Massive Clean Up Job Uncovers a Hidden Staircase to the River

Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And today I'm going to attempt a big Cleanup project along the river we're Having dinner with friends the other Night and I was commenting on how nice Of a view it is and the homeowner told Me that these trees are starting to grow Up and get out of control and he's just Recently had back surgery and has a hard Time getting down there to work on it so I'm going to see if I can help him out On this side over here there's some rock Steps leading down to a gate and then More rock steps leading down to a Concrete Landing about 10 or 12 feet Above the water and if possible I'm Going to get all the way down there but We'll just see how it goes so first Thing I want to do is get all these Leaves and debris cleaned up so I can at Least see what I'm working with and what The footing is going to be like on the Other side of the fence Thank you Didn't feel like that was serving a lot Of purpose blowing the leaves off but I Did find where these steps are I'm gonna Have to ask him how many years it's been Since they went down these steps But they are still there and they're Just placed Stones so I'll stop to be Really careful with my footing Wow Okay so I found the path that this takes

And there's a tree down at the bottom of These steps that comes up then curves And runs along them It's crazy how nature just takes over And there You can see the landing And from that from that Landing down There there's actually Like a ladder that takes you down to the River Foreign I'm down on the landing I think it'll be A lot easier To cut these trees from down here and Work my way up than to try to work down There's no way there's no footing you're Always going to be reaching way out So but look at the look at this Landing Foreign To get from here down to the river You've got metal stairs Foreign So I came down right here I found these Rock steps came down here it looks like The the actual steps were over there and They they kind of curve down here Towards where the the steel steps are so I'm gonna see if I can clear that too But the next thing I'm going to do is Bring a leaf blower out here and clear As much of this as I can so I can see What I'm working with Thank you Well found the stairs

They were not exactly where I thought They were I think the only way to get to this is To go around the back side and start Cutting Down Up Foreign We should have a code word if I fall in Like the code can be Dear God I fell off come help me that'll Be our code word so you know I need help Foreign All right I got to the heart of it after Dealing with all those branches and and Limbs coming out is all coming off of The same tree that was cut down a few Years ago but it's still sending out Roots and This type of tree apparently that grows Up from the from the root extensions and Setting right at the top of those steps So I think I've blown the steps off if I Just cut that main section off we'll be Able to go up and down it Well now I wish I'd brought a bigger saw But I didn't anticipate cutting down Anything like this so we'll see Thank you Foreign Okay All right Thank you Come on

Well I'd say we made a pretty big Improvement But there's a lot of work you could Still do out here I think if I lived Here I'd try to get a set of better Stairs put in here Maybe concrete I don't know but so Check the description or the pinned Comment if you're watching this a while After it was published there may be a Follow-up but for now I think it was a good day's work I think This is really a cool little area I Appreciate you taking time to watch the Video I'll put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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