribers You know I've go to football games Sometimes not very often anymore I used To go watch the Chiefs play football Their Stadium holds 78,000 People it's hard to wrap my mind around A 100,000 people have watched something I did and said I like that enough that They hit that subscribe button Absolutely blows my mind I couldn't be Be more Humble humbled by it and I just Appreciate you guys so Much and Ultimately it's just a plaque it doesn't Really matter the only thing that Matters is that I continue to make Videos that are helpful to people and Either provide information or Entertainment So that's what I need to do and I got Some new equipment out there right now That needs to be set up and put to work I appreciate you guys so much thanks for

Watching and this is the end but we'll Save that for tomorrow

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