Never Seen a Trail Bench Built Like this! No Concrete Needed

[Music] Thank you So these are the items that you need to Create this bench this is going to be The bench top it is three inches thick Of white oak and this is about 13 and a Half inches thick now we have a sawmill And we cut this up on our sawmill If you don’t have access to your own Sawmill then you can go to pretty much Any local Sawyer and they can cut you up Something like this really inexpensively The next thing on the list is a treated 6×6 post eight foot long now we’re going To split this in half and each one will Be one leg of the bench the third thing On the list is fast 2K now fast 2K is a Way to Anchor your post in the ground Like where we’re at we’re out in the Woods we don’t want to bring water Concrete all those other things and There’s a lot of benefits to using fast 2K So the benefits of fast 2K are multiple First off it encapsulates the wood and Keeps water and oxygen from getting to The wood and allowing it to rot Microbes are actually how the rotting of Wood start microbes get in the wood and Just start eating away in the past we Would you know companies would put Formaldehyde and creosote in the in the Post and that would keep the little Micros from having a food source well it

Also turns out that’s very bad for the Environment it actually leeches down Into the ground and into the water Supply When we mix the two parts to a fast 2K Together they go through a process which Is immediate and and they become inert There is no side effects to fast 2K in The environment they’ve done tons of Studies on Fast 2K and it’s Environmentally safe We’re stewards in our forest and being Environmentally friendly to our Woods is Very important to us So some of the other tools we’re going To need are a square a level a little Chainsaw or some sort of Saw We have this little grinder wheel that’s Made to take off edges with wood pick That up at Harbor Freight that’s pretty Neat little deal an impact driver And some grk screws Let’s get this little job started We’re going to use the postal Digger on The back of our tractor and if you don’t Have access to a post loader on the back Of your tractor then you can pick up a Pair of manual postal diggers that are Relatively inexpensive at any one of Your box stores we’re using our tym t474 Which is our perfect size little wood Scratcher it’s heavy enough to really Get the job done but it’s small enough To get around the last thing we’re going

To use is some safety glasses Foreign So we have this old cedar tree that’s Out in the woods that’s dead we’re going To cut this off and we’ll probably put This in the ground beside the bench with Fast 2K and we’re going to use these Little limbs sticking off to hang a lamp Or some lights or something we’re going To make this look good So this is Merlin our cat he is a new Member of Tony’s tractor adventure and Gizmo’s bestest buddy I always need an Extra supervisor Okay this getting walking Be nice So this is our our goal this the bench Is going to go right here and it’s going To kind of go caddy corner to the road We have a trail behind you we’ll show You we have a trail going back and forth This way and then there’s a trail going Up this way up the hill so we’re going To take this bench and kind of caddy Corner it so when you’re sitting on the Bench you can look down this road and You can look down the other Trail Gizmo is laying down with his little Kitten friend so I think gizmo has Adopted a cat [Music] Our bench overall length is about five Foot we’re going to trim that down a Little bit so we want to put our uh we

Want to put our post about three foot Apart We’ll take this Put five foot across And then we’ll kind of lay it the way It’s going to go So we’ll put a post here At the forefoot Mark And at the one foot mark These are where we’ll dig our Trenches Leave those markers there Use what you got in the woods [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m going to cut this thing in half Foreign [Music] [Music] Use a little post level to level our Post it’s very important to know what Your freeze level is if you don’t get Your post below the freeze level then During the winter when it freezes it can Heave your post out of the ground ours Is we consider ours is the 16 which is Very very unlikely however we went 28 Inches down just to be on the safe side So we’re going to pop the seal on the Fast decade to pull and the seal pops Apart then you’re going to do what they Call the fat or the shoe shine method That’s where you’re just going to rotate

Back and forth over a solid or solid Surface something like this and you’re Going to move it and move the two parts Of the the fast 2K together Foreign Bag warm up just a little bit no that Means the two parts are activating I I Pull the product down And then I just take and tear it be Careful not to get this on you it is Sticky so we’ll go ahead and pour it in You have uh the post is pretty much Almost level now I’m trying to pour this Around the post a little bit so that It’ll rise up and touch the the outer Edge I mean what that does it’ll seal the Post encapsulating it from water I’m Also a little bit probably Overkill I Put more than what’s required in each Bag or each up hole I want it to come Just above the surface so that whenever Um it it does come to the top and seals The wood up really well I also love this about Fast 2K This is this is the uh this is the Cleanup procedure right here I find it mesmerizing to watch the foam Rise This stuff is amazing strong it’s quick It’s no cleanup And like I said you can start building On it 30 minutes later

Come on get up Come here [Music] Thank you Through the magic of video These are in The ground and ready to build this Literally took us about an hour to do Because we had to let the fast 2K set up For 30 minutes but as you can see now it Is Rock Solid so once you get the post In the ground we got to kind of Determine how high you want the bench Off the ground which is a lot harder Outside than it is in say a house if you Build a chair in a house you know how Far the floor is because it’s level well In this this environment nothing’s level So I believe that we’re going to look at Probably about We’ve probably got 18 16 to 18 inches up And then we’ll just go with 18 and then We’ll after we cut it off we’ll lay the Bench up set on it see how it feels and Then go from there So we’re going to use a A level here We’ll mark it on this side And get the bubble in the right place And that’ll give us a good place here And also over here then we can put the Square on it and go from there All right so we’ll go ahead and Get this as good as we can Everything out here is not rocket

Science But we want it to look good Okay We’re ready to cut it off [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Foreign At this height that It’s kind of like your the chairs you Want your visitor to set in your house So it’s not really comfortable so they Leave quicker Get up here You don’t get up here too it’s too high Because Gizmo can’t get up here How much two more inches Not that much more For that much I mean you can’t anyone Here right here it’s fine but you want To kind of touch the ground a little bit We both tried it out and we think it’s Still a little high so we’re going to Probably take about another I’m going to Go ahead and go two inches down I think Two inches will be better That way if we have some young kids here They won’t have a hard time getting up Here [Music] [Applause] All right [Music]

Wow Foreign Run off of it I think I’m gonna go away I don’t know If I’m gonna keep this in like this or I don’t know it’s kind of sharp back Here [Music] [Applause] I’m going to bring another screw out too [Music] [Applause] I think we’ll get enough especially in The winter I think we’ve got enough Solar To have a little solar light hanging out Here [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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