Nordmann fir seeds successfully stratified. Now planting in Greenhouse.

Hello rob here from the flanigan Homestead we’re doing a quick update on The stratification of the Nordman first seeds uh very similarly to How you do it with a noble first so uh You see all my bag is marked here February 14th this is when we got we had Soaked the seeds the night before put Them in this bag i put some moist towels In there just about damp towels i should Say just to keep a little bit of Moisture and then we just put them in The refrigerator uh it’s april 11th now So this is a little over seven weeks uh That they’ve been in there so as And remember these are uh seeds that are Almost 10 years old so the Stratification rate is going the Viability is going to be low But we’re going to get some and also As we poorly look at these here some of These uh are probably starting to sprout But many of them will start later they Don’t all start at once so as i poured Out a few of these You can see here For instance this one Has uh the root starting to come out and It’s trying to grow there’s others i This one right here Is also as well these are the ones this Is the stage i really want to get them In because it’s just barely growing out So it hasn’t grown down because if these

They’re going to naturally grow down the Route so if they’re sitting in the bag Like this it’s going to turn this way And then they will stand back up when You plant them but if you get these in The ground before they stick out and i Just stick them in the ground this way Then they’ll just lift right up nice and Perfect Okay i made myself a box that is uh About seven inches wide and about 40 Inches long so there’s a Approximately 200 well Minus the wood but that’s about 270 Square inches and when we’re planting These really small i’m going to plant One about every inch and so it’ll fill Up and grow in here now a lot of places Just sew these outside and then do Raise them for a year and then Transplant them wider i’m going to go Ahead and do this in the box i made the Box this size because i’ll be able to Lift it up even when it’s full of soil I’m going to start it in the greenhouse Here and then i’m going to take it Outside i may even take the screws off After i bury this in the ground and just Set it in the ground and bring soil up Next to it i don’t know i’m not saying This is the way you should do it this is The way i’m experimenting with doing it Getting it started in the greenhouse and Then as it gets warmer i’m probably

Going to bury this box outside Where i have an automatic sprinkler to Keep it Going and then typically You know you can grow these really close Like i said just an inch apart right now But then typically on our nurseries then They they grow them out take them out After the first year spread them out to About four inches apart and then let Them grow another couple years until They get to a foot foot and a half tall So this is where they’re going to be the First year and then We’ll spread them out from there this Box is about seven inches deep so that’s Enough for first-year roots and not Having to go any deeper plus when i Transplant them i don’t want the roots Any longer than six inches [Music] So i’m just going to pour some of these Out On a sheet of paper so they don’t fall Through the table here Then i’m just going to start selecting Ones that have some root showing And start placing them With the longer root like this one I’m going to need to Create a little bit of a hole to stick It in there so i don’t break the root Off if it’s real short root and is not As

Brittle then i’ll just Go ahead and press that down Into the soil This is an example of one that was Laying like this and so the root tried To go down This one’s gonna have to figure it out We’ll have to give it a hole but it’ll Have to figure out the right direction Here on its own All varieties of reese’s peanut butter Cups are gluten here we have planted in Our box approximately 238 Seeds uh nordman fur seeds i the reason I don’t have exact rows but it’s Approximately 34 rows by seven so that’d be 238 Some of you might be asking why are you Planting these inside uh in a box Instead of in the ground and to be Honest the number one reason is when I’ve planted these outside before I i don’t Have the soil sterilized that well and i Had a lot of weeds coming up and when These are these little tiny trees with Little roots are coming up there’s weeds There it is nordman furs are only going To get a couple inches tall the first Year anyway and when you’re trying to Weed that out you’re pulling the Tree out as much as you are the weeds so By using Potting soil here i’m going to have a

Cleaner Planting and It’s going to be up here around my way So when i do need to gently get through There and read it i’m going to be able To deal with it right here until The trees get a little bit more Established and actually get some root In the ground and get a little bit Stronger When they go dormant this fall i can Actually do if there’s weeds in here i Can actually do a spray over here that Would kill The broadleaf and not the nordlands but That’s part of the reason i’m planting Them in the box here We we only got one of the two bags open And we only used about half of that now This other bag is still here so i have a Lot of seed left to plant i would say we Only get a third at most for trout well We’re probably going to end up with About a thousand Seeds that have germinated I’m going to put them back in my cooler Keep them cold tonight i’m going to have My probably have my horticulture class Help me plant more uh even And then we’ll leave some seeds uh In the cooler or in the refrigerator for Another week or two and there will be Even more seeds that will germinate and Come up but we’re just planting them as

We see life and again these are about 10 Year old seeds so i’m really happy that We’re getting uh quite a good percentage Well i wouldn’t say a super high Percentage but at least a decent amount Of Trees Germinating out of these seeds okay There you have it the these seeds that Were put in the refrigerator about seven Weeks ago Moisture to stratify them foot in the Ground Thanks for joining me on the flannigan Homestead where christmas trees are my Business teaching and cleaning Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects on my passion people asked Everyone hope to see you again soon

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