Side by side a good look let's back up a Touch here got the straight plow and the V plow on the mini Dumps get your mini dump with or without The plow oh yeah I forgot we just got This Salter in too just got it wired in This just came from the farm show this Thing's Bad to the Bone can't wait to Use it this winter but you can use one Too go to mini to check it out These are made by a division of Toyota All right imported from Japan the real deal here not some Plastic Made typical UTV full cab manual one here have an Automatic as well get them set up either Way we've done full length videos on These two they going to be really nice In the winter time though well shoot Summertime All Seasons had that cab with HVAC so air conditioning and heat nice And quiet quiet engine sips fuel Four-wheel drive you name it min dumps.

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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