Moving the Woodyard Again, and Again, and Again…

Thank you Foreign [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you [Applause] [Applause] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm out here to split some firewood Today but I'm running into a little Problem that's probably common for most Of you guys so as I go through I want to Have a quick conversation about How you address a muddy Wood Yard or how You prevent it are you putting down a Substrate or do you move your wood yard All the time Just curious how you guys handle it so Let me show you Where I've been splitting wood this year And the problem I'm having I cut down This giant tree a couple months ago and I've cut all of that into Hackberry it Was actually three trees each one of Them was at least a 30 inch diameter Had big Branch structure got a lot of Firewood out of it and I cut all that up Right up here as you can see This is all just mud now And the way I like to do firewood is to

Carry the wood as little as possible And always take my rounds right up next To the splitter so if I leave the Splitter in one place I'm always driving Around it I'm driving up and setting a Basket right next to it so I can split Directly off of the splitter into the Basket then I'm driving over and I'm Dumping rounds right next to the Splitter And all that driving around whether I Use the track loader or the tractor Ruts everything up and it becomes a mud Hole which is fine at first but at some Point it gets unusable So I guess the alternative could be to Just continue moving where I split Firewood So you just saw me splitting firewood Right here and where I had the splitter We've got this pile of bark and Small pieces that fall off as you split Right here is where I drove through to Set the basket I carried that basket around and set it On the wrong side of the splitter and Then realized it backed up picked it up Again set it on the other side And just in those couple trips and then Coming back and and backing up and Carrying it over to where it's at now This is completely rutted up I've got Ruts like that I couldn't just continue Working here or I'd get stuck or dig a

Big hole let alone needing to walk Through it so I'm gonna split some more Of this wood let you guys think about How you handle it go ahead while I'm Doing this and leave a comment are you Splitting on a substrate Like a Rock bed Or a pile of wood chips or do you move Your wood yard or do you just work in The mud One more thought before I get back to Splitting is on this Champion splitter And I'm not sponsored by Champion or or Making any money off them at all but I have never had trouble starting this Splitter I had a cover for it and it got torn up I really liked using the cover but The sun bleached it out and made it Brittle and it tore so it's been sitting Out here in the rain for Two years and today it started on the Very first pull when I hadn't ran it in A good month That's pretty darn good for a Cheaper or homeowner splitter not that Any of them are cheap Foreign You'd have today's date and a picture of My property It could not be any nicer out here it's Like 62 degrees not a hint of a breeze Just calm and still not sunny but not Really overcast either Just gorgeous out here and I think

That's what they call the Calm before The storm because the weatherman sang in The next 20 minutes it could start to Rain And over the course of this evening we Could have tornadoes so been looking Around I think I've got my hatches Pretty much buttoned down or whatever That term is button down the hatches but I'm gonna go ahead and split from now Until that storm hits And then just drive the tractor up into The shop and and call it a day but I Want to go ahead and finish that Conversation real quick about the muddy Wood Yard because this is about to get a Lot muddier when it rains And I see a few different options one Option is just constantly move your wood Yard So that you're not working in the mud That's going to tear the grass off of Your whole property over time I guess Not crazy about that idea it's time Consuming to pack everything up and move It But it is an option keeps you out of the Mud another option is I've got a lot of area where I've spread Rock up there I could split all this You know where I've got all that Limestone and it wouldn't get muddy it'd Be a really nice area to split but my Nice looking Rock driveway would get

Covered in sawdust and wood chips and Bark And so that's not any good my favorite Guy to watch on YouTube is outdoors with The Morgans and Mike splits on a rock Bed and usually everything he does seems To work out really well So I thought about copying it but I just Don't like the idea of putting all this Bark on top of my rock I've spread the Other option is to try to build up a Pile of that mulch Embark and sawdust and use that as a Floor for The Wood Yard I tried to Artificially do that up the hill I Brought in a bunch of mulch but it Wasn't it had too much big material in It I put it in a bad place and it had Some mud and dirt mixed in it it didn't Really work out that well but over time If I just keep splitting in one spot I'll build up a bed The downside to that people mentioned You get a lot of insects that like to Live in that bark when you get that bed Of mulch all across the ground and You're going to have an insect Infestation and if you set your rounds On it it's gonna Get ruined quicker that way and I guess there's no perfect answer but For me it seems like the best thing is To build up that bed of Bark and mulch

But I've already made this into a muddy Mess I'm gonna leave all this bark here And after this firewood's all split and Taken care of I'm gonna go down to the Far end of the property and split where That other tree is I've got Actually two trees down up there and Then another big pile of rounds and Stuff up here and I'm gonna split all That where it's at And when this isn't too muddy I'll come Back down here and I'd really like to Have my wood yard right here and just Have a big bed of wood chips down So It is what it is No it sounds like I'm whining but like There's nothing else I'd rather be doing Than out here messing with this I'm just Trying to think what's the most Efficient or effective way to set this Up so I'm going to get back to splitting Until it rains I appreciate you taking Time to watch this video I'll put links On the screen to a couple more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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