Nordmann fir seedling update

At East Fork Christmas Trees we had a hard time getting Nordmann fir seedlings. I had access to seeds so I decided to cold stratify them and start them in the greenhouse. This video is about the the progress of the seedlings @FlanaganHomestead

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead and East Fork Christmas Tree Farms I'm here to give you a little Update on the Nordman fur seeds that I Started last spring And they are now growing I grew them all Last year I had them outside so that They went dormant in the winter and I Took them back in the greenhouse for the Spring to get them started I will say That the greenhouse has been extra hot And we have a trouble keeping it down so I've moved them outside today but you Know you always like to show your Successes but uh this is one of those Things where I'm struggling on but I Just want to show you what I've been Doing and uh How it's going Okay so I left a lot of ugliness in here So you can see The truth of what I did here I've been Busy haven't given this as much as Tension as I wanted some of these Normans look really good but there's a Lot of them that are really getting Orange tips and I don't know if that's Due to the extra heat in the greenhouse Or uh Not enough moisture there you can see Some of the weeds that I allowed to grow In here not allowed but they took over Their Drying out too so maybe with the

Automatic sprinkler that I had going in There I didn't put enough water in here And maybe that combined with the heat of The greenhouse but uh This Is Not Unusual for nordman's to only be this Tall after Uh you know this is coming towards the End of the growing season of their Second year nordman's are traditionally Slow starters so I do have a lot of good Ones I think we're getting crowded I do I do plan to transplant these Outside in the garden this winter Not in these boxes that I had here for Moving them back and forth but actually Preparing some soil probably going to Plant them about four inches apart this Winter and go from there so right now I Need to get a little bit I'm going to Get a little bit more water in here do That Direct by hand and I'm going to get A little bit more fertilizer in there And see if that helps not going to Fertilize heavily these are small trees But this is my experiment so this is Just a quick update on how my Nordman Fur experiment is going Um obviously I've been growing Christmas Trees for over 20 years now but usually I'm buying seedlings to transplant out In the field that are at least two years Old a while ago getting nordman's was Really hard to get and so I thought I Had access to some seeds so I started

Growing them This experiment you can see by the Colors isn't they aren't thriving I Think they're growing and they're going To pull through but you know this is Just an experiment for me I know much More about growing older trees in the Field than I do seedlings in the Greenhouse but I thought I'd give it a Try and yeah I decided you know usually You just want to put the beautiful Things on camera and let everybody else See it but I just thought you know just People have been asking about the Experiment so I'll show you how it's Going uh struggling along a little bit Not thriving but surviving and we'll Keep going from there thanks for joining Me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees are my business teaching Including Horticulture is my job and Outdoor projects are my passion hope to See you again soon be blessed everyone

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