New Tractor Model for 2023 – TYM 5835

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm out here with Tony from Tony's Tractor Adventure besides being a great YouTube channel he's a little bit of a Resident expert on tym tractors So I'm going to ask him a few questions See uh what's going on with tym in 2023. Okay let's let's uh 2023 they tym has a Lot of new models out they are uh they Are the company's growing it's one of The fastest growing tractor companies And that's one of the reasons we're Proud to be partnering with them they They uh we're almost like family Together so I'm I'm always going to be Honest about the tractors and show them Work but uh I'm they're good people here The same people that I've been talking To for the last five years or the same People that I am it's here now it's a Good solid company yep I've got to run Yours was like a 470 474 and then I ran A 574 with arms family Homestead I Believe that's what he has didn't he run The p25 a little bit soon no you didn't Have it there that day right it was gone Thank you man so let's walk around maybe A model I haven't ran before and just Check out some of the features so what Do we got right here this is a 5835 it's A roughly a 58 horsepower track I think It's like 57s and change but uh this is A this is a next Frank model above the T574 or the 5520 this is a nice heavy

Tractor with a lot of features like Draft control uh you push one button and The three-point hitch will come up Push one button and three points should Go back down to a specific level that You got set so that's a really nice Feature for like if you're bush hogging Or doing something that needs precision And you're constantly doing up and down Up and down that sounds like a feature That you'd see more on an ag tractor Than a compact this I don't like the I'm Gonna call this a a This is going to be a utility tractor For sure uh it's got a lot of Farm Features like pure say a Horticulture or A small vegetable grower that needs you Know a lot of capacity but don't need a Super big tractor because you're doing Vegetables and stuff like that this is That tractor right it has which all kind Of features for a farmer with me so is This only in a like a shuttle shift or a Gear Drive or is this hydrostat also no This one the only way it comes is a Power shuttle shift and then a shuttle Shift right now it doesn't have a cab The Cabbage will is coming this this Coming year with my understanding that The next year the model this one you can Get a full cam and the understanding it Is a big chip so the Five series is Probably where your hydrostat's in Pretty much yeah yeah that's that's

Pretty much where every manufacturer is In about this size but you go you can Get your shuttle shifts in some of the Smaller models too can't you now they Have shuttle shifts all the way down to Like the 394. you want to tell us a Little bit more about this tractor Well I this is a new model so I'm not like You know an expert on it but I I have Said on it and I did stay at a motel Last night so something we should we'll Figure something out but this is a uh Keep it half the time engine in it this Is a Tim made engine uh things I like About this is where the fuel tank is I'm 53 years old I'm uh I'm a amateur farmer I'm not I'm not necessarily going to Have a pump in a on a tank with a that I'm going to pull up the side and fill Up so if you need to tour five gallons Of fuel in here it's easy to do you Don't have to lift it up high I love That feature uh the seat well first off You can take the seat how tall are you Like six six foot six foot you can sit On this put the seat all the way back in I can't touch the pedals with a seat on So a little station is huge now you said That engine's made by tyf right so the The different engines that cym is Running right now they at the small end They have a mixture of the tea wine Engines and then they have some Yanmar Engine depending on the T25 has a nice

Little 25 horsepower Yanmar then you get Up to the bigger series tractors and They're all they're going to be all tym Uh so I say the mid tractors are going To be all tym engines and then when they Go to the larger and get into the bigger Tractors like the 65 horsepower and Above you're going to transfer over to The Deutsch engine and they're they're Going with Deutsch across the board uh They they work together somehow and They've come up with a fitting the Deutsch engines to these tractors and Deutsche makes an awesome engine yeah Those are all long-term manufacturers They've been doing this a long time and Then the tym has been making engines now For uh I don't this 10 15 years they've Got a long lineage of engines you know That they they've brought into their Fold and they didn't just come out and Start from scratch these engines are Well proven all right so what what can This thing pick up so I was impressed With the fact that this is a nice big Frame tractor but what they've done is They've taken and put a little bit Smaller tire on a large tractor they got A lot of weight a low really low center Of gravity and the loader can lift like 3 300 pounds and So for for like what we're doing out at The farm with the with the logs Sometimes I'll get into a log that's

Going to weigh right around 3 000 pounds And that's really over limit of my 474. Now you can still lift it up off the Ground two or three inches or two three Feet move it around and I can barely set It up on my Sawmill so something like This you know I could lift it to I could Lift that log to full height so that's a Really important thing so the horsepower On this one is uh 58 horsepower and you Got 48 at the PTO and this is power Shuttle shifts that's another big Feature so Instead of having to grind it out you Just you just push the little button Flip the switch and go forward You know come to a slow stop push the Button pull it backwards and then just Go backwards it's it's it's really Really easy and it also has a little Potentiometer that's my five dollar word For a day so you can adjust how quickly The clutch engages back when you let go Of the button so you can really set it Up if you need it to if you're pulling a Plow you want to go if you're doing some Loader work you want it to ease into Things so that it's a it's got all the Features that it's a really good farm Tractor all right check the axle out on This this is a cast iron it's heavy I Like that you know I always look at the Axle sometimes I see tractors I feel Like the axles are under underrated or

Under size for what they do when you're Picking up something and you're picking 3 000 pounds up like the front of this Tractor all of that weight sitting on That front axle so I think it needs to Be you know more than it needs to be Does that make sense fit on he can edit It out yeah actually going through the Owner's manual on mine feels like if you Don't do it right you can overload the Rating on your front axle yeah I feel Like that tym does a good job of over Axling the fronts of the tractor You can go in and out so if you want a Low Center grab like when I if I had This tractor and I'm in the woods I Would have my wheels all the way out so As I'm going to the woods I'm not going To tilt over that's a nice feature it's Got It's got features like uh you know Standard rear remotes uh you can get Third function for it so the so the rear Take the cylinders out here this is Amazingly from either I mean we just Don't use up that big where we're at That that's uh that's a massive lift This thing's like four thousand four Hundred pounds it can lift that's that's Sometimes almost two cars yeah See this being a really good field hay Tractor too like you could put a spear On the back put a spear on the front and You're not even going to come close to Overloading this thing where you're

Running two Bales back and forth to the Truck to load them up And the fact that it's uh Shuttle shift you can it'll it'll get on It'll it'll move pretty fast we're gonna Be doing videos all week here from the Show make sure you go check out Tony's Channel Appreciate you taking time to watch this One and we'll see on the next one see You guys

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