We have got a project coming up for the Kubota bx23s this tractor is decked out Pretty nice but it is missing one of the Critical components that a lot of Tractor owners want but they don't get Out of the gate so we're going to Install a summit Hydraulics a DIY Do-it-yourself diverter kit to get a Third function up front so you can use a Grapple a hydraulic blade all sorts of Things we've made a video all about the Uses of a third function it can be Really handy but it can be really costly To get it done at a dealer so get a DIY Solution you can do it in a couple hours We did it over on the 1025r a couple Years ago going to go through the same Process on the Kubota BX they've got a Kit specific for that now too and all The Kubota line up so save your money do It yourself if I can do it I'm telling You you can too put all that money you Saved towards a grapple I forgot maybe The most important part save five Percent off with code GWT on summer Hydraulics website too so we've got Three things going on here these two Boxes they just sent me one of these is Going to have that that diverter that Third function kit for up front and one Of them is a rear remote as well so We've got the backhoe on there now I'm going to be lazy I'm going to do the Third function up front first we're

Going to tackle that one here so I think It's in this box it could be that one And then also I'm just pointing this out We've actually taken this this is a Hydraulic multiplier we took this off my John Deere 4066r I'm going to end up Putting this on my big Kubota M4 tractor It's got a couple of rear remotes but Those get used up quickly it didn't pan Out this year but I was going to add on A a rear snow blower which had a Hydraulic Chute rotation a hydraulic Deflector a hydraulic Back Drag I've got A hydraulic top link on there that's Four hydraulic circuits right there that You would need that you would use up you Can go through those circuits quickly so It's a really cheap way with a hydraulic Multiplier to get additional hydraulic Functions on your tractor I'm sorry if You hear my heavy breathing you're right Before we were shooting video uh I beat My brother in the best two out of three Let's start off no you can't you edit This out in your and you're fired not Really not really but Um but to be fair he did beat me in a Best out of five I think it was earlier Was that dog or what were we playing pig Dog around the world I can't remember But anyway he's he's been getting the Best of me lately I'll tell you that so Okay so this looks Yeah here's our here's our joystick

Right here this is one of the Most I guess uh user well it's the user Interface it's the primary user Interface so this is what you're going To end up putting on The end of your joystick okay your Loader joystick this looks like it Clamps on maybe slides over and then Clamps right down on there too and it's Got two buttons on there that's a Comfortable design All right so we've got the the joystick Part with the cabling there Got our hoses all right which looks like Two sets you're gonna have a set that Goes Um from the the solenoid box which is Probably in here I'm guessing Up to your front end loader you're going To have something that goes from the Tractor to the solenoid box so you've Got two pairs of hoses there Bunch of fittings okay these are just All fittings they're going to screw Around really easy no big deal looks Like this is probably a clamp of some Kind I'm guessing maybe for the the Solenoid block to clamp that to the Loader arm or something else It's more little goodies another wiring Harness just our other half and this is Oh I bet I know what that's for I bet these two things right here Working conjunction to clamp

Um the fittings and the hoses up on your Loader arm okay and then tuck down in Here you are going to have your Instructions that come along with it all So again we're going to do a whole Install video on this but I think I want To just do a refresher for you folks on What this is all about and why it's so Important and Why a company like Summit Hydraulics Exists and I think primarily that's Because most tractor dealers and a lot Of that's changing right I think because Of the world of YouTube where folks like Myself and treasure time with Tim and Traction bike and Um outdoors with the Morgans all sorts Of channels are showing these tractors With cool attachments on there but those Attachments require additional hydraulic Capability besides what comes standard On a tractor and so Summit Hydraulics Found that problem discovered a solution For it and has really done a great job Of expanding out with specific John Deere products specific Kubota products Specific coyote LS and they just keep Growing and growing both for the front End loader and on the back side too so You have like front remotes for the Loader you have rear remotes for those Three-point attachments that need it to Or a hydraulic top link for example and The challenge is is that you get these

Added on from your John Deere dealer or Your Kubota dealer and you're going to Get charged a really big premium number One because it's an oem part it right so That's going to typically cost more and Then you're paying shop labor there too Which is not cheap you know I mean I Would guess it's around 100 bucks an Hour give or take depending on your Dealership and you know there's some That are a horror story I know the John Deere 1025r with the Mauser cab on it to Take that cab off and install the third Function and then put that cab back on It's like an all-day job it's super Expensive so it's not unheard of at all To pay fifteen hundred to two thousand Dollars for something like that You can get it done depending on your Dealer you don't hear of it too much Anymore ever happening under a thousand Bucks I think probably 1250 to 1500 is a Pretty common price point whereas these Some hydraulic kits are well under a Thousand bucks so I'm a visual learner So let's take a look at a couple Examples here whether you're shopping For a new tractor or a used tractor you Can easily see if it has those extra Hydraulics or not all right and so this Is a a Kubota BX it does not have those Hydraulics on there typically somewhere I would say in this area Across here normally on this side but

Sometimes in the middle and sometimes They wind up over here you're going to See a couple of hydraulic outlets on There so nothing on here I'm going to Show you my other tractor I've got it Set up on so you can see the difference Okay so down here this is where I added My Summit Hydraulics diverter kit a Couple of years ago two or three years Ago I can't remember exactly when but You see extra hoses and Outlets that are Up here not plugged into anything that's An extra circuit that's what you would Plug into the hoses for a grapple for or A hydraulic snow plow for example right Into there to control it your tractor Comes with hydraulics every tractor Comes with hydraulics these days all Right but those basic Hydraulics the First function and the second function Are used to control your front end Loader one function to raise the whole Loader up and lower the whole thing back Down the other function is going to Gonna curl back a bucket or a pusher or It's going to rock it back forward so You could dump out a bucket or curl it Back if you have something picked up in There or level out a set of pallet Forks Okay so that's two functions that are You still need those if you have a Grapple on you still want to be able to To roll a grapple force and backwards You still need to be able to pick your

Loader up and down so that is where this Extra set of hoses and connections comes Into play it's that third function that Allows you to then also close the Grapple open the grapple back up Something you wouldn't be able to do Without it a couple other things too the Back of both of these tractors have Remotes on them all right but there's Two different kinds of remotes I don't Want to confuse it too much but right Now I've got this extra hose right here And there's a quick coupler right here That you can see It's they're connected together so it's Closing a loop that's staying on the Tractor this is called power beyond and Since I have a backhoe for this tractor It takes a certain kind of hydraulics That plug right into the backhoe the Backhoe has its own joysticks to make it Operate and everything else so there's No extra lever that's on the tractor or A button to push on here but when you Have the backhoe off you have to plug These hoses back together so that the Hydraulic flow circulates properly Through the tractor's hydraulic system Hey pardon the interruption just really Quick If you need a tractor attachment give us A shot check out We sell and ship all over the country we Have attachments for the front end

Loader the three-point hitch most likely Something to fit your needs we have Rewards free shipping and financing too So here's a good look at a double pair Of outlets that's on the back of a Tractor or two rear remotes you have Four Outlets one two three and four or I Guess one two this is a pair and then This is also a pair so you can do two Different functions back here and you'll See I've got a hydraulic top link that Replaced the manual top link so this Rod Can extend out and retract back in Change the angle of whatever's on my Three-point hitch really nice this kind Of setup is totally different than power Beyond so this these two lines right Here are controlled with a lever that I Have in my cab so I'm sitting in the Seat up there the tractor's on of course I push the lever one way and it retracts The the rod back into the cylinder I Pull it back the other way and it sends The rod back out So this kind of rear remote has levers Up there to operate whatever this Hydraulic top link that's plugged in Doesn't have its own controls on it Right so like a backhoe has its own Leverage to take the Boom Out dig a hole All that kind of thing The tractor has the remote to control These Outlets here and so me as a Semi-knowledgeable tractor guy when I

Buy my own tractors I like to look for Things if I can that are set up with These kind of extras on them already This model in particular is one of the Few that comes standard with rear Remotes one that comes standard with Rear remotes and front remotes is the Summit tx25 tractor not to be confused With some of hydraulics Summit tractors Is its own brand they can see the need That the customers have they can see the Lack of Education that's given out there By other dealers so they set their Tractor up right out of the gate Including those remotes but Unfortunately most tractors again don't Come with those extra Hydraulics and That's where some Hydraulics comes into Play all right so briefly diverter Versus third function so a diverter is When you're going to redirect or divert Hydraulic flow a third function is truly Going to mean it's it's a third function So you could potentially if your tractor Has enough hydraulic capacity do two Functions at one time whereas with a Diverter Say the cruel roll function is what You're going to divert to the open close Function of the grapple when you push a Button down and hold it And then you move left to right in the Joystick instead of curling or rolling The bucket you're going to open and

Close the jaws of the grapple if you let Go of that button and you go left and Right it's going to go back to the Normal curl roll function that's Different a third function you can Potentially Engage that that third function at the Same time so you're opening or closing The jaws of the grapple there'll be two Buttons on there so if you push one Button to open the jaws of the grapple And you're also dumping at the same time You can do that with a true third Function so it sounds like the Kubota Kit that they have is going to be a true Third function on there I guess we'll See when we get it hooked up I'm Surprised actually that this tractor has Enough hydraulic flow to really Smoothly do two functions at one time I Did get very used to using the diverter Version on the 1025r you know when You're using a grapple or something else Like that in the field you're not really Going all that fast you're in a really Controlled manner because you want to do Things In a pretty precise way whether you're Grabbing something right in the right Spot to pick it up or maybe putting Something down in a pile or wherever it Is in a very precise spot sometimes You're not but oftentimes you need to Have that control and there can be a big

Weight release off of the tractor too When you drop something out of the a Grapple and so you want to do that in a Controlled manner so you're moving slow Not having a true third function to me Isn't that big of a deal but if it has It that's awesome all right so let's Take a look at this rear remote kit here Too show you what that's all about Nice to visually see what you're getting Again this is how these things come in Uh what was this Yeah UPS ground so just UPS ground so Just right to you I love it when things Can come UPS Ground A little bit bigger box that's for sure Oh overall looks pretty darn similar Looks like there's a few more components That are involved Got a couple big boxes here instead of One box and then there's a bigger block Right here which that looks kind of like Our multiplier Block there too actually I I think this Must be a a multi-valve Set up here you can see all these all These ports on here so typically you're Going to have two ports on one side or The other so you can cap off whichever Ones you don't need so if it makes more Sense Um with the hose layout the Configuration wherever it's mounted on Your your tractor you can just either or

All right so that's nice to have that Option and then you're going to have a Pair A and B it says right on there okay So one two three four I'm not sure what That one is we'll find out when we get Around to it it probably says on the Website too but brackets are included in Here and again these are all model Specific so they've come a long way back When Um I put that first kit on the the 1025r That was one of their first model Specific kits that they had out and They've really done a good job they'll What they'll do they'll go right out to A dealership that they want to work with If they're going to build out like their Coyote line that's one of their more Recent lines that they're just working On building out they go out there they They lay hands on the machines they look At the layout they take the measurements To see how long the hoses need to be to See where they can mount something to The Tractor on the loader arm itself From the backs out of the tractor where The connections need to be made for the Grapple up front so where it's going to Mount up there the best location so it's Out of the way and protected and then They'll actually send a kid out you know If a dealer is willing to have them come Out there and do it they'll also send Them a kit after they're going through

The Prototype phase go through the Install make sure it's it's really good It's really set up the way that it needs To be get an idea how long it's going to Take to install and everything else so These things are getting dialed in They're doing it in a very professional Manner and they're getting better every Day so this is if you don't have any Rear remotes at all you can add that on With this kit here our existing one that We have and I'm going to take this over And show you This is this thing's awesome so this is Has six pairs on there right there Really cool and let me take it over and Show you we're trying to find the best Spot to mount this uh on the M4 That's a that's the downside that's one Of the things that's bad I guess about a Cab tractor is it doesn't have the big Rops bar that's a convenient location to Mount this kind of stuff on and there's Not a ton of room back here so you got To find a good spot to mount everything And I'll just set this here for now so The difference with a multiplier like This is if you already have a remote and You need more rear remotes more power Baby You can get this added on but you're Gonna have to take a pair of hoses like Say you're just picking this Outlet here And you're going to Route those and plug

Them into the side and then if you still Want to have that function you're going To use this very first one here so You're really adding on one two three Four five the first one's kind of a wash But all those extra ones after that are The extra functions that you're getting So you have two here you have six here That's eight but you minus one so you Wind up with seven possible hydraulic Remotes on the back side of this tractor That's pretty cool so folks hopefully That gives you a little bit better Understanding of what these remotes are All about and what they can do again We'll do an install on this tractor Specifically so you can really get a Better understanding there too check out Our 1025 hour install same general Concept just a different machine of Course and go to Summit Hydraulics Website okay all sorts of stuff all Sorts of kits for the front end loaders The back side They have more stuff coming out all the Time as well don't forget save five Percent with code GWT so then once you Get set up with those extra remotes get Your grapple and get your snow plow get Whatever it is on the backside from we sell and ship Tractor attachments all over the country Every day of the week I hope you enjoyed Today's video if you want to see more

Hit that subscribe button right down Below we'd love to have you tag along I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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