Little Helpers on the Sawmill + an Update on the Equip Expo

Little Helpers on the Sawmill + an Update on the Equip Expo

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For [Music] So it's just a little bit before 7 and If you're thinking wow Brock got out and Beat the Sunrise it's not that kind of Seven we're in the PM right now and I've Just beat Sunset to try to start working For the day and that's not I ideal but I've got the kind of setup that can Allow me to still have a productive day So I'm going to get the trailer unhooked And we'll get up to work and I'll tell You why I'm starting so late and kind of How things are going around Here so why in the heck is it 700 p.m. And I haven't done any work yet well We've been in Louisville the last few Days And I don't it doesn't fit in my Schedule to go to these shows in Louisville and I do it anyway and it has This driving crazy amounts and you know Running on no sleep and getting in at 2: In the morning and stuff like that so It's been a hectic week and I was Thinking I might just not do anything Today and then I said come on you can do Better than that but I think if I'm Going to talk to you guys like this I Should at least turn some lights On woo Dogg so my friends who know what I do Are always like you know Brock you can Skip a day you don't have to have a

Video every day and that's true like Ain't nobody going to care if I do six Videos instead of seven this week but What I found is if I don't record a Video I might not do anything productive So this is about getting work done and I Think we're going to use our time on The Sawmill tonight get this Lumber stacked Get some more cut and the first thing I Got to do is kind of clear some space so My tote for my firewood is completely Full and the splitter is in the way now I don't even know if I can move this Tote with the tractor because it's Hickory and Hickory is heavier than most Of the other woods and carrying the Rounds I was like man this is some heavy Stuff but we'll see so I'm going to go Get the forks on the Tractor and see if we can get this area Cleared up get this Lumber stacked get a Log milled up cut our slab go through The whole process starting at seven just A beautiful thing of having a nice Building like this with really bright Lights I only have four of my 10 lights On and only having one neighbor who's Still a little ways away So makes Mak it easier to be productive In the winter when those days get Shorter and Shorter I've answered this before on my channel But for firewood and Sawmill

Guys when they're looking at a tractor a Small tractor one of their questions is Can it handle a full tow of firewood and This is mostly green Hardwood and this is a small tractor It handles it depending how what kind of Wood it is and how it's stacked and how Much Bast sometimes it has a height Limit you know waist high but I can Usually get in a truck Bed The way I went about moving that kind of Tells you if the I don't know if there Is a more difficult way to maneuver that Around but if there is I'll find It you know I was just thinking I hardly Ever do Firewood in the summer I pretty much Only do firewood in the Winter but with the building that has Good lights in it like this there's no Reason I couldn't wait till it cools off In the evening and do firewood inside up Here now in the winter it makes more Sense to do it in the day and get as Much heat as you Can I yeah come here babe all right so The phone Rang and I got two helpers that wanted To come out here and uh tell them who You guys are are Z what one at a time Zen Zaden and zy and they've never seen Papa's Sawmill they're tractor helpers They don't know how the Sawmill works so

Do you guys know what a sawmill is no no Zaden says yes what's a sawmill uh it Cuts wood yep it turns tree trees and Logs into boards that we can use right Mhm you you guys want to see it work Yeah can you stay back where it's safe Yeah okay so first thing we got to do is Get a log so I need you two to come back Here where I'll be able to see you and Where you're safe no don't go over it go Around like Zaden did and come right Over here where I can see you and I'm Going to bring a log and set it right on Here this way no we got a big log not a Board that's a Board I normally make a square p and Make dimensional Lumber this is small We're not getting a bunch of dimensional Lumber out of it and I've been thinking About the idea of changing my whole plan And Doing like a slab siding with a rough Rough cut I'm just not sure so we're Just going to cut this up we're GNA make Live Ed Out we're going to make Live Edge out of This and just see how it goes hey who do You think you are moving my Snowmill um it's work you're just a Worker yeah cool your jets Hot Stuff Stop I'm a worker you're a worker okay So we'll raise this up Zaden I'll show You how the blade Turns so Zaden when the motor spins it

Turns this right here and then when that Turns and all of these turn and that Blade goes around and cuts the Wood first we got to tighten it up cuz Right now the blad kind of loose I Probably shouldn't even spin it with the Blade loose okay everything looks good So close your door First okay see this clamp right here There's one like that that's down there Can you do it right here it looks like This One you got to put the first part up the Metal part up and hook it now push that Part back push it push it all the way oh The front came undone we got get the Front on there now push that all the way Back till it stops push hard on it there We go there we [Music] [Music] Go what do you think of that the way That blade spins is it going to be a Cool watching it cut Wood [Music] [Music] What did you say about it cool that was Cool you ever seen something like that Can we take this off yeah it might be a Little bit heavy though don't don't you Get this end I think that'll be the the Lighter end and this will be the heavy End okay okay now lift it as high as you

Can whoa it broke lift it as high as you Can over the top and drop it in There you put those in there this I made That out of boards that I cut on There [Music] Okay come around Here this one's going to be a little Heavier I'll do that in that end might Be the light End okay we're going to take it just Like the last one okay you're in First there you Go okay right to the Rack lift it [Music] Over I push it Back yeah hold on first you got to lift It up and then you can push it Back okay now roll it back there don't Squeeze the handle just roll it it's Going to be heavy full Hard wait go close Okay Job there's a lot of debate online Anytime you show kids around equipment Because You have people who are upset that You're being Unsafe and then you have other people Saying hey great job way to start them Out young and teach them and so what I'm Trying to do is teach them explain Things show them safety talk about it

Because they're going to be around it Anyway they might as well learn so in This case anytime the saw was running I Had the kids far away from it where I Could See and I really makes it more enjoyable Having them around and I was planning to Try to do two or three logs tonight One's enough the kids are only going to Be here a few hours going to hang out With them now I did want to share a Little bit of news from our trip it's Kind of disappointing news for the most Part is I had plans to be at the equip Expo in Louisville for three days and Normally on this trip I'll make five Videos one video is me driving equipment I'll pick a type of equipment and test Drive everything and compare this Equipment versus this equipment and uh Really get a lot of handson Well our three-day trip got cut to one Day we didn't get to leave when we Wanted and we didn't get to come back When we wanted we had other things come Up that we had to take care of so we Were only there for one day and it Rained that day so I got zero time Outside on equipment then I had a Sponsor I was meeting with and a Potential sponsor I was meeting with Probably four or five of my best friends I see two or three times a year but talk To daily we're at the show and we kind

Of ended up standing in small groups and Talking about tractors all day then I Had maybe five or six people who watch The channel on a regular basis come to The show and want to meet me and if you Drive to a show and you want to meet me I'll talk to you until you're done Talking you know if that's 30 minutes or An hour I'm going to stand there and Talk to you so the result of all that is I only recorded two videos the one I Posted two days ago and a second one About a product that I thought was Pretty cool but after I was done talking To the rep he said oh but did anyone Tell you that you can't post anything About this without prior approval from Our team I said no that's the only other Video I recorded I wish I would have Known so I'll only have one more video About that show and that'll be out I Don't know how long it'll be but just Thought I'd let you guys know I've been Hyping up my trip to this show and Didn't do a whole lot anyway tonight we Got a nice stack of lumber it's spalted There's no rot there's no soft spots There's no Holes really nice some beautiful Oak Lumber and I'm really glad I decided to Come out here instead of watching TV the Last couple hours now I'm going to go Hang out with my grandkids I appreciate You taking time to watch this video I'll

Put links on the screen to a couple more Of our videos and I'll see you next time

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