Milled Lumber Vs Firewood – Which is Worth More?

Milled Lumber Vs Firewood – Which is Worth More?

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So what you see behind me is a bunch of Miled lumber and I am really proud of These stacks of Lumber in part because Of the work I put into them for the most Part I cut these trees down and I MIL This wood myself we've got a bunch of Different species there's some really Nice cherry and walnut and Oak we've got Oage orange just a wide Variety and like I said a minute ago I'm Really proud every time I look at it but That doesn't necessarily mean it's Valuable let's take a look at some of This this stack right here is Cherry I Got this from Tennessee when I went and Visited my friend Tony from Tony's Tractor Adventure this is some hedge mixed with A few other things but that hedge I Milled with a Chainsaw actually no I'm not sure if That's it this down here is definitely The Hedge and when you sand that that It's going to be a beautiful orange Color and all this is dusty and dirty But it will clean up nice now this is Oak this is one of the first trees I Ever cut down on my property it's been Drying for a full two years this right Here is probably the most valuable wood I have we've got 3in thick Walnut this is that tree that barber Chaired on me actually it was a big Learning experience but the these top

Slabs are an inch and the bottom ones Are 3 in they are I believe 16 in wide And 12 or 14t Long that is valuable Lumber the wood in This rack came from some of the same Trees as the wood in there but this is Considered waste it's slab and a lot of People tell me that the way I cut my Logs and the way I run my Mill is Creating too much slab and wasting some Of that nice wood up in there but I'm Not sure if I believe that this is a Firewood tote filled up with that Slabwood and it's not perfect firewood But it can be sold as firewood and I Burn it as firewood not only in my house But also in open fire pits out here when We're having a cookout or just hanging Out in the evening so this is definitely Not waste it's not worthless and a lot Of people people think it's not even Worth cutting up and they just burn it In a fire pit or whatever to get rid of It but I have a little different opinion On it and that's what I want to talk About Today I guess if I'm going to work in Here it helps to turn on some light Lights huh still can't get over how Bright those High bays are now this Seems like kind of a silly conversation Almost which is worth more nice miled Lumber or Slabwood and for me I thought that that

Wasn't even a question then I watched a Video that's actually I watched this Probably two years ago from Mike at Outdoors with the Morgans and he was Talking about being criticized for Taking nice straight logs And using them for firewood instead of The Sawmill and he did a long breakdown Of how much the boards were worth and How much the firewood was worth and for Him he got numbers that said it was Really close on which was worth more and Then it comes down to which is more work For you is it harder or more timec Consuming to make the lumber or the Firewood and that depends on your Situation it depends on the cost of what You're able to get in your area what the Price price you can sell firewood for What you can sell the lumber for or how Much money you're saving by not buying Lumber so there's a little bit of Variation from place to place and person To person but for me I'm leaning towards The fact That it's worth it to make the wood the Lumber but not to nitpick over saving Every little piece but for me it feels Like it's going to make sense to go Ahead and cut my lumber out of these Logs but not be particular About salvaging every piece of it into Lumber cuz believe it or not I think I'm Going to get more value out of the

Slabwood right now I want to cut some of This into firewood and try splitting Into it into more usable sizes with my New splitter and then we'll have the Conversation about the value to me of Those two items if anybody's been Wondering how the slab rack is Working fantastic some of my ideas are a Little bit hairbrained This one is [Music] [Music] Perfect [Music] Oh It's phenomenal that only the pieces on The very end on each side fall to the Ground the rest of it I picked my slab Wood up up here I Don't I mean people call me lazy for This but I just I'm trying to make it as Easy as possible if I'm going to repeat A process multiple Times now that we have our slab wood We're going to split that into firewood Previously I was weighing is it worth it To turn this labwood into firewood and I Said yes I built the rack I started Cutting it up that left me big chunks That most people don't want it's good For outdoor burning and it's good for Boilers but those big chunks I showed You are not going to work good for Firewood in someone's house partially

Because they've got a lot of bark on Them but not when I cut it thick which Is what I get criticized for doing So I put it in the totes I thought this Is like a lower Quality Firewood and Then I got a splitter that's more Efficient because I could have split That on my other splitter but I decided It was too slow but with this I don't Think it is too slow I think it's worth Doing now this is where another part of The conversation comes in if you're Doing This with different species it changes The math if you have Walnut like those Big pieces of Walnut in there those Those two bottom ones that are 3 in Thick I don't know what those are worth $400 or something maybe more in some Markets but those are worth good money And some species of wood don't make a Good firewood some don't make a good Lumber so that that makes a difference But if you can split this into regular Size chunks and get regular size regular Prices for the firewood that's pretty Good now here's the part of it I haven't Mentioned is why is all that wood still In there it was dry a year ago that Wood's 2 years old why why do I still Still have it well it's cuz there is not A line of people beating down my doors For it I've made posts on Facebook and Stuff and said hey I've got wood for

Sale nobody nobody answered nobody Came that wood in there has value it's For sale I'll end up selling some of it But it doesn't fly off the shelf like Firewood is sold you list firewood for Sale around here it's Sold and that's a big difference and a Lot of times what people tell me is when There's a flare I cut that whole flare Off to to cut the amount I need off of The narrow end of the log and then by The fat end of the log I've got a slab Like this they say you could have got a 2×6 that was you know 4ot long or Something out of it and that's true a 4ot long 2×6 has some value maybe I'm Going to build something and I'll need That 2×6 but it doesn't sound that exciting To me to go to the work of stacking it Waiting on it to dry organ izing it Dedicating space to it and then waiting For the day when I need a short 2×6 it's a matter Of if I'm cutting wood and I don't have A purpose for the wood when I cut it I Have to figure out what to do with it so It's a huge factor in it let's split This up and I'll give my final thought On it one more quick thought on the Splitter I just did a video two days ago Saying how much I love this splitter and I do I got a the comments saying the Table was too

Low and I kind of agree I wish it had Just a little bit taller table like if I Was 5 foot 8 5' n this might be good but I'm 6' one and that makes it look Shorter than it is but there's an Important piece of information of that And that is that the company sells this In two different heights and that was on Me when they asked me which version I Wanted I just said I'll take your base Model the cheapest one you know the most Basic model I didn't take the time to Find out they had two heights so that's Just on me let's get this thing Going [Music] Look at that splitting four pieces at Once You just can't do that with a regular [Music] Splitter For Around here we sell firewood by the Rick A Rick is oneir of a cord and I get a Rick of wood in this is just a little Bit Past Full and I split a third of that so it's Like a ninth of a Cord very little amount of firewood in One rack full but one L All of the slab fit in one full rack Which split very Quickly and it's all usable so you want To talk about waste I wasted nothing

I've got four nice boards out of my Square can on that log and those boards Will get used I have a specific purpose For those a project I'm building this Firewood will be sold quickly I'll post It that I have firewood what I have That's dry down there will sell quickly And then I'll tell people when they call What I have is green it's not seasoned You can season it yourself or burn it Green or whatever you want but this will Be sold Soon and you know I'd be fine if people Don't call I don't really advertise much But if someone calls and they want this I'll sell it to them if not I'll keep it For next year but I have no waste in What I'm doing and I would rather deal With this than deal with a bunch of Smaller boards that I don't specifically Need for something right Now so which is better how should I know I'm just some guy I don't have a ton of Experience with this I'm just giving you My observations off the top of my head But I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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