Milling Logs and Backhoe Soccer at the Okie Homesteading Expo

Welcome to our blog post about the exciting events that took place at the Okie Homesteading Expo, including the intricate art of milling logs and the thrilling game of backhoe soccer. As we delve into the details of these unique activities, you will be transported to this engaging event and learn about the skills and techniques required to participate. Get ready to join us on this adventure as we explore the world of homesteading and the fascinating activities it offers.

Milling Logs and Backhoe Soccer at the Okie Homesteading Expo

Introduction ##

The Okie Homesteading Expo held annually in Pryor, Oklahoma is an event that attracts farming enthusiasts, nature-lovers, and curious minds alike. The event is known for its interesting demonstrations related to tractor driving, log milling, and sawing. It’s a perfect opportunity for people interested in rural life to learn and understand more about the hard work involved in farming, milling and country life.

Saw milling logs at the Okie Homesteading Expo in Pryor, Oklahoma

Saw milling logs is an art and it requires some serious skills to shape the logs into straight lumber. Visitors at the Okie Homesteading Expo were fascinated with the saw milling demonstration held on the premises. From fresh logs to finished product, the process of saw milling is both fascinating and time-consuming. The demonstration showed visitors how the saw milling equipment can produce durable and straight dimensional lumber like 2x4s and 1x6s.

The event features tractors and outdoor work demonstrations ##

Not only does the Okie Homesteading Expo brings together the practical farming knowledge, but it also involves some fun activities, including backhoe soccer. That’s right, backhoe soccer, where participants play soccer with backhoes! Visitors also had the opportunity to check out various tractors and other outdoor equipment. The highlight of the event was the machinery demonstration showing how different tools are used for farming and other manual labor jobs.

Rockhill Farm is a YouTube channel focused on tractors and rural living ##

Rockhill Farm, a YouTube channel focusing on tractors and rural living, was present at the Okie Homesteading Expo. The channel features an array of videos highlighting various farming techniques and machinery, with a unique focus on tractor driving and maintenance. The videos educate and entertain viewers as they gain insight into the nitty-gritty of farming and rural living.

The channel offers T-shirts for sale and accepts coffee donations ##

If you’re a fan of Rockhill Farm, you can show your support by purchasing T-shirts they offer on their website. The design features a classic tractor painting, perfect for people who appreciate the beauty of farming equipment. Additionally, for coffee lovers, the channel accepts coffee donations to fuel their passion for making new informative videos.

Machinery demonstrations and saw milling video series can be found on the channel

Rockhill Farm offers a video series on saw milling, showing how tree logs are cut and milled for various purposes. Viewers can learn how the saw milling process works and what kind of wood is best for different woodworking projects. This series is not only educational for people interested in woodworking but for anyone with a general interest in farming and outdoor labor.

The event features a range of tractor models from different periods of time

The Okie Homesteading Expo showcases tractors from different periods of time, from antique models to the latest technology. Visitors can assemble and examine the tractors and learn from professionals and the owners how machinery has evolved over time, and how the development brought a significant change in agriculture and farming.

Conclusion ##

The Okie Homesteading Expo proved to be an extensive and informative event, showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into saw milling logs, along with exciting backhoe soccer, and a vast variety of tractors and farming equipment on display. The event cultivated a deep appreciation for rural life and the hard work involved in farming, milling, and outdoor labor.


Q1. How long does it take to mill one log?
The time it takes to mill a single log depends on various factors, including the size of the log, the type of machinery used, and the intended use of the lumber. Generally, this process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Q2. Can saw milling equipment produce different types of wood?
Yes, saw milling equipment can process various types of wood, depending on the machine’s capacity. A mill with a wider blade can handle bigger logs, but it will likely take longer to cut down the log and create lumber.

Q3. Are antique tractors still used in farming today?
While most modern farmers use tractors with the latest technology, antique tractors are still used by some farmers and collectors. Some make use of these machines to maintain their farms and cultivate crops, while others restore and preserve antique tractors solely for their beauty and nostalgia.

Q4. What is backhoe soccer?
Backhoe soccer is a game where participants drive and play soccer using a backhoe. This is a fun and unique way to demonstrate how backhoes can be used for leisure activities.

Q5. What is the purpose of T-shirts sales and coffee donations on Rockhill Farm YouTube channel?
Rockhill Farm offers T-shirts for fans to wear and support their passion for farming equipment, while coffee donations fuel their passion for creating new informative videos.

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