LIVING IN THE WOODS – My CABIN BUILD | WOOD STOVE | Leaving Canada – Ep. 135 –

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Couple Building Cabin Alone In The Canadian Wilderness.

We’re a couple trying our best to live a more self reliant life after a med release from the army changed everything. We are currently building on a small mountain in the woods.

Watch our entire build in order here –

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A minister said to his congregation next Week I'm going to preach on the sin of Lyon and to help you all understand my Sermon I want you all to read Mark 17 The following Sunday as he prepared for His sermon the minister asked for a show Of hands asking how many people actually Read Mark 17 every hand went up the Minister said Mark only has 16 chapters I will now proceed with my sermon on the Sin of Lying you're welcome Serving in the Army in 2012 Jeremy met Ashley they got married had baby Sam Jeremy got medically released from the Army and this brings us up to [Applause] Today [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay [Music] All right so I had to bring it in the Bathroom because under like the bottom Of this Shelf has to go behind the Toilet and there's a pole that runs and I had to make sure I could get it in Behind the toilet so I to take the pole Off put it in then put the pole back on So now I'm just putting the last couple Of pieces on just got these on I got to Screw it in and then this top piece here

Will go right up here I assume so weird This last little bit is just like a Million little pieces I had to put each One of these poles in and then the top Onto anyway whatever I'm getting it and Now I'm trying to work around the toilet And shower and everything so tight right Here hence why I needed one of these oh Crap oh gee so as you can see this is Just going to be a shelf for over the Toilet I can store some stuff on it I'm Really looking forward to that cuz There's like no space in this bathroom It's so tiny and I have no shelves and I Just need Space I love it All right I moved the trail cams the Other day so I'm going to go check them Out it hasn't been that long but one of Them's been acting up so I want to make Sure that it's working it's also a bird Season so maybe I'll take the shotgun With me in case we see a Grass we can grab something to eat at The same time I'll just be in this small Section of our own property normally I'd Have orange on if you're wondering why I'm walking back there without it There's no way to get in Here This is a really good spot right here I Actually have a path over there where I Have another camera now but I've been Having trouble with this camera so

Hopefully it's caught something this Time seems to be working so hopefully There's something on it this here's the New spot we got a camera read over there On that tree and they seen you can see Where deer are coming through different Trails here so hoping we got something Showing up here it's only been up a Couple days I'm just coming down earlier Cuz I want to make sure the cameras are Working All right that one actually not sure if That one was even on there's only one Bar left so maybe did a diet and I'll Give it a couple days and I'll come down With more batteries swap it out but for Now we'll see what's on Them We're fleeing Canada and going to the United States you might be wondering where We're going down the states we're going To a Phillies game in Philadelphia so That's where we're heading Blue Jays are Out Philly's our other team So always like basically because we're Rocky bellbell so that's why we like to Fing and we're super excited to try some Of the rocky stuff like the rocky stairs See the Rocky statue yeah the bow and go To Adrian's AKA Victors is It yay all right so one of the very First things we had to do when we got Here to Philadelphia was get to

Adrian's AKA Victor's Cafe but this is What Rocky used and it was Adrian's in The movie and we are huge Rocky fans so To us it's Adrian's all right we are Standing at the Rocky [Music] Steps all right so we're trying the Philly cheese steak What do you think it's so Good show me your Flag Here are you ready ready for Winter [Music] Yeah We're in Portland Maine and we don't Have a Cabellas anywhere near us anymore So since we're here we've decided we're Going to go in and check out this Cabellas we had one in New Brunswick and It shut down so let's go in and see what They [Music] Got [Music] Their aquarium is a little different Than basro but it's real cool look at That Wow that looks like you could be on on a TV show you know where you just watch The fish for Hours I love That yeah Price oh I got to go grab my my car of

The car yeah cuz it's three bucks up the Member obviously we're Members I don't think we tried that I've Never no you always get the Jack Links Yeah that's cool try the Johnny Morris F BR well we're on our way home we really Enjoyed our trip on our way to Canada to The Cold Well we are back mhm we had a great trip Yeah it was cool place was lit in Philadelphia at the stadium been wanting To go there forever and finally made it So yeah that was fun it was it was a Cool trip couldn't have went any better Like it just was cool all around it only We only down there a couple days but it Was really fun yeah so if you want to See more of it you can check on our Other channel we'll have like a whole Video kind of like wraps up our entire Trip so that's over on mbfr just yeah Link below head on over there if you Want to watch the video that channel Basically is just extra content and live Streams so if there's we haven't Actually uploaded on there in quite a While but we were doing some live day Yeah that video is on there it is now so Yes so if you want head over there and Check it out and we actually had live we Had live streamed from Philly a few Times too just like yeah nothing more Than a half hour but it was still we did

That too so we're and we do live streams Over there too so you can check out see The whole trip and probably more live Streams yeah exactly I know not Everybody likes them but you can go see Them over there yeah that's why we keep Because lot people do like them yeah Yeah anyways we're back good to be back It is g to get back to building our new Homestead here yeah [Music] [Music] A [Music] [Music] Yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right so that was a little bit more Than I expected having to go around all The cords that are coming out and just Like rig roll the tape in there but it's All done so when we actually get to Doing the walls they're ready they're Totally prepped and ready to go which is Awesome and it's just all taped anyway So there's no insulation exposed for the Dog to decide she wants to pull out or Anything like [Music] That [Music] All right so tomorrow is the first day

Of rifle season so as most of you know If youve watched our Channel we are big Game hunters and tomorrow is the first Day for deer so rifle for deer anyway so We are going to get cleaned up here and Get ready to shut her down for the night Got to get up early in the morning and Start the hunt pretty exciting we've uh We got a nice buck last year and that's What we're going for again this year so That's going to be what we focus on for The next little bit until we get a deer But hopefully we get one soon so wish us Luck see you in the next One [Music] St

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