Moving Round Bales with a Compact Tractor #shorts

Foreign I've seen a lot of conversation online About whether the different John Deere Compact tractor models can move Full-size round bales and these are six Foot round bales so about as big as you Generally see them and this is a two Series 2038r with the mechanical self-leveling Loader which adds a little bit of lift Capacity Now if I moved hay bales every day I'd Get a bigger tractor but if you only Have the occasional need to move them it Can handle it it can also do it with the Three point if you're pushing your lift Capacity like I'm doing here make sure You've got plenty of ballast that box Blade is actually a little bit light but I have suitcase weights hanging on it Check out the full length version for How I set up a very inexpensive Bale Spear on my loader

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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