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Go go through to the other side so I can Be where you are You remember you remember how to grunt So they know we're working I don't know why they make these so Heavy A lot of times for me the quick hitch Ends up feeling like more work because If everything you have is quick hitch This is the best thing you can buy If most of the things you have are quick Hitch It's questionable Because you're I'm just adding a step Taking this on and off before starting On the attachment Okay buddy Can you put this all down for a minute Maybe even take your helmet off for a Minute I got a job for you See these two things This when I pick this up it has to go Through here and through here and I'm Going to hold it up I need you to hand Me this And then when we get that one in you can Put this in okay so can you hold both of Those All right here we go so we turn it Straight like this so the pin is ready To go in Okay I'll get it up here Okay hold on Not yet no no let me do that

Okay So give me the big pan first And I'll get the big pin in and down Okay get the little one in there Flip it down I get the other one We gotta do the same thing on this side Not the very big one just the ones like We just had And we'll do this one and you'll put the Inside one in Okay pin in Flip it down good now I I need the last Pin Okay Okay And that one you have to come over here To reach it you won't be able to reach It from that side Yeah come over here and I'll show you How it works so This pin Goes right here And this pin goes right here so we gotta Lift these up so that pin can go in and Then this hook Goes on the pin right here but this pin Is missing so we'll actually have to get A pin in there Hey let go yeah oh you're gonna lift That for me good job can you lift it No Kind of hard to push oh you're almost There yeah okay so we we need to go find A pen that goes in here

Because this hook right here goes under It and picks it up by a pen right there So let's go find a pen that'll fit that Maybe it is no it'll be a pen out of one Of our other attachments That would have been fun I was right by it okay now I want you to Go all the way around there behind that And you can watch me pick this up Everybody Let's stop And then we do this put them down Huh Yep push it down there you go and that One Okay It can now you need to back up I'm gonna Set this down One thing hey Zayden come here One thing that's important is this is Being held up in the air by the tractor So you don't ever want to reach under This because the tractor could fall on You never trust the tractor to hold it Up okay So don't ever reach under something That's being held up like that okay so Back up I'm gonna let it down Foreign Now we just gotta get this PTO shaft on What what is it called PTO PTO means Power takeoff it takes power off of the Tractor To run

Does that sound right Yeah like crying Because this doesn't have a the This doesn't have a motor on it if it Had a motor it would use its own power But it doesn't have a motor so it uses Power off the tractor so it uses a power Takeoff shaft Why do you have power on a chapter right Yeah What are you doing I gotta put this I had to put the I had to put the The PTO in neutral on the tractor I Gotta put the PTO to the front so we can Turn the back PTO It won't fit it's not fitting but that Just means I got to get it lined up There see if I turned it My home They're not home all of a sudden little Man got worried about the bees that used To live in this tree I didn't know even Knew about them but those boards were Covering a beehive when we moved in and It was really active and I left this Tree here only for those bees and then They swarmed and left so I took it down But he wants to see it so I'll show you Guys too You saw the bees in here yeah last year Or this year Today he saw bees but they've swarmed From here and I'll show him and you the Colony or the hive that's still inside

This trunk they're probably honey in Here Up here and see him No well the bees aren't in there but These are where they lived they build Those little hives But they moved yeah they moved on Of course if you guys thought I was Gonna show my grandson running this Chainsaw in the video that's I didn't Mean to make it seem that way but they'd Kicked me off the internet for that but We're gonna limb up a bunch of this tree And get it chipped and he's gonna have a Job to do that's part of it so let's get This thing fired up Foreign Foreign Is big job I need a lot of help with is Getting all these tree branches moved Over to the Tractor So We gotta carry them all that's a big job If you ever carry a lot of branches Before yeah Yeah get that grunt going He's doing it the whole way Pretty Nice log chipper it could probably chip This but that's firewood All right so I think we're ready to Start the tractor and start running the Chipper but at this point we need two Sets of hearing protection let's go find

Don't put any more in there until it's Running Hey come here For this we're both going to need to be Wearing hearing protection so let's go Find some more let's go get you some ear Muffs or And I'll wear the helmet and then we'll Both have hearing protection So the reason I've said I'm not a huge Fan of these three-point chippers with Is I've cut all this up although this is Like two inch material but some of it Has a y in it and it's still not going To fit through and then you're Constantly restarting your saw now if we Had two people out here working and one Was working the tree and the other one Was just feeding the chipper I would use A gas saw but for this really this Little electric is probably the best Thing because I'm going to start it and Stop it a hundred times Your headphones falling off Well let me help you I'm just going to Start the tractor get the PTO running I think we wanted to discharge the other Side How do you think shoot the chips over There Okay you have to stand back right where You are it could shoot stuff out of it And we don't want anything to fly out And hit you

Always look in here before you start it Who knows what could have been thrown in Here a chunk of metal or anything Looks clear Foreign Foreign Come on Me Foreign Foreign Foreign Okay Foreign Before I shut it down something I've had A bad habit of ignoring is with these Turbo engines If your tractor is a diesel with a turbo At least mine If you're running it hot and you go to Shut it down you're supposed to let it Idle for a few minutes before you shut It off and I'm bad about not doing that All right well I made a little bit of a Dent on that And I've got a son who plays High School Football he's a junior my daughter is a Cheerleader and for some reason we're Playing a high school football game Three hours away from here tonight and We always bring Food and drinks for the cheerleaders So I'm gonna get the grandkids ready and

Get ready for a long night at a football Game I'm actually excited about it but I Would also kind of like to be working on This a little longer but I'm gonna try to get out here tomorrow And attack the trunk of this tree which Weighs thousands and thousands of pounds This is suspended four foot up in the Air you want to see it That main section of trunk is pretty Dangerous and I need to get it dealt With and I'm thinking I might try to get That done tomorrow but I appreciate you Taking time to watch this video I'll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I'll see you next time

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