No Wheel Spacers Required? Tip To Widen Your Tractor!

If your tractor is too narrow left to Right well I've got a tip for some Tractors out there you can widen it Without adding wheel spacers or dual Wheels if you have a bolt-on center Hub Like this one here then you can unbolt It reverse it rebolt it flip-flop it on Either side there's typically six or Eight different ways that you can adjust These hubs to widen or narrow the width Of your tractor get a lot more stability Or maybe you do need to narrow it up you Can do that too this is a coyote DK I'm Loving these tractors I just bought this One for Myself the older John Deere compacts had Bolton hubs but the new ones do not such A nice feature if you have it save the Expense of the wheel spacers if you Don't need to this is your tip of the Day hope it helps you out subscribe for More

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