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Now this is an elm tree and I would not Do this with the other gravel Hey welcome back to the channel we got a New grapple we're going to talk about in This video so this is the big mouth Grapple it's made by Precision Manufacturing and this is like the super Wide opening grapple I can't wait to try This out is model 327 and this this Grapple is actually better suited for Our 427 and to be quite honest we've Been running Dirty by running the Smaller 322 on this tractor it was rated Uh it wasn't rated for this this much Horsepower this big of Trasher I just Always had to be very very careful Careful careful with the 322. uh that Also tells you how good the 322 is Because I've done some if you you know If you look back on our Channel we've Done some pretty aggressive stuff with That grapple and never had any issues so This one's about 478 pounds of goodness Uh it is really perfectly matched to This tractor let me show you around it So this grapple is 63 inches wide which Is perfect for the 474 it is just to Write basically even with the tires you Really don't want to Grapple like I'm Against having a grapple that's like Really wide because when you get out to The outer edges and let's say you're Running through the woods and you hang a Tree you literally can binge your whole

Loader because it has so much leverage On the tractor so these are some Features that I really like about this Grapple this grapple has grease points At on every movable part that's where You're really when you're when you're Looking at your like very entry level Grapples are just very entry-level Implements or attachments in in general On moving Parts if it doesn't have Grease points it's not going to last That's it's that's the reason it's so Cheap they use high quality pins and They have grease points on every uh Every movable part so this grapple is Made out of AR 400 steel and we did a Video with Bill Reed Mr Bill Reed he is The owner of precision manufacturing and He really broke down why it's important For different types of Steel your Entry-level grapples are obviously not Like I said they're not going to have Greasable points and they also are Probably going to be made out of very Mild steel which bends easy so let me Show you what we're talking about down Here and how this this grapple can be Lighter and thinner because it uses AR 400 steel but yet still be stronger so Each one of the the bottom parts of the Rake have a reinforced piece of metal on The outside and they really went above And beyond because the outer the outer Points have gust it's on both sides or

They have additional thickeners on both Sides so it was those those having the The pieces of metal welded on the on Each side of the outer teeth are really Important because we'll be swinging Around in the woods and you literally Can just hit the side of your grapple And bend a tooth over this makes it very Difficult to do that I mean anything can Be bent for sure if you go run into a Tree you're probably going to bend Something but this is uh our our smaller Grapple has similar attributes and big Work for the attributes the way they're Able to make these grapples open up so Widely is they've kind of got the Cylinders Pitched back in so you can have a longer Cylinder so you have a longer stroke Which makes this thing open I mean just Almost straight up and down very Ingenious the weld quality looks great The metal looks great I have no reason to believe this grapple Won't hold up as well as my other one Plus especially since this scrapple is Made for a 40 to 70 horsepower tractor And I'm putting it on a 48 horsepower Tractor all right enough talking about This let's go play with it we got to Clean some Woods up Got some pretty decent length hoses so This thing will fit a lot of tractors Without having to have anything extra so

This should reach most any tractors Third function quick connects Foreign These are like really high quality Fittings I like them a lot All right let's see what this thing Looks like when it opens up I'm excited To see it I've seen it on video only Thank you I successfully got grease everywhere on Me all right let's see what this thing Does and to run it through its cycle a Little bit because uh I have to fill Those cylinders up with hydraulic foot So here we go Probably smoked that thing open wide Okay we gotta put some grease on it Let me go get the grease gun A little grease this dude up trash got Grease on it I just read this the other Day So this ships with no grease so make Sure you grease it Foreign Does have grease I don't know No there's no grease in there What's up there buddy Are there Critters in those bushes So this is one more neat feature right Here when you tilt your grapple back it Gives you a place to set it down so you Don't need to do anything other than Just set it down but it also it helps it

Kind of skid across the ground and not Dig in too bad that's a pretty neat Feature for for this I like it Let's go let's go play I'm ready to play I don't want to park no more I want to Do stuff So this is one thing I've always was Scared to do with the smaller grapple on This tractor because I could go along And hang a root and bend the smaller Grapple it was just not really built for A tractor this strong so I just powered Through here we wouldn't run the Mulcher Through here a couple of weeks ago maybe A month ago now And I was just able just to set it on The ground and just drive through Without worrying about bending it if I Hit a root now I wasn't going fast I was Being very responsible but still uh I Feel very comfortable with this grapple Already So one thing I have to learn how to do Is gauge the front teeth so far because This will actually tilt backwards a Little bit And it doesn't feel like the front teeth Are really hitting so I had to jump off The tractor real quick just to kind of Learn how to gauge this the tractor will Actually tilt back just enough that the Front teeth are not touching so I'm Going to have to almost keep this the Back of the grapple perfectly straight

Up and down so that the teeth are just Barely skimming the surface I think That's the ticket we'll try it real Quick see Foreign The hard thing is learning how to you Know to judge it from the from the Cockpit here for the operator station I Think we'll go with that right there Get my old doggie give him up move over Buddy He believes this is his world It feels like he's doing a really good Job But this kind of grapple with a big wide Mouth is awesome for this kind of stuff Great example of why to have a double Clamp grapple because you're gonna You'll never find an even load But yeah Thank you Momo go It's gonna sweat Foreign It's good dirt good dirt I can tilt this blade all the way or the Grapple all the way back Right across the top allowing you to Just kind of straight Still got a learning curve on this Particular grapple but it's close to the Other one This is an elm tree and I would not do This with the other gravel I don't think

We're going to get it up else or tough I call it the curse wood I would probably have to work on this Several days I'm just playing I I don't recommend Doing this Uh we're not going to get that up That big mouth opening that that loud When you grab that where I probably Wouldn't have got that any other way A little unorthodox Street pruning I need some more ballast on the back I Don't have anything on but other than Both of there right now And I've actually hung a big root What do you think bro what do you think About that huh He said you don't hit me with a stick I Had a limb hunt come by a tree and hung It and come back and swung around missed Him by like three four feet you got to Really keep an eye on him You don't understand Well first impressions I really like This grapple I really like the fact that It opens wide you can especially in the Small stuff that is a very unique Feature that it opens I don't know if Another grapple opens this wide or not But you can reach in a pile of Little Brush and crunch it all down you can get A lot in uh in one one bite whereas if Your grapple didn't open as wide you Would have to come back from multiple

Bites and yeah that's that's a neat Feature the angles that you can set it Back and actually have the teeth up a Little bit that's cool and then you Level it out forward and then you got The skids on the back that keeps it from Digging in too deep To this point I don't have anything that I don't like about it and the fact that This is for a 40 to 70 horsepower Tractor I just don't think we're ever Gonna have any issues with it on the 474. so this is the Precision Manufacturing Big Mouth grapple I I've First Impressions thumbs up demo puppy Dog you had a rough day today I'm gonna Hit me with a stick and I think that Ain't cool been off of the tractor show And come back and hit me with a stick Come Close by about three foot Yeah pigment it popping wouldn't hurt Him but it would have popped him And my buddy right there

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