Lowest sales day ever! We kind of asked for it.

Hello Rob here from Flanagan Homestead And esport Christmas Tree farms we are Shutting down the shop today I am back Today I'm picking up my quad and trailer And my goats for the petting zoo and Different things and just shutting down And we're just going to give you a Little recap of the sales this season so The the big picture is we had our worst Sales weekend ever and before you start Saying oh no I feel bad for you rob or Whatever uh or the Market's down we kind Of asked for it so I want to be clear About that so just kind of telling you The story but we are a small Christmas Tree farm probably only six acres of Trees out there Um we became very popular when we after We started because we had decorations Free hot chocolate we have crews out Here helping cut shake and a very Friendly atmosphere we grew really fast And our trees disappeared and uh several Years ago when we should have been Planting uh we were figuring out some Family Dynamics on what we can plant and Whatnot so we didn't plant a whole lot Of trees seven eight years ago so Um we're we're short of Christmas trees Right now so we were only open uh one Weekend and so I do the advertising and Try out the marketing and so knowing That we didn't have a ton of trees to Sell this year and want to have enough

Next year we under advertised I didn't I Did put information out on Facebook a Little bit saying that we'd be open one Weekend but I let people know it's Because we're short of trees we didn't Put out as many signs we didn't do the Craigslist ad there's there's things That we can do to draw people in and let People know that you're here and we did Not do that this year and uh to be Honest Saturday uh we wanted to sell Between 7 000 and 10 000 maybe twelve thousand dollars worth Of trees a day and we did a little over 8 000 on uh Saturday which was great and So we were happy with that but uh on and The weather was nice but on Sunday we uh It started snowing and it looked like a Hallmark Christmas scene it was Beautiful but a lot of people didn't Want to shop and we only sold a couple Thousand dollars worth of Christmas Trees so we wanted to have enough for Next year we do definitely have enough To open again next year but we wanted to Make a little bit more money to cover Costs and put money in our pocket so we Were a little disappointed but like I Said we asked for it and when we start We have more trees in the ground than We've ever had before and when those Come up we will do the same things that We did to build up our clientele before And we were our our clientele isn't the

Right word but build up our customer Base again and we'll get them going but It's hard to try to hold people back They people heard my lack of enthusiasm And although I do have enthusiasm but Lack of excitement like oh yeah we got a Ton of trees get out here it was like You know you better get here early you Know before they're picked through and So people read between the lines and Kind of slowed down so all in all Shortest sales low sales day ever but um Like I said we asked for it And another interesting note while I set Up the camera here to uh Make this video I had a phone call about Someone wanting to come out and buy a Tree so I said yeah I'm here come on out And if we swing the camera around not The same couple but there's Uh people that just walked in Uh Looking for a Christmas tree and he said Yeah we so we're gonna sell a few more Berries since he lives here on the Property has said that uh he'll he'll Pick up stragglers and pick up a few More trees and uh you know get ourselves Up and get a few more trees out Oh another thing about the short sales This year you know I've had a large Concern about fake Christmas trees I Know they're becoming more and more Popular ever since covid and then the

Shortage of trees last year the prices Went up I know a lot of people bought Them and I've actually heard more people Switching to fake Christmas trees in the Last couple years than I can remember Um Obviously as a real Christmas tree Farmer I don't like this but I don't Think it's a huge concern for me I think There's going to continue to be a market You know when we get trees up here and We have the full uh Christmas tree Atmosphere we're going to get our Customers back also the I I don't know Where you live but in where I live the Value of land is becoming so valuable That Christmas tree farmers are selling Out and uh turning it into developments And so there's less Christmas tree Farmers and more people with money so uh I think the market here as long as I Continue to have a good product and a Good atmosphere I think we'll continue To be able to sell whatever trees we Have Thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees are my Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects are my Passion be blessed everyone and Merry Christmas

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