My family doesn’t want store-bought anymore! (This is WAY HEALTHIER!) EASY PROBIOTIC KETCHUP

Today we're going to be taking a staple In most kitchens in the United States And we are going to be recreating it in A healthier Probiotic friendly and absolutely Different way that is going to make it Semi-shelf stable and the great news is You're going to be able to do this with Almost exclusively Pantry ingredients so Join me as we make fermented ketchup and Yeah it's delicious Thank you This is one of those swaps that you can Make on your family without your family Knowing and they are going to absolutely Love it because when you add the Fermented flavors to things that are Savory and already have a lot of Tanginess and you know really a lot of Depth of flavor the flavors kind of just Completely hide the fermented quality of This and it makes it even better so this Is one of those things that you can Sneak in on your family even if they're Picky eaters and you're trying to get Them a little more used to some Healthier foods trying to clean up the Diet a little bit I'm not going to say That it's going to make french fries a Health food but it is going to make them A lot more digestible if they're eaten With something that has all these Amazing probiotics and enzymes in them And you're going to be amazed at how

Easy it is to make an absolutely Delicious ketchup in your own home it's Really easy we're going to start with Tomato paste today you could use Homemade tomato paste or canned tomato Paste this is about one and a half cups Of tomato paste super easy Just open a can you're ready to go then We're going to need some sweetener yes Ketchup needs some sweetener you could Use sugar you could use sukinat you Could use a monk fruit if that's what You like you could use a honey that does Change the flavor a little bit or today I'm going to be using a maple syrup you Want to use about a third cup of Whatever type of sweetener you prefer Now we need to add that depth of flavor That ketchup has so we're going to add In about one tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce we're making about A pint of ketchup right now this recipe Is super easily doubles triples Quadruples or it halves really well too If you want a smaller amount and then we Need some spices now you know one of the Things that I love about this recipe is It's really flexible so you can do what You want with the spices I start with about an eighth teaspoon of Cloves and an eighth teaspoon of ground Cinnamon and I think this is absolutely Delicious so start with this you can Always adjust it if you feel like you

Want some other flavors in there Ginger Would be calm and you could put a little Bit of ginger in there if you want but This gives a really good flavor just Like this now this is a ferment and so We do need to add some salt salt adds a Protective quality while the good Bacteria is taking over the food it's Going to protect it from the bad Bacteria add a little bit of a Preservative quality plus it's going to Give us a great flavor and if you're Real using a good quality salt it's Going to give you some extra minerals in There and extra you know mineral boost For your diet this is a Redmond real Salt make sure whatever you're using is Fine a fine salt Foreign Teaspoon of salt Ketchup is not only spicy not only a Little sweet but it's also a little Tangy too and that comes from apple Cider vinegar we're going to put in two Tablespoons of a raw apple cider vinegar Yes please get the raw we are kicking Off fermentation we want something that Has some of those good yeasts in there And some of the bacteria in there and That's going to really help It also has just a phenomenal flavor That is really going to help that flavor Of the ketchup now we have one last Ingredient that we have to add and that

Is a starter liquid now a starter liquid Is a liquid from any active ferment this Happens to be about two tablespoons of The liquid off of some sauerkraut that I Have in the refrigerator you could use Some kombucha if you have some good live Kombucha you could use the Whey the Clear way off of some plain yogurt you Could use any liquid off of any other Ferment that you have going but it does Need to be a live ferment which means it Can't be something that's been canned or Pasteurized so make sure you get some of This in there two tablespoons and I find That the flavor doesn't matter that much This is not going to make my ketchup Taste like sour Kraut even though this Is definitely sauerkraut juice it's just Mild enough in the juice form that it Doesn't seem to make any changes to the Flavor now we're going to mix this up Thoroughly you could use a blender if You wanted you could use a mixer but It's pretty easy just by hand [Music] And then it's right at this stage that We want to check the consistency Especially a fermented ketchup needs to Have a little bit of liquidity we don't Want it to be too paste like or too Thick so that it ferments really well So just add a little bit of water until You have a nice loose consistency Think about what ketchup would be like

Store-bought ketchup and aim for that [Music] And there you go that has a nice Consistency now we want to test this and Adjust it for seasoning now remember you Have full control over this it doesn't Have to taste like what you're used to Getting in the grocery store you could Add some garlic in here you could add Some pepper in here we talked about Maybe adding some ginger some dried Ginger you could add some fresh ginger If you wanted that would all be really Really good but now is the time to make Those adjustments [Music] Oh that is absolutely delicious and the Good news about it is it's going to Continue to develop and mature in flavor As it ferments so Oh really really good I don't have anything to adjust for that Now we need to get a clean mason jar or Some sort of Jar because it does have to Go through its fermentation step and Let's just get this packed into that jar Hey if you guys are interested in Learning more about making great staple Foods like your own condiments your own Seasoning Blends your own convenience Mixes from your pantry then you're going To want to check out the upcoming Pantry Challenge that's happening in the Homestead kitchen membership we're

Getting ready to start it right now There's thousands of members in there Getting ready getting their pantries Ready to get all filled up and to learn How to make the most out of them Including stocking your pantry Properly cleaning and organizing your Pantry rotating the stores bulk buying Bulk storage all the way to creating Your own convenience mixes that are Sitting on the Shelf ready for you Whenever you need them and canning up Your own convenience Foods your own Meals completely I'll be teaching you How to do all of that right over there In the challenge but you're going to Want to check that out right now because We are getting ready to start as we Speak I'll put a link down in the description For you okay we've filled up this jar And we're going to have to grab a second Jar we just want to make sure that we Have it nice and full All the way to the top And we're going to use a nice clean Cloth to clean off the rim there And we want to cap that down with Something that is not completely Airtight so you can just use one of the Two part Lids panning lids and just Don't screw it on all the way down tight Go ahead and label this and then let it Sit out on your counter for about six to

Ten hours overnights fine or for the Rest of the day then you're ready to Stick this into the refrigerator let it Chill down and it's good to use as a Regular ketchup but it's going to have a Great probiotic base to it lots of good Enzymes and it's going to actually help You to digest your food hey make sure You go check out that pantry filling Challenge right in the link down in the Description so that you can fill your Pantry with great homemade condiments Spice mixes convenience mixes and canned Convenience Foods we'll see you over There

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