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Hey welcome back to the channel if you Are a new tractor owner you need to Watch this video I manage the compact tym tractor page on On Facebook and I recommend that if You’re not joined that page to join us It’s a wealth of information a lot of Great guys on that channel that have a Lot of experience on tractors in general And also specifically the tym tractors However there’s uh we get a lot of People that post and they’re upset and It’s basically because they’re new Tractor owners they bought a tractor and Maybe the dealership didn’t give them Enough instructions you know they didn’t Have enough experience and the dealer Maybe didn’t give them enough Instructions of what to do or they just Didn’t heed the warnings that they they Had we had a lot of posts on the on the Compact t1m tractor page about a new Owners that are actually surprised that Their loader boats come come loose so Loader boats they’re not this is not a Car a car rolls down the rides down the Road on us on a spring suspension This engages the ground and loader boats Will work loose you need to torque your Loader bolts at least every hundred Hours come back and check them if you Feel something that feels off check your Loader bolts don’t don’t wait till you Break one off also the same goes if you

Have the backhoe I noticed yesterday that I had a tiny Bit of looseness in one of the boats Here so today we’re going to tighten up Some bolts on the backhoe subframe and These are things that you have to do This is not a brand specific issue I’ve Owned John Deere’s I’ve owned Massey Fergusons I’ve owned let’s see what else About I’ve owned LS tractor and I’ve Owned uh I want a coyote I found a Coyote at one time we’re on a lot of Tractors over the years and uh now we Own Tom every brand you need to check Your loader boats and your backhoe boats Regularly it’s it’s just part of it if You don’t you’ll see you can go to the Compact tym page and you will see all These pictures of people that have uh Broken boats because they kept going and Then it loads the shear on the boat and Acts like a bolt cutter and just shears The boat right off so let’s talk about Loader pins and backhoe pins so one of Our new members on the Facebook page uh Pointed out he’s put some pictures on The shows what can I do about this and Basically one of the pins was completely Wallered out So first off you have to grease these Pins every eight hours that’s minimum if You’re going to use this again this is a Ground engaging tool you can see how Dirty this is from just yesterday I

Greased this thing up very well Yesterday morning we used it about six Hours and it’s filthy so each day you Have to clean these up and grease these Pins and One of the comments said that well that Grease pen that pen would not take Grease well it at that point when your PIN will not take grease your only Course of action is to stop and repair That pin I have a video out on how to to Clean out one of these pins you know Every tractor it’s the same thing on Every brand so it’s not specific to Tim In any way form or fashion you have to Maintain these because the other option Is Thousand dollars repair and that’s Basically what that gentleman has is a Very expensive repair because he didn’t Stop to uh fix the pin when it wouldn’t Take grease and it takes just a short Amount of time specifically if you’re Working around Sandy stuff because it Gets into the joints and just acts like A grinder and grinds the grinds the pin Out you can ruin a loader mount in just A short amount of time when you’re in The market for buying a new tractor and Let’s say you are a first time tractor Owner you’ve never worked around Equipment You need to think about not only the Equipment that you’re going to buy as

Far as the tractor but the equipment That you’re going to need to support the Tractor and I will recommend this I’m an Old-time mechanic I’ve been around heavy Equipment my entire life I’ve worked on Heavy equipment my entire life however Nowadays you can get a like a a heavy Duty impact gun that runs on a battery I Would recommend this over air impacts Any day of the week now because it’s so Mobile I just bring my my impact gun out To the field here and work on the Tractor right here I’m going to tighten These up yesterday we worked our tractor Very very hard so I hadn’t tightened These up in a good long while so I’m Just going to hit them we’re gonna come At this next point is how to grease a Grease fitting and I’m doing this it’s Going to insult people’s intelligence But I’m coming at it as if you’ve never Been around equipment and you’ve never Greased anything in your life and there Are some new tractor owners that are Just that they they know that they want To have a tractor they know they’re Going to develop their land but they Don’t have the experience and and and Sometimes we as uh experienced people Kind of Shame people who don’t know like Well how come you didn’t know it well we Didn’t know at one point either so we’re Going to grease a grease fitting and I’m Going to show you how to properly do it

So that your tractor will last you a Lifetime and if you do these these Things every time that you grease it Your tractor will last way longer than If you don’t so you want to clean your Grease dessert off and the reason we Call it a grease cert is because the Gentleman’s name was zert who invented This grease fitting grease dirt there’s A whole bunch of different names for it Now this is why it’s so important to Clean this off There’s a little Port right here and as The grease is pushed into this fitting Your grease gun can you know depend on Your grease gun it can be up to 10 000 PSI and it is if you don’t clean it off You can push small tiny pieces of Abrasive material into the bushing area Around the pin and then when you’re Lifting loads up and down that small That small grit is just like sandpaper And it just it wears the interior of Your Bushing out very very fast I mean you Can literally if you don’t grease it in The wrong environment a month you can Wear a set of pins out if you grease it And do it this way this tractor’s got 250 Plus hours maybe 270 hours of really Hard use I have no slop in my in my pins At all and it’s as tight as today as it Was the day I bought it so that’s what You do now make sure your PIN is clean

And I ended up getting one of these Hercules I went to the harbor freight This Harbor Freight is going to kill me We have a Harbor Freight in town now and And I’m going broke because of that uh I have so many cool tools but you also Want to make sure that you’re you’re Fitting on the end is clean You want to put enough grease that you See it push out the side I don’t know if you can see it But there’s a little bit of Grease Squirting out over on that side now what That does is it fills Your your around your bushing and around Between your pin and your bushing and it Fills it with grease and pushes all of The dirty grease out and that’s what you Want again you want to grease this every Eight hours we picked this impact gun up At Harbor Freight this is their Hercules This is their Pro Line I don’t know if You guys know this or not but Harbor Freight now has several different lines Of equipment or you know tools and the Hercules line is their Pro battery power Tools and then I got some other their Icon Sockets here these are these are pro Level tools they’re really high quality And they don’t break the bank you still Get a really good tool the reason we Went with these is because everything Else that we have uses the same battery

So this same battery here interchanges Between all the other tools that we have And we did pick up a and one of the new Batteries is a 12 amp which is probably Better suited for this but no more bolts Than we’re going to do right now this is Going to be great but that 12 amp Battery would let a mechanic a full-time Mechanic work all day with this Foreign So this thing has several settings it Has a low Medium And then Bad to the Bone That’s what I want to call it [Applause] We don’t need 1400 pounds that’s the Reason I put this on medium I just want to make sure nothing’s Moving [Music] Getting a good set of impact grade Extensions is also good and probably you Probably would might want a nice quality Impact swivel as well So buying a tractor is not like buying An automobile we got we’ve got Conditioned with an automobile to Get in it drive it bring it in for a Service every six thousand seven Thousand miles and never even look at The the vehicle when you’re dealing with Equipment it’s a equipment believe it or Not it’s very violent every time you are

Engaging the ground it’s a violent Action it’s lots of high torque and high Stress things at your automobile just Doesn’t have to deal with so it’s very Important from time to time to check Your bolts it is super important to Grease your grease fittings every eight Hours or more if your manual says so Check your engine oil check your Transmission oil every time that you use Your tractor listen I hope this has been A value to you if it is leave a comment In the comment section and for all of my Uh uh like really experienced tractor Operators if I forgot something because I’m standing in front of the camera and You know I can forget things leave a Comment in the comment section of things You think needs to be checked as well Again I am not this is not an All-encompassing video but listen Hit that subscribe button God bless have A great day

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