Not Enough Hours in the Day – Fire pit Build, Mixing Concrete and more

So the idea that if it rains we're gonna Have people come sit in here means that All of my stuff's gonna have to sit out In the rain I like my stuff I don't Not crazy about it but these are the Sacrifices we make when the woman says She's got something she wants to happen I guess Come on Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms We've got a couple different projects Going on today I'm going to do some Cleanup with the skid loader maybe build Some seasonal stuff and do an update on The pond One thing I wanted to show you guys I Don't think I've ever really shown this Before is that my front door is you know 10 feet right there this is our front Porch and that is the view of the pond Which is why I put a lot of thought and Energy into the aesthetic of the pond It's the first thing we see when we come Out in the morning early in the morning My wife walks the dog right here and so I want to have a really nice view there That's why we're working on we added the The bridge and the island and the Windmill and then we're going to add Another bridge to it right now let's go Take a look at how dry it is because the Next two days we're supposed to get a Huge amount of rainfall and hopefully

Start to fill this thing back up So at most it might be a hundred yards From the front door down to the pond a Couple people who've watched the videos And then visited said that they were Really surprised by how close this is We've got 20 acres here but all of the Parts you see are tied into a Three to five acre window there's Another 15 Acres we don't spend much Time on right now So the wind is going pretty good you can See the windmill is doing its job we've Got the two aerators out here they're Bubbling pretty hard that windmill Really does a nice job aerating the pond Overall is down about three feet but you Can see these puddles right here have Filled back in we got just enough rain To fill those in and I'm hoping that We've got water back across this dry Cracked area right here in the next two Days We've got a a big group of people coming Out here for A little get-together and so I've got a Lot of work I need to do to get cleaned Up for that But I'm gonna bring the camera back down Here while it's raining and then after It rains and we'll see how much of an Effect that has actually I think I'm Going to stick something down here as a Marker so we can see how much the water

Comes up okay So the water level the water level Should be right about where I'm standing Where that pipe is right there And these are the pillars for the new Bridge Turns out I can't actually wait out There to put a marker because it's got Enough rain that this is turned back Into Pretty soft mud I would never be able to Wait out there but I think I'll just be Able to use the reference to That hopefully the next time I'm here We've got water under the bridge Pond's Always low this time of year but that Drought just really got it down this This year but What I'm gonna go do now Is we've got a group of people coming Over this weekend hopefully after the Rain's done And we're going to be Doing a bonfire and Grilling out here So I'm supposed to clear an area behind The Quonset hut so if it does rain we Can sit in the Quonset hut And see the fire that if it's not Raining we can take the chairs out And actually Sit around the fire And I've made a big mess back here With that mulch I hauled off from that Property cleanup job I thought that

Mulch would make a good bedding for The Wood Yard Then I decided not to even put The Wood Yard there so now I've got to clean it up Somebody challenged me to a Someone challenged me to a log stacking Challenge I guess that's going around YouTube Think Hometown Acres kind of got that Kicked off him and his neighbor And A channel called Everything Elliott Challenged me to do that But the problem is it's meant to be a Mini excavator challenge I don't have a mini excavator the guy Who challenged me doesn't have one Either he used his grapple and he set a Record for the challenge But also you could do it by hand quicker Than they're doing in the challenge So It's kind of cheating I'm trying to decide if I want to do This challenge I could use the thumb on the tractor Backhoe see how it Compares as far as That speed But if that doesn't I might do it both ways if I do it I Might do the grapple and the backhoe So there's the Quonset hut we're wanting To sit inside there we'll set the food

Up in there And then have a fire out here They lifted the burn ban already and Then it's supposed to rain the next two Days straight so we should be clear to Have a little fire out here maybe build A fire pit out of some rock or something But right now I need to get all of this Pushed up out of the way I'm gonna have To select some wood I want to burn in That fire pit really I got a lot of work To do and not much time so I I guess I'll stop talking Foreign I was gonna push that whole pile but I Think this log right here needs to go on The firewood pile As I was bucking up that big Hackberry Which is where some of this came from I Got a couple of comments saying that I Was putting good firewood logs into my Brush pile and I was just focused on Trying to get that tree on the ground And get it dealt with but now as I look At it you guys were right a lot of this Needs to be moved over to the firewood Pile and so I took the extra time right Now and just sorted through some of it Foreign Foreign What's up Foreign Baby Foreign

S are enormous they wait I could barely Move these I couldn't even lift them I Kind of shoved them down here with the Tractor before I got the skid loader So We're talking 1500 pound rocks Normally I wouldn't want to build a fire Pit out of rocks that big it's not going To give that round shape you want But I also don't want a fire pit or Unbutted piece so I'm gonna have to move Them again Those things I'd rather not be doing but Here I am doing it so Now if I could use the biggest rocks Possible then it would be easier to take It down And move it later Now there's one more rock down there This last Rock I could barely even move With the skid loader so it weighs a good Four to five thousand pounds I'm gonna Try to bring it up we'll see if I can Lift it Foreign So I am moving this but the back of the Skid loader is not touching the ground It's uh I can't really lift it Come up and then curl Maybe Wow yeah the back of the skid loader I Wish I had a camera outside of the Loader and I am completely off the Ground and if I can get under a little

Bit better we'll try one more time But This isn't doing It probably isn't the best idea but We're gonna drag it up there Hmm Thank you So that is it so that is a rock pile That I dug out from Somewhere else I can't even remember What we were doing when I dug all this Rock up Now that's gonna bug me that I can't Remember where all this rock came from Anyway I guess it doesn't matter But I need bigger Rock and this is the Biggest rock I got so I guess we'll make It work S Foreign So uh got my grandson here he's been Inspecting my work He's a little bit put out that we're Having a Bonfire for the grown-ups and not for The kids So I think we're gonna have to do this Twice so we can cook some hot dogs out Here See we've had a couple of fire pits like This that were at different locations That were made out of rock that size but It takes a long time to get that stacked Well and I'm going to be taking this

Back apart so I don't want to put that Kind of time in it tonight before I quit On this for the day I just found a Couple of big rocks I'm going to see if I can Bridge across here Or maybe move all those and put those Under we'll see Foreign I've got a life goal to one day make a Video without knocking my camera over We'll see Foreign I think we put some chairs around that Fill it full of wood that'll do the job Actually I think I've got enough time I Could fill up a basket With that firewood that's it's not Really that dry but for this a lot it Ought to work that Hackberry that I cut Up for with the skid steer log splitter It's chunked a little bit big in places Like it needs split again I think it'd Be perfect so I should have just enough Time to fill a tote with that and bring It up here I think I'll set it under the Roof so it stays out of the rain You want to help me go put some firewood In that tote Down here we'd pick it up and throw it In there Yeah let's go do it Thumbs up on that We can just use it yeah if you guys Didn't see it I demonstrated a couple

Days ago the skid steer log splitter It makes really quick work of giant Rounds but the downside to it Is unless you want to spend more time on It it doesn't split that finely so a lot Of this like I would have split that one More time the next time I'm out here Splitting wood But for a big open fire pit like that It'll be perfect Same thing if I was selling this to Someone To burn in their wood stove This isn't dry enough But for up there It's not like we have to worry about Creosote so it's going to burn That was a winner Foreign Okay we're out here for day two I've Taken care of everything else I had to Take care of now I'm probably going to Mix concrete in the rain So right now I need to get all my excess Attachments out of here And start making room so we can open This up and because we're having our Event tomorrow and then I've got a mixed Concrete in these eight pots And we're gonna we're gonna create some Portable Light poles basically and we're gonna Put these LED string lights across them And those those containers are going to

Be filled with concrete and that's going To be what weights these down so You can really tell it is that rain Keeps getting pushed further back in the Day but it's about to drop it's the Wind's picking up and you can just feel It's coming Together Okay I'm gonna turn the camera this way So the lighting is a little better see This box right here That is Something that a company just sent me For the tractor Something I don't have yet Obviously it's not huge it fits in that Box And it's pretty darn heavy so if anyone Has any guesses what's in the box put it Put that in the comments I don't know this point already weighs 100 now it's more than 100 pounds I bet But I want to see if anyone can guess it all Right I'm gonna go grab the concrete Mixer Now let's see if we can get power and Water out this far We have power I thought I had plenty of extra concrete From previous jobs but I've got eight of These Seven bags of concrete and I think these Would hold more than one bag

I think what I will do I think I've got a few more bags down in The other shed I'm gonna go grab one More just do one bag per pot and if it's Not full that's okay we can always weigh It down with some more clean Rock off The driveway Those are all 80 pound bags and the Other one's 55 but I won't tell if you Don't What we're what we're trying to Accomplish here is to get those two by Fours to stand straight up and down in These so we can string lights around Them and have it out around our seating Area concern is how long does it take For that concrete to get hard enough to Hold the post up So I'm gonna try to mix it a little bit Thicker I'm still debating if I want to close The ends in on this building for this Right here it'd be really handy to keep It dry if it starts raining but Then for the weekend it's going to be Nice having it open so we'll see I got three different types of concrete Mix here all three say high strength I Wonder if they sell any that say weak Pathetic wheat concrete or anything or If they're all high strength That wind's getting real First one's always the worst one I'm Gonna spill half of it

Half of it didn't come out anyway I think I put the reverse Jinx on it That actually went smooth Done First try What do you think Foreign See how many of you can relate to this The wife says I want eight flower pots With two by four standing up in them you Need to figure out some way to do that And I said well I don't know how to do That but we'll figure something out and You wait till the day you're supposed to Do it and you didn't figure anything out So uh I'm gonna finish this one and go inside And get out of this rain and think about It tomorrow I'm gonna do seven more of These so if you got a suggestion How to make these Two by fours stand up in these buckets You let me know The rain has really started to come down Out there this has turned into an Unplanned YouTube Fiasco And in 12 hours I'm supposed to have a Bunch of stuff done that I'm barely even Started so I'll be working on it Tomorrow let me know in the comments if You got a suggestion how I can make Boards stand up inside these pots I appreciate you taking time to watch The video

Put links on the screen to more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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