Milling Our First Log on the New Woodland Mills HM130 Max

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I'm going to saw my first log On the new Woodland Mills hm-130 Max I'll take just a couple minutes to go Over things that Needed tweaked after my setup video from Yesterday first I put the log scale on Backward That's just I was facing the mill the Wrong way so we flipped that around There's some two little latches that Hold this closed and My handle needed turned and that's Because I've actually mounted the mill Too high I think I went and looked at One that was 30 inches high decided to Set mine at 32 thinking that would be a Good comfortable working height I Actually think probably 28 to 30 after Looking at it at this height there's Going to be a couple things that are Awkward about using it this way but one Thing we've already had to change is the Push handle this handle in the Instructions is mounted up this way and Your throttle lever is would be up here The way I've got it luckily they've got Slots that go almost all the way around I was able to flip this and it's going To be comfortable right here something Else I wanted to mention is I'm going to Spray rust patrol all over everything That moves on this Because I've been doing a prolonged test

On this rust Patrol versus WD-40 and I Think this is a really good product and This was really stiff the spring wasn't Strong enough to bring my my throttle Lever back even after I had loosened it Up sprayed a little of this on it's Working great so I'm going to put it on All these pulleys and anything else that Looks like it needs it the next thing The instructions say you do after you Get this set in place is Slide the mill Down the track And I could feel just a little catch Right here as that wheel Was contacting the bracket that holds This log clamp so as we go down we're Looking for anything that causes Resistance in the middle sliding and We're taking these loose and just using The slop and the bolts right there to uh Make more clearance I had several people warn me about Putting vice grips on this so that the Mill head couldn't slide off the end and I still think you want to do that you Want to clamp it in some way because You don't want it sliding back and forth And hitting these stops but it has log Stops on both ends so it's actually not Going to roll off Now we're adjusting this so it hits both Stops at the same time so now we've got The mill head sliding smoothly down the Track we're going to adjust

The mill head we're going to level it to The deck And right here Or exactly three and a half inches And here we're about the thickness of The blade higher on this side so we just Need to adjust the cable down Tiny bit on this side and I'm making Sure that the blade guides are not Putting any pressure on this getting That difference So we need to lower that cable on that Side just a couple turns leveling this Mill head was a little bit difficult Because gravity wasn't pulling it down The rails very well because these Bushings right here this nylon is tight On the rail Making it not slide very well so the Next step is to loosen these up and you Take these nuts loose and then Kind of just squeeze it in till they're Touching and tighten them back down at The same time I'm spraying a little bit Of rust patrol all the way around to Help this slide easier So I think we'll definitely want to Check level on the mill head after this So I got my dad here with me we spent The last hour or two going through Everything and really I mean everything was really close just From the factory blade tracking was good The blade guides needed to be adjusted

But that's to be expected but Everything's been pretty close from the Factory I think we're about ready to put Gas in it The one thing that confused us a little Bit at first Was the tensioning on it Says recommended blade tension two and a Half to three full turns from snug And Just deciding when snug is I guess was a Little bit of a so it engages it touches There But where is snug so I'm gonna say about There so half one half Two And a half And when I've been to other people who Had these Mills seemed that like it was Close to flush but not quite so we're Gonna go with that for now and see how It does This is an example of why this is too High I can fill it from the ground but I Can't see if it's full I'm gonna stand Up there to fill it Might get I might get a pump or Something to fill the gas on it or I Might lower the mill I don't know yet Manual says run it for 30 minutes before Using any lube so we're not even going To mess with the lube system yet It's going to start it and let it warm

Up let it run for a little while Make sure our idle is set right then We'll go pick out a log choke on fuel on Cut it off We're at items too we normally Doggy Oh [Music] My God Okay All right That ain't going nowhere this is Probably an odd choice for a first log And I actually had it in my head I was Going to start with something that was Really small and easy to manage But I don't have a whole lot of logs Piled up I've been selling them to Paul When I get them so that needs to change But this log is about half rotted on the Bottom and if I don't care if we mess it Up so this will be just a good one to Practice on plus it's got no bark it's Not gonna wear out my blades Hopefully it's good enough to use it all But you can see this is just split Everywhere I think this had been laying On the ground for years before I even Went and got it and then I've left it Sitting over there for two years so Let's cut her up As far as the height of cut I put the Small end at this end so if we remove Anything from here we're going to remove

Quite a bit from the other end I was Talking to Nathan from out of the woods Yesterday and he told me to save my First cut off of this as a Keepsake souvenir [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you My dad and I both said that this might Just be a junk log but that first cut The wood inside that solid we may get Something good out of this You want to make the second cut [Music] We decided we're gonna go ahead and see If we can make dimensional Lumber out of This so Pretty heavy but we're gonna try rolling It with a canned hook I'm a little bit bummed out we rolled This bad boy up to 90 degrees and got it All square and I was like that was Awesome the camera was off But You ready for that second cut if we're Not too tall All this time thinking about 30 inch Logs That seems so tall and it's only 27. I've got a big one down there but that's Another day Okay I've got a lot of bugs to work out of

Things I didn't even get the scale Mounted with a reference point yet but I'm going to make a chance out of this So I'm laying my blade up with the flat Corner from the last cut and that'll Square Foreign I think doing the same thing with by Myself I'd use the tractor to turn it Because The concerns might come back on you I Think that internet come out it's on top Of you I think it's on top of the log Stops yeah that's what I'm saying [Music] I think our dogs actually need to be Hiring Yeah because the log stops are chewing Up the corners of the can Because of how they're hitting After we struggled to roll that log over I remembered how everyone does it you Just pull the cant away from the stops So you can roll it without it pressing Against them If you spend any time on the Woodland Mills Facebook page they call it joining The club when you hit your log stops Said not today All right the bunks have built-in stops On them So that'll work now that we have a Square can't Foreign

Running one of these what'd you think of It I think it did an amazing job it was Actually pretty easy to run fairly quick What do you think about the engineering And the design work on the all the Components and stuff we had to look at And adjust Everything seemed to be top-notch I I Was surprised by how sturdy everything Was built and like rollers for back uh Rub blocks instead of Solid I really like everything I've seen About it the way it's built the way it's Put together it's nothing about it felt Flimsy Um if there was one thing I kind of wish That height adjustment dropped into Notches but then again if that could Almost get annoying too so Um There's a the second cutting before I Cut with it again there's a bunch of Things I want to do I'm going to go Through and check level on the blade Again check and make sure it's tracking Check the bunks now that it's had a lot Of weight on it and been run make sure Everything is still Level our first when We first got down to a cant it was about A quarter inch wider on one end than the Other so something may be a little out Of square or something but overall Pretty good and we started off with a Log that really looked like junk and

Even after we took a few pieces off it's Like this is going to go in the burn pit You know but actually we ended up with Some pretty decent looking Lumber Everybody talks about you know are these Worth it because this isn't a cheap Investment to buy one of these and so You got to make quite a bit of wood but Just right here out of that junk looking Log so we got the slab wood but we got One two three four five six seven and a Half yeah two by twelve by twelves and If that was in Pine at the lumber yard You go to Lowe's that's a 50 board at Least And out of Oak I'd say those are 75 Dollars a piece oh yeah I wouldn't doubt It not yeah we're doubted in the least And so we probably got 600 out of lumber That was just junk to me I mean that Looked rotten on the bottom I would have Made firewood out of it didn't look like Good firewood Yeah I mean I'd rather have this stack Of lumber than have that log sitting in The yard So very happy with my choice of Woodland Mills it's great to finally after all This talk and all this planning to turn A log into some boards yeah it was a lot Of fun I appreciate you guys taking time To watch the video I'll put links on the Screen to more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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