New Garden First Tilling! Early Potatoes

Hey welcome back to the channel today We're gonna till some ground and plant Some potatoes let's get to it Back last year we took the a plow a Turning plow and turned this over upside Down and I really probably should turn It back over but I think I'm going to Leave it turned upside down and just Till it and we're gonna make one roll Put potatoes down one row and then put Some fertilizer on it and that'll be What we get done for today all right Today we're gonna be using the T25 which Is a 25 horsepower tractor and we're Going to be using our five foot tiller Now I get a question a lot of times is Hey what size tractor do I need for my T25 a lot of people out there have Bought the T25 now and they're just Unsure of the the tiller size and I'm Going to say like this it totally Depends on how fast you want to till is It a first tilling like this right here Has been turned over so this should be Very very easy but if it's a first time Util you may have to go slower but the T25 will absolutely handle a five foot Tiller no questions asked Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

What I did or not uh Tanya had some Dental surgery so I'm out by myself Doing this videoing and I use this Little camera that kind of self-tracks But you still got to keep an eye on it So I'm looking at the phone a little bit I wasn't paying attention and I have Been dragging this chain around a while Ago I meant to put that up it was Setting off to the side and it had fell Down and I can't believe that I didn't Uh if I had a backup on it it would have Ripped that chain up under it'd have Been bad but anyway looking at the dirt This this dirt looks really good this Soil looks really good when you till it In the spring but when you get right Down to it it's very poor now we're we Are going to amend this soil but for Today what I'm going to do is get a roll Drawn and then I'm going to make uh put Some potatoes in today put some Fertilizer directly on top of where I'm Putting the potatoes just because the Simple fact is it used to it was Affordable just to broadcast fertilizer Here and kind of go with it not anymore Just a you know 25 pound bag of Fertilizer 12 12 is 28 bucks so that's That's ridiculous 28 dollars for you Know a 25 pound bag What do you do So this is my second run and it is Really really digging in

Foreign Okay so today we're going to be using Some seed potatoes these are just red Potatoes I don't know if you can see Them on a bag or not here but this is Supposed to be the easiest thing in the Garden to grow and You know I don't have a green thumb Again Tanya's not here helping me today We're gonna see if we can grow some Potatoes it says to position them in Full sun Plant will grow 20 to 25 inches space Between 12 and 15 inches apart planting It up three to five inches I do know That you're supposed to put the little Eyes growing up so it does the Potato doesn't have to work so hard to Flip around we also could probably cut Some of these in half and get more than One potato plant out of one bag but Let's check it out see what we can do So our soil is a it's a very high clay Content and it's very fluffy right now There's no doubt about it right now it's Very fluffy but what will happen is once This spring rainy season goes away this Soil once it gets wet it will dry and Harden like concrete it's just Unbelievable how hard it'll get so what We're going to do is go ahead and build Mounds so that the soil doesn't fight Against itself as if the potatoes are Growing and growing out it'll let the

The mound will let the let it give way So we can get some big big potatoes if You don't do that in this tight soil What I've had in the past is at the end Of the growing season I have very small Potatoes which were still good they were Very very dense hard potatoes but I Would like to have a little bit bigger Potato we'll go through and put Mounds Again this is going to be three to five Inches down so we'll just go ahead and Build like a three to five inch bed over The top of this existing soil and we'll See how this works for throughout the Year All right again this is going to be very Non-traditional I'm just going to take the bucket Reach in instead of raking it all up in A big pile I'm just going to take the Bucket and do it I'm sure some people will say that this Is lazy and you know what I'm I'm kind Of okay with that Gizmo doggy Gizmo likes that cool dirt Yeah we have these tools I have this Little tractor if you have a little Subcompact tractor like this You can really get a lot of work done For sure So my goal is is after we get this uh Done and the potatoes just start coming Up

I'll get the Mulcher and uh bring some Limbs over here and mulch up and put a Big heavy layer of mulch around the Potatoes I need to get me a Healer Yeah a Healer would be a lot easier to Do this and make nice nice rolls that Look good but I don't have one And with the cost of everything right Now You know I have a bucket And I would imagine that the potatoes That are grown like this are going to Taste just as good as the ones done Uh with a Healer but I do want to heal Her I do have a horn planter I enjoy that That makes the job of planting corn a Lot easier and a lot more effective Well this is not the This is not the dumbest thing I've ever Done I mean I've got some pretty decent Sized Mounds that's going to keep the Potatoes up and it's going to allow the Potatoes as they grow to push out Um Yeah I'm sure there's better ways to do It I'm sure if we had a Healer that we Could have just run right down through Here with one pass and been done but now I don't have to buy Hiller and I just Use my bucket on the front of the Tractor and I didn't even break a sweat So I think now it's time to plant some

Potatoes you ready to plant plant Potatoes Gizmo dog Gizmo dog You got a tough life don't you Laugh of a farm dog You know what don't let him fool you he Got a chicken strip on the right over Here Come on Let's go plant some potatoes All right we're gonna read the Instructions one more time just to make Sure I didn't Overlook something Spacing about a foot apart and planting Depth of three To five inches I believe that we're Going to go ahead and go with about five Inches because I've got my heels so big I'll go ahead and level this out just a Little bit with the rake Maybe take some of that grass that was Mixed in with this this was just a grass Field last year So we're gonna have a couple years where We're Gonna have some issues so three to five Inches dipped We'll do about that deep About a foot apart I'm gonna go out on the edge a little Bit so We can get two rows If I smart not sending them I could have Staggered those that probably would have Been better

And I know because there's multiple eyes We could put uh We could cut these in half but they're So small I don't think I'm going to this Year I'm making sure that the This one Sprouts long enough I'm going To go ahead and let it come up Probably cheaper to buy these from the Grocery store and let them Sprout and Refrigerator But if they were handy I got them at Lowe's they were handy Okay that's pretty good let's do the Next one Size grass clumps in them I'm going to Pull that out Might grow There we go Oh Thank you Foreign A little too deep Foreign Go ahead and finish this out What's the first thing we planted in This Garden this is the first time this Was a garden we tilled this last year I'll come back a little bit later on I'll give it a couple of weeks and once The potatoes start coming up through the Surface I'll give you guys a little look See what was going on next thing I'm Going to do is grab some 12-12 throw

Directly over the potatoes that we've Just planted because simple fact is Uh fertilizer is too expensive just to Broadcast anymore so we're just going to Put it directly over the potatoes and in A very small quantity probably do that Throughout its life cycle Thank you

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