NO MORE FLAT TIRES. EVER! #tractors #lifehacks #homesteading

All right so we're going to tell you all About these products right here that I'm Promising you every single one of you if You own a tractor or not if you have a Trailer a zero turn an ATV four-wheeler Whatever it is you're gonna want this Product all right Rick layman's terms What did we just see happen here well we Had this tire pre-treated with our Product multi-seal Pro HD 2500 and it's A true preventative Tire seal additive That goes in the tire ahead of time to Help prevent Flats now what happened was The liquid exit carrier takes our Synthetic fibers to the wound one of Them being Kevlar fills that void Immediately almost like a beaver dam or A blood clot that makes it perfect Repair within one or two revolutions of The tire the hydro 1500 will seal to a Half inch puncture the pros g2500 Three-quarter inch puncture and the Armor 3500 inch and a quarter puncture So if you are interested in placing an Order head on over to multi-seal's Website enter code GWT to save five Percent off of your order and they'll Pack it up and ship it right to you

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