Nature is Amazing – Removing Honey Bees from a Tree

I think I got right at the top of them [Music] Look in there and I can see everything They're just now starting to draw out Honey and stuff where all the nectares And pollen and stuff So these guys did all of that without Any protective gear so now we're suiting Up that means I guess they're really Going to make them mad now So are you trying to get where you can Pull sections of that Hive out no I'm Trying to get down there where I can see How far to cut you want me without Getting in the oh yeah actual You know cavity here you know what I Mean let's flip this out I was feeling in there I could feel the Dirtiness okay that's what we need the Little bust out today I can feel that [Music] And that's that's amazing honestly I've Never seen anything like it it's crazy How they formed everything around it [Music] Foreign That's what they're bringing in All this right here that's capped off Yeah that's all drawed out honey Draw it out honey what's that mean get All the moisture and everything taken Out it's ready to be it's ready to be Harvested if you take actual raw honey And don't do anything to it it kind of

Almost solidifies Doesn't it it turns Back sugar Once the bees do their process Oh yeah we'll save some of that back And actually try it right out of the Hive will be the best funny you've ever Eat [Applause] All right there baby bees that's all the Brood it's in the different stages you Know they're every 21 days there's new Oh really these hatch out so do the bees Have a short life span too They're working all the worker beads and Stuff all together work yourselves to Death so you'll see the wooden beehive And a piece of plywood and all the bees On it and in between it So they set that up as a bridge and a Pathway for the bees to go when they're Getting smoked out And it worked to some degree but mostly They were all still leaving it because The queen is still in the tree somewhere It's just one of the bucket heads just Puts a shop back on it That's five gallon buckets We just took cut the bottom out of one Of them okay so it'd slide over We have the Holes in it and everything So that way it's lit on the top bees Can't come through but the air will go Through we got a little net on it so

These can't come through stick to the Bottom of the shop vac hose in there That way the B stay in The Bottom never The top So once we get this here pool we got Another one in the truck if we're coming Out to get them and take them somewhere We can leave them right in here Self-contained Got that plug right there And plug up the hole You throw them in the truck not have to Worry about them Until we get where we're going that's a Nice setup man Oh yeah you can literally see all the Bees in there they don't hurt them down You can see them they're all flying Around stuff It's just enough to keep them in there But Suck them in but not enough to hurt Anything and with that five gallon Bucket there it's got enough volume in There that air is not shooting around It's just constant pressure in there so I'm trying to show as much of this as I Can in one video but there were three of Us that spent Eight hours about three in the morning And five in the evening and in the Evening Robbie's wife came and there Were four of us and we ran this bee Vacuum

For most of that time and it's just Amazing how many bees we sucked up No matter what you do you're gonna lose Some bees but this is the most humane Way I can imagine of doing this when They are spread five or probably even More closer to six or seven feet up the Trunk of this tree and what we found out Later is that they were also burrowed Down into the roots of the tree Okay That bee right there is just hatching Out okay See I was just poking his head through Yeah that's crazy and that one right There is just hatching out That one just hatched out too you can See it yep get any curl out All they do it's crazy But like other than honey you can melt This with beeswax down and that's what You make your Chapstick with and handles And soap so many purposes like the Pieces you have if you don't want to Just clean off the comb itself and eat The comb okay you can chew the comb up And it'll become like a little extra Bowl you can spin it all if you want or You can put a coffee melt it Um you can just get like a sip or like a Kitchen sifter it can let it drain and Kind of smush it down so most of the day We were vacuuming bees up into the Bucket and every time it got full we

Would empty it into a box hive And doing that you've got to be pretty Quick because obviously the bees are Trying to fly away And one way you mitigate that is to open The lid of the bucket and spray some Sugar water in there Obviously that doesn't hurt the bees but It sticks to their wings and slows down Their ability to fly And by spraying them real quick and then Dumping them in you're able to keep the Majority As it started to get dark and we weren't Seeing as many bees swarming I thought They were done but this group was Determined to get as many bees as they Could And I appreciate that very thorough So they were here well after dark Finishing up all right I don't know if You can see me but we went from about Eight this morning Until 11 this morning and then from five Until nine to nine so Eight we spent eight hours with three And then finally four people to get all These bees out get the tree cut up I was absolutely shocked about how far Up into the tree the bees went and how Many bees there were And we suctioned up bees for hours and Then there was just still more so I Really enjoyed the process I learned

Quite a bit I appreciate you taking time To watch the video just a minute you'll See links on the screen to a couple more Of our videos and I'll see you next time

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