New Internet Off Grid – SHE LOVES IT | Fishing, Boating, & INDOOR PLUMBING – EP. 125

In episode 125, she explores the benefits of the New Internet Off Grid. Through fishing, boating, and the introduction of indoor plumbing, she falls in love with the freedom and fulfillment that living off the grid provides. Follow her journey as she shares her insights and experiences with this exciting lifestyle.


Mapleberry Farm Off-Grid is fast becoming one of the most popular YouTube channels about off-grid living. Recently, they released their latest video, “New Internet Off Grid – SHE LOVES IT | Fishing, Boating, & INDOOR PLUMBING – EP 125”. The video showcases their new off-grid cabin in the Canadian wilderness, and it highlights the Bluetti AC60&B80 that’s powering all of their appliances. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Bluetti AC60&B80 unit and its features, and examine why it’s quickly becoming a go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Bluetti AC60&B80 Features

The Bluetti AC60&B80 is a compact and lightweight power unit that’s perfect for outdoor activities. It can pack up to 2015 Watt hours of power and can be charged with 200 watts of solar at a time. Additionally, this unit is water-resistant and dustproof, making it perfect for outdoor use. Other features include:

Three Ports

The Bluetti AC60&B80 has three ports: a DC port, a regular USB port, and a 12-volt DC cigarette lighter port. With these ports, you can charge your devices, power your appliances, and keep your car battery charged, among other things.

6-Year Warranty

The Bluetti AC60&B80 is built to last, and the company stands by their product with a 6-year warranty. This feature ensures you’ll be able to enjoy your power unit for several years to come.

Discount Code

If you’re interested in purchasing the Bluetti AC60&B80, there’s good news. Mapleberry Farm is offering a discount code, MBFAC60, that’ll save you money on this unit. The code is valid from June 27th until July 16th.

The Video

The video showcasing Mapleberry Farm’s new off-grid cabin highlights their use of the Bluetti AC60&B80. The video shows how the unit powers all of their appliances, including the induction stovetop, fridge, and lights. Additionally, the video shows off the cabin’s indoor plumbing and their new internet connection.

Fishing and Boating

The video shows Mapleberry Farm enjoying the outdoors, including going fishing and boating. With the help of their Bluetti AC60&B80, they’re able to keep all of their devices charged while they’re out on the water.

Final Thoughts on the Bluetti AC60&B80

Overall, the Bluetti AC60&B80 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an off-grid power solution. With its compact design, water-resistant and dustproof features, and 6-year warranty, it’s quickly becoming a go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, Mapleberry Farm Off-Grid provides an excellent overview of the unit in action, so be sure to check out their latest video.

5 Unique FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. How long does it take to charge the Bluetti AC60&B80 unit using solar power?
    A: It can be charged with 200 watts of solar at a time and the charging time will depend on how bright the light is and based on the weather conditions.

  2. Does the Bluetti AC60&B80 come with a user manual?
    A: Yes, the Bluetti AC60&B80 comes with a user manual.

  3. Can the Bluetti AC60&B80 run an air conditioner?
    A: No, the Bluetti AC60&B80 can’t run an air conditioner as its wattage is up to 1000 watts.

  4. Can the Bluetti AC60&B80 be used indoors?
    A: Yes, the Bluetti AC60&B80 can be used indoors.

  5. Can the warranty be extended for the Bluetti AC60&B80?
    A: Currently, there’s no option to extend the warranty, but you can use their customer service to get more information.

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