Did this John Deere look different just A second ago we're going to tell you More about that in today's video plus we Have some other fancy quick attached Thing we're going to show you a little Bit later on folks this right here could Open up a whole new world of attachments For you for your John Deere owners here And what you're looking at is a Conversion kit or an adapter it goes From John Deere quick attach to Skid Steer quick attach It makes the proprietary jdqa more like The universal what you have over there On the summit so what you see here is Going to be this out of the factory on The summit tractor on you know this is What you would order with Kubota this is What you order with Massey coyote LS Mahindra pretty much everything else Besides John Deere is going to have if Not standard at least an option to get The ssqa again that's short for skid Steer quick attach and you want to have One of these systems it could be the the Ssqa it could be the underneath this the Jdqa but you want to have a quick attach You go from your bucket to pallet Forks To a grapple to a snow Pusher to a bale Spear you flip-flop them all really Quickly 30 seconds it's easy to do this Has a lot of pluses to it has a couple Minuses too so I want to take you Through it give you a good look at what

It's all about as well okay so why would You want to get one of these things well You have a jdqa and you want attachments That have an ssqa and that could be Because you found a good deal on Facebook or Craigslist you know there's Going to be just naturally more sqa Attachments out there than jdqa just Because of the large swath of Machinery That they cover you got to be aware that A lot of ssqa attachments are going to Be really heavy I mean originally this Well I don't know I don't know if Original is the right word but it's very Prevalent in the construction industry With skid steers and and other heavy Equipment and so a lot of those Attachments are going to be too heavy For some Compact and small compact Tractors so you gotta you gotta watch Your weight You know another another common example That you you may run into is maybe You're just getting into the tractor World and you live in farm country or or At least a rural country and you have Neighbors around you that you're good Friends with and maybe you can borrow Their attachments and you just had to Get green right but they have something With an ssqa on there so you can get an Adapter like this and you know and Borrow something off your buddy that's Okay too it's a good use for it perhaps

Your last machine was ssqa and you Really don't want to get all new Attachments to fit the jdqa just get Yourself an adapter and Away you go or Just yesterday as a matter of fact I now I almost can't believe this but a Gentleman just recently bought a 1025r And he's not in love with it and so he's Also bought some John Deere quick attach Attachments but he hasn't picked them up Yet from us all right and he's thinking Well maybe I need to get one of these Adapters because uh I might be switching To an ssqa down the road he's going to Get His stomp bucket with ssqa on there he's Going to get his snow Pusher with ssqa On there he's going to give his pallet Forks with ssqa on there get one of These adapters use them on the 1025r for Now see if it grows on him or not and if It does fine he's still in business if It doesn't and he wants to switch to Something with ssqa he's got that option He's set up he's not going to spend a Lot of money selling all those Attachments probably losing some money Selling you know buying new selling used And then you have to get new attachments Again for ssqa now that doesn't mean There's not downsides to this setup and One of them is the fact that on a small Loader like this it's going to be taking Away some of that lift capacity the

Well there's two versions the smaller One weighs almost 90 pounds the bigger One so so the smaller one here is for The one and the two series loaders and The bigger version of this for the three Four and five series John Deere loaders That one weighs around 130 pounds so you Have to you know and the bigger ones 130 Pounds on a three four or five series is Not a big deal 90 pounds on a smaller tractor is a Bigger consideration and then the other Consideration is the fact that you can See your original attachment plate was Right here and it's pushed that out okay So what is that four or five inches Something like that it's pushing it out This way further away from the loader End and we've discussed before that the Further away your load is from the base Of the loader and the same thing really Goes to the three-point hitch the less Weight you're going to lift up and so is It dramatic no but it is going to have An impact in the wrong direction on lift Capacity folks I want to take just a Second to tell you about our Channel Sponsor rim guard they are a liquid Ballast solution they line up with Exactly what we do here on Good Works Which is talking about tractors and Tractor safety we see it as simple as This if you own a tractor you need rim Guard in fact some attractors include

Rim guard as standard out of the factory Liquid ballast is simply weight all Right and this weight hides inside your Tires it stays there all the time it's a Safety concern because tractors are Almost always too light and too Tippy Out of the factory the number one Attachment used by every tractor owner Is their front end loader so when you Pick up something heavy on the front end Your back end wants to pick up off the Ground rim guard liquid ballast helps Keep your back end planted to the ground But beyond safety is going to help Maintain traction because if those rear Tires those power driving tires are on The ground you have traction to go where You need to and you're going to operate More efficiently because if those rear Tires aren't on the ground you're not Going to pick up as much as you need to Or take it where you need to go rim Guard is all natural that means it's Safe it is the heaviest per gallon All-natural product on the market it's Not going to freeze it's not going to Corrode and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide to find a Dealer visit rimguardsolutions.com to Make your tractors safer today Foreign So here's a visual a good look this is a Jdqa okay you're going to have they kind Of call it the two hooks on top two pins

On bottom you got on your attachment Hooks that sit down on these carrier Brackets that they're called and then The pins go through on the bottom down Here maybe you can see it over this way And then they're just going to stay Right in place there so that's the hook And pin or the jdqa and then you take a Look over here the ssqa you're going to Have two flat plates same kind of a you Know there's a Locking System there These are spring-loaded pins and and you Can see them going down there they'll Lock through a bottom lip on your Attachment so a good look at the Differences there and maybe give you a Visual on what we're talking about folks Take five seconds hit pause if you have Not subscribed yet what are you waiting For it's completely free right down Below hit that give us a thumbs up or a Thumbs down and if you have something to Add leave a comment down below too okay So I was talking earlier there's another Front attachment here that's pretty darn Slick and a lot of folks I send the Links to them directly but I haven't Really covered it in video they want This and so it's going to mount they got A version either way mounts on the skid Steer quick attach or JD quick attach It's going to have a front three point Hitch on there basically I think it's actually just a quick hit

Set they welded to a plate and is Compatible with either one of these so Big tool rack offers that so if you want To quickly and easily be able to pick up Your three-point attachments with your Front end loader and move them around You know it can be challenging on the Back of your tractor on the three point Quick Hitches make great work of that But if you don't have a hydraulic top Link and well I don't know I guess it's Just like the the super duper Convenience of having the Hydraulics to Be able to to rock it back and forth With your loader hook it up on there Move things around some folks will put Like a landscape rake on on their loader The model right on here and then use That to to Really grade their driveway And smooth things out of their yard or Other Landscaping needs I suppose but You guys probably have other ideas of What you would do with it as well and Really if you have a backhoe on the back Of your tractor you don't want to take That off you have a way then to utilize Your front end loader with three-point Attachments on there without having to Kind of go through the the pain in the Process of disconnecting that Taking it off putting the three-point Back on and all that kind of stuff so we Don't sell those items ourself for that You're going to go right to Big Tool

Racks website you can save five percent With code GWT on your orders that are Placed over there and that goes for not Just this product but their big tool Rack itself which is pretty awesome or Any of the other goodies that they have So folks if you want one of these Adapters you can get that right from Goodworks tractors.com and if you're Looking for all sorts of tractor Attachments we ship them all over the Country every day of the week free Shipping to 36 States and if you enjoyed Today's video we want to have you tag Along hit that subscribe button right Down below completely free leave a Comment give us a thumbs up we're happy You're here I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon Thank you

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