New Tractor TYM 2515H | Big Frame 25HP

Foreign Foreign Hey welcome back to the Channel I want To talk to you today about a new tractor At the tym booth this is the 2023 National farm machinery show and this is The 2515 Tyrone now what this is is a Large frame tractor and has a with a 25 Horsepower so this is almost as big a Tractor as the tym474 over here in the Background you can see it behind it it Has a little bit smaller tires but what It's claimed to fame is is its lift Capacity on the loader it's got real Heavy front axles and this thing can Lift like uh lift past like 2200 pounds And I would say I don't know of any other tractor that's 25 horsepower that can lift that much That is a monster of the track the Tractor I really love the uh seating Area because it's so room to get up in With a lot of room and you can also Something they've got now they can you Can get the captain chairs with a arm Restor if you want it so this is the Back side of the 20 uh 2515 and this is A hydrostatic version if I didn't say That up in front they got this a shuttle Shift and hydrostat But the three-point hitch on the rear Will lift over 3 000 pounds and I don't Again what other 25 horsepower tractor Will lift 3 000 pounds that is a lot of

Trash here and look at the meat in the Back of this thing this dude he's got It's Solid cast iron that is a nice Heavy tractor 25 horsepower and I don't I'm not going to get into Pricing on channel I never do but I know I'm saying this thing is priced right It's it's there's other small tractors That are a lot smaller that are priced About the same as this I'll just say That but it's a nice nice tractor now There are some things that some people Don't like and I'll tell you why I have No really preference uh the loader Control is here on the arm of the of the Loader versus built into the fender well So I'm a mechanic and that's kind of why I have different views on this uh loader For me I look at it in two different Ways ergonomics well first off you're Gonna get used to it being here and After you start driving the tractor Opera and tractor on a day-to-day basis You're not even going to think about it So that's been my experience the second Part is if you you know later on down The road after the warranty is going out And you own the tractor and you're the Guy that probably gonna fix it when you Go to work on this loader valve guess What it is very very easy to fix uh I Think it they put this uh cover on this Year and you know that's a nice clean

Look it just I'm okay with that you know some people Really like the loader control Integrated in here and I I'm again I I Enjoy that as well but from a Maintenance standpoint you know 10 years Later when you still have this tractor And this would be easy to work on right Here here's another thing that I think Is very interesting and there'll Probably be people that like or don't Like it but I like this the fuel the Fuel being down low so this has the Tim Engine in it and a the beautiful thing About having a tractor this size it's Kind of it's got a lot of weight it's Got a lot of capacity however this Engine uh is 25 horsepower which brings It in under the tier four which means it Doesn't have to have any kind of like Regen or dip the engine is super simple Uh it's basically the same uh in any Diesel mechanic to work on it doesn't Take any kind of special tools and and It's just a good looking tractor I Really like it I like t1's new low Though okay check this out I want to get Up here look at the axle under this 25 Horsepower tractor Now that is some dead gum cast iron meat It looks good Guys I almost forgot check it out this Is the engine compartment and uh Should look through there so this is a

Bigger we'll call a bigger block 25 so It's not the same Tym has a smaller 25 horsepower doesn't Quite have the same torque spec as this And then check out the front side Battery is easy to get to it's got a Nice big hydraulic cooler uh That the screen you can pull out for you Can move your mobile one you got to Clean the radiator obvious pull the Screen out to the side As a true brush guard Like the little ears that stick up like That I'm struggling this Focus Okay Got the hydraulic uh cylinders that Grays the good up this little Convenience is there's you know think About it much but we if you had to hold The hood up or worry about it it'd be a Problem let me walk you through some of The controls this is the you know if This was on the farm you guys couldn't See this because it would absolutely be Already dirty so it's a good time to Show you the the operator station So here's your let's use your transfer Case Then here's your inner axle off or your Diff lock and then right here is your Four wheel drive And this has got a cool feature I like We've got a parking brake lever so

That's a that's a cool feature that They've brought over and then we've got A lever back here which is your PTO now This is something uh I like that where it's at this should be Turn your PTO on and off here but you Also have the button but you can Literally disengage the PTO at a gear Level but if you once you have it in the Own position you actually turn the BTO for PTO home by pushing this this Lever right here or this little button And then you want to turn it off you Just click it and it goes off sorry my Camera work sucks telling you don't have The camera right now let me set you up On here I can get y'all hear my knees cracking Don't laugh at me Literally welcome back here do the firm Now I want you to know what happened Right now Tanya said on this tractor a While ago and she did just what she Always does she pulled the seat forward And I like to crush my knees but let me Pull this thing back oh It is bigger than a T25 this would be a Large frame 25 horsepower tractor So check this out here is the Dash There's your PTO button in here's your Light switch this thing does because and That makes sense because it is such a Big open station this has a tilt

Steering and then over here to your Right is your position controls frequent Hitch and I think the last thing we'll Show you is the knob right here this Controls how fast the three-point hitch Goes up and down and then this one is This one is hydrostatic And we also get this in part or not Power shuttle ship it's just like a Standard shuttle shift Never never drove that standard shovel Shift but I'm add to the okay I prefer Hydrostat I've got I've got spoil oh Yeah there's some buttons Cruise control and hazard lights now I Got the seat all the way back I can't touch the pedals I don't have the I mean I can barely put My Tippy Toe to that pedal so if you're A big gentleman Big tall filler this this right here is An absolutely an opportunity hey Nathan You do me a favor will you sit on this I Got the seat all the way back I want to See if your feet will touch it now I'm Not turning this off so y'all can see That I'm not faking this I can't touch the pedals with a seat all The way back Nathan's about what six two six two It's uh I don't know if I can hear you or not Let me give you let me hand you the mic So they can hear you

The loud thing will reach it but I'll Tell you what color I would have to see This far back and I've since but two Yeah that's why I said a big a big a big Man could sit on there Help all the room all the reception This will come with okay now I don't Think this one comes with the cab Because this is a 25 horsepower and I Don't think it has that you'd lose Enough horsepower that it wouldn't make Sense for the air conditioner but should Be third punch third box and you can do The loader on this thing lifts like 2200 Pounds that's a 25 horsepower tractor Lifting 2200 pails

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