My Neighbor Wanted this Fence Row Cleaned Up

cutting down a tree, removing a fence post, and taking out a barbed wire fence

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Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to cut down a few Trees and clean up some fence line Before we bought this property a section Of the fence line up here was damage That separates my property from the Neighbors and then when I was working on The pond I damaged a section just up From that and there's no Livestock on Either side so me and the neighbor Neither one are in too big of a hurry to Get this fence fixed but might as well Get it done the other thing is these Trees over here are kind of a nuisance They're a maintenance item for him and They The Roots could cause leakage on The pond so we want to see if we can Take some of those trees out and just Clean that area up before we do that Though I want to show you something on The pond so looking right out here Hopefully the camera displays this well But it's really shallow but that's not The point the water level should be you Know 2 or 3 ft up here but the water Level's down And we're really shallow right here but You can see the bottom way out There Actually 15 to 20 ft from me I can still See the bottom and even 30 ft out I can See the bucket that's buried it seems Like the muck away and those products I've been putting in here are working to

Clear this up the neighbors got some Ferocious dogs that are going to be Keeping us company okay so from down There to here we don't have any fence Then some of it's up here The part down there is what was already Damaged when I bought the property and This part down Here is what I tore Up so starting about here we don't have Any fence Again so this is not going to be a One-day project but I want to get Started on clearing these trees out Clearing the brush out Because I want to get this fence all Fixed and replaced so I just went over And talked to the neighbor he said leave The first tree then take the ones past It he likes this one for a little bit of Shade where his dogs Run so I'm going to see how much I can Get done today he's like 85 years old And still gets out here and keeps his Property better than I do so I better Get this done before he does so I was Ready to walk down here and just start Cutting cuz those trees nothing's Blocking them but if I'm starting here This is a pretty good size tree I mean Not like what I normally cut down but Compared to what I was thinking of and It's right next to his shop so I want to Make sure that I get everything cleared

Out and get a good look at it we got a Fence post right here I have to go grab Some chain so I can pull that fence post Out All right so I disconnected the barb Wire on that post this was a wooden post I wanted to see how sturdy it was and I Pulled on it and it pulled right over so That one needed replaced Anyway What Anytime I've taken down barb wire in the Past I always twist out the stays take The clips off roll it one strand at a Time into a nice little Balll and uh that's the smart way to do It but that was so tangled up and it was Only like 30 ft of wire I decided to Just pull it all out get it out in the Open and deal with it out here as far as Tidying up the mess I'm not removing any Posts that I don't have to but this one Is right up against that tree and that Tree has to come this way so it's taking That post out either Way I've pulled a lot of fence post with This tractor it's usually just nothing They pop out like Toothpicks but this sucker doesn't want To come out I may have to drive up to The to the shop and get some ballast cuz Even with you guys know I have loaded Back tires three sets of wheel weights

It is lifting the tractor off the ground When I try to pull that Out All right I'm going to go get some Ballast So I would describe that as this thing Didn't want to come out I broke it off Twice this is the top of it and I had it Gripped here with the bucket was lifting Was pulling the tractor off the ground But I was bending this too and I bent it Back and forth a couple times it snapped Off I wasn't surprised there then I Hooked it down lower and it snapped off Below ground level too so it is what it Is let's limb this tree and see what We're dealing [Music] [Music] With [Music] Hey I love that rock bucket with the [Music] [Music] Grapples now that I've got access to get Right next to it and really side it it's Leaning towards the neighbor's shop and I definitely don't want to drop it on That and there's more branches on that Side either but it's a really Lightweight tree so it should be an easy Pull let see if I can get my son out Here to help me pull it when I'm making

The cut so I've got this 12,000lb worn Winch on the front of the truck and I Kind of like using it for these little Tree pulls because it's more hassle to Get enough chain or rope up there or is This Winch just just pulls right out and It lets the person helping me have a Clear sight of view line of view on the Control the disadvantage is it pulls Slower but it's isn't that tough of a Pull I think the winch will work Fine We're kind of preloading this right now It's pretty loose I'm just going to put A little bit of tension on It now it's Tight bump it one more time and with That little tree I can see it pull this Way just a tiny bit that's enough Pressure until I'm most of the way Through the Cut [Music] [Music] He [Music] He [Music] W [Music] [Music] [Music] H [Music]

Oh all right well I feel like that was a Good first day appreciate you taking Time to watch the video I'll put links On the screen to a couple more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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