Limited Edition Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Tractors

Camouflage tractor. Limited Edition Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Tractors – LS MT 357 Hydrostatic

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm out here at the equip Expo today And we're going to be here all week Filming the coolest or most interesting Equipment that I can find and the very First thing that's caught my eye is this LS tractor behind me that's got a very Different look to it do you want to tell Them a little bit about how this came About and and why we see a camouflage Tractor here yeah makes total sense so I'm with Moke we have a division called Moke gamekeeper for we got a magazine a Television show we got a great podcast And we shine a light on a lifestyle Where a guy can manage his property Manage the wildlife manage the habitat 12 months out of the year not just we Don't think about our Wildlife just During hunting season we're thinking About them all year long and at the Heart of everything a gamekeeper does is Attract been partners with with ls we Love their brand love the people there The equip is so durable and tough and it Made sense we just kind of all came to This idea of doing a bottom land a m Bottom L Edition a Game Keeper Edition LS track it's 57 horsepower with loader Tricked out accessorized in Black said It's the heart of what a gamekeeper does Is having a good piece of equipment and Nothing speaks the outdoors like B so Whenever I found out that they were

Doing this camo tractor I was like I Don't know and I see it in person it Really looks fantastic with all the Black on it it's really more actioned Than the whole thing being solid C but It makes a statement and it you know it Says that shows where your heart is and And we just love it so you want to tell Them if they're interested in seeing What else mossio has going on that best Place to find you guys yeah so uh and then you can drop down and Go to gamee Keepers I invite people to Listen to our gamekeeper podcast we drop One every week we talk about all things Wildlife and hunting and how to manage Your property your Farms tractors just The the ins and outs of uh what's done So we invite people we got a magazine You can get it at Tractor Supply we're Really into uh the wildlife aspect Moke Is a company I expect everybody has Heard of Moke when we've got biologic we Food plots for wildlife so we live the Hunting outdoor lifestyle 12 months out Of the year and this really presents Where our heart is fantastic well I'll Put some links to your social platforms On the description of the video so I'm Going to grab someone now from LS to Talk about the specs on this specific Tractor because we're at a show all we Can really do is talk about this machine But if you want to see it actually run

I'll put a link at the end of this video Where you can see the fulllength version Of me actually using this same model of Tractor all right so now I've got Shannon here from LS and he going to Tell us a little bit about the Availability of these camo tractors and The model that it's on yeah we're really Proud we developed the partnership with Moke mainly because Moke customers are Our customers so we felt like it was a Great collaboration to work with company Like Moke coming out with this tractor It's a limited edition right now we're Going to see how well it does how well It sells and so forth but at first we're Going to have 100 units available as a Prototype test Market to see how well it It reacts in the market you know in General decide whether or not we want to Produce more how we can add our line up And continue to evolve and develop that Collaboration with mot great and so what Model tractor is it on right now is it Only this model So currently this is Only going to be offered on an Mt this Is mt3 platform this is a 57 horsepower Tractor it's a hydrat that's the only Version open stations the only version Tractor that we're going to have it on Right now so I've ran this track tractor I've used it with a back hoe used it With a grapple did a few different jobs With somebody it's a great size tractor

For what I'm looking for in the the Horsepower range and the lift capacity And and things like that so this is a 57 Horse right corre and this has a turbo On it cor so do you happen to know what The loader lift capacity is on this Machine I sure do and it's very Important when we talk about loader lift Capacity we talk about how it's measured Properly the way we measure our loader Lift capacity is at the loader pin That's 2680 lbs on that loader on the Front Ed okay do you know the Three-point lift capacity 3point on this Mt 357 comes in at 2755 PBS that's not Too bad so for that type of of lift Capacity the reason why we selected this Tractor for the moso version number one Is because now we're going to be able to Haul around that drill that weighs a lot Of weight to work on those food plots And get them ready for that Wildlife Perfect for a hunter huh that's perfect For a hunter And we don't normally talk about prices On here but I can tell you from looking Around this is an affordable tractor for The size and Power on it y there will Will be just a slight up charge to go From the blue to the Moso all right hey well I appreciate you Taking time to tell me about it I Appreciate your time thanks for stopping Today and I appreciate you guys taking

Time to watch the video I'll put links On the screen to a couple more of our Videos and I'll see you next Time and make sure to tell me what else You want to see from this show

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