Mini excavator project, success and failure

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead this is a intro is being Recorded after the fact I've made a Video on Project day I had a dry Saturday and I was going to clear out All the brush up there burn it take out A stump and clear a road but uh there's Too much video for one thing so I Condense this I'm not going to do much With the clearing out the brush the it Was too wet the fire didn't take off but Uh we're gonna this one's gonna be more About trying to get the stump out which Didn't go quite as planned and the fact That my son got on the excavator and Pushed a bunch of mud over it and then Got our tracks in it and sinking and uh Trying to get it out it doesn't look That uh dramatic on video but I could Tell you once that mud gets over the top Of the tracks and you can't move back And forth you got to be careful you Start sinking in so that's what's going On today So this fire doesn't have much life not Enough smaller stuff to burn and dry out Before I put the big softy wet stuff on And I think I'm Gonna Leave It Throw a If it doesn't burn throw it over the Hillside and burn it with the other Brush over there that's the nice thing About having an excavator but while I Have this dry day I really need to use

This day to get that stump out and get Up that Logging Road or that quad Trail Road and uh I can't do that on a wet day so I'm Gonna get I'm going to have to leave This behind And go do the other stuff My boys are home this weekend Isaiah wanted to do a little big and so He's going to work on this stump for me For a little bit [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Okay This was a pretty sizable fur I'm afraid That this root is coming out this way It's gonna have to be torn out all the Way out here and start tearing up our Roads it's already existing but It's got to go [Music] All right the thickness of the roots on Some of this old fur going down We're just not going to dig it out with A little ice spinner we could but we'd Be digging up the whole road so I'm Gonna take a broom here I'm gonna get The extra turn off and we're going to Just chainsaw this across down below the Level and It's never gonna be paved as this rots Out it'll sink a little bit we'll just

Add gravel over the years But we got to get this below the surface So chainsaw it is Let's try to get a little bit of this Extra dirt out of the way Save my chainsaw blade At least a small amount [Music] Um [Music] [Music] [Applause] Mmm [Music] There it goes He's just gonna rip it out now or what I'm just gonna have him rip it out now Get behind there What if you just Came uh still be awkward but I'll send what if you just came from This side Foreign [Music] Piled up right there Over here Oh yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] You know you think you could rip it Tortured that chain for real Wow Things moist hey Tarzan huh

No not with the experts either huh you Come here oh this is tough stuff try to There's a cut down through here split This off And then try to split this off and we're Just gonna Start with it away [Applause] I don't have a cut Oh that was almost your legs man [Applause] There you go That thing's A little piece [Applause] That's not you're not gonna be able to Split it there because it's not cut Uh come over here There's a cut underneath this section Right here if you get that you'll be Able to get that out of the way I don't think I'm in that deep [Applause] That's right we're here okay see if you Can get just this one little corner and I'll get on the chainsaw again where Your right foot is right here see how There's a cut around that corner get That corner out What about on the left can you not get Anything right there Whoa Don't let that come busting through There's not enough of a cut on this Edge

But if you come this way just a little Bit more yeah there's a cut around there You'll be able to clear it out there you Go see yeah that's the part of that I Was thinking There it is Yeah now that one little bulge right There Okay I think I need to get in with the Chainsaw again now Thank you Yep all you are is a tool to him That's all I want to be A tool [Music] That's pretty much Thank you Foreign Cut it off now [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] All right All right [Music] You don't want to just turn it all the Way through what you don't want to just Cut it all the way through yeah it was Angling back up and I was hitting But it'll go easy here in just a second Isn't that pretty much all of it I think He's going to knock it right off

It's amazing how well preserved the wood Is it was underneath the ground and not Rotted out It smells so fresh [Applause] Looking on the ground so we cut it off I've got a rookie driver right now Trying to figure out how to fill holes But he's going to pound this down And then Blake's more stop right there Stop Put the blade on the ground The blade down big strike L reaching Here and just pound that down this right Here the dirt that's around the that I Dug up oh wow I want to pound it down Firm Oops wrong one So that lift it up and smash it Huh [Music] Lift your blade just a hair The track forward push that in the hole Okay back up Don't get behind uh more dirt there Especially Perspective [Music] Of course all this Up Back up here Oh I saw your signal stop stop stop This is how we bury ourselves all right I buried myself in a track like this if

You don't do this right get out let me Do this all right Foreign Thank you [Music] But if you almost try to just drive this Way [Music] Your your tracks are so gummed up Just gonna go over the top I would say more like Through there but It looks like it it's gonna go right Over the top what are you gonna go right Over the top that's the plan So wait Straight up Thinking too much though I mean I've been here before and it's it Doesn't get better Foreign Foreign Foreign Help with your pickup What I think your pickup can help It might be able to help with the trick Here when I got to stuck on the side Hill before we grab something really Strong over here with a cable and hold So we were on this track And then drove out on one track but just Like last time there's nothing Nothing to secure Me

Here is where you can see I had fresh Fill where I was moving the hillside out Put in here and I got stuck in the Excavator and I had to come and get Rescued by uh Buck construction company Uh what happened here is this is a lot Softer I tried to put my bucket downhill And pushed but it was all fresh fill and Muddy and my bucket just sunk my Excavator was really tipping quite a Ways and there was nothing up here on The hillside to hook onto and pull so They brought their dump truck up for Fortunately I'm I'll have only a 35g Parked it up here put chains we grabbed The chain with the bucket pulled Ourselves up and tracked out on one Track and the nice people that buck Construction said uh Give me an hour's uh labor bill and I Handed him a few bucks and they were on Their way I feel it looks like there's firm enough Ground down below I might be able to Push off of There you go Berto There you go Yeah Oh man Now drive that thing Now drop that thing Come on Cuzzo come on Why'd you just do that the first time That's easy

[Music] I smell less right there that's an OS Okay Drive on out Simple maneuver Oh look at this look at the straps Looking good Where's the stump go we buried that Thing you got out and buried the stuff It's stuck Foreign That's not even existing Well didn't go exactly as planned but Here's where the stump was right here It's now down underneath the soil Unfortunately we push that mud on there Got a little gooey and sticky but it Wasn't too bad thankfully we had Solid Ground that I could reach unlike last Time I got stuck and uh so we're able to Lift that track out and get out and uh Next project uh clearing out the Excavator or the quad Trail up the hill That a bunch of trees fell out rip balls Pulled out mud fell down on uh it's dry Enough today I got to get up there and Do that thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees Are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects like this are my passion hope To see you again soon be blessed Everyone Foreign

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