OFF GRID BUILDING – My CABIN BEDROOM | DIY CRACK FILLING | Deep Well & Wilderness Outing – Ep. 118

Welcome to episode 118 of my off-grid building series, where I’ll be sharing my latest DIY projects in cabin building. Today, I’ll be taking you on a journey filled with wilderness outings, deep well drilling, and crack filling tips and techniques that I have learned along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned off-grid builder or just starting out, this episode is filled with valuable insights that you won’t want to miss. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into my latest cabin bedroom project.

Off-Grid Building: My Cabin Bedroom, DIY Crack Filling, Deep Well & Wilderness Outing-Ep. 118


Building an off-grid cabin in the Canadian wilderness is a challenging yet rewarding experience. In this episode, we’ll be addressing the various tasks carried out in an off-grid setting. We’ll be exploring the video about building an off-grid cabin and how a couple building the cabin after a military release changed their way of life. We’ll also examine how Ariat sponsored the video and provided durable and comfortable clothing. Additionally, we’ll discuss renovating the cabin’s master bedroom to continue the building process comfortably. In this article, we’ll be looking at the different tasks carried out in off-grid building, DIY crack filling, a deep well & wilderness outing, and how it all sums up.

Tasks Carried Out in Off-grid Building

  • Building an off-grid cabin in the wilderness requires a lot of hard work and dedication.
  • Basic activities such as sourcing for building materials and tools can prove arduous.
  • It also involves carrying out tasks such as digging trenches for electrical work, installing a septic system, putting up a roof, and waterproofing the structure.
  • Every element of the building must be sustainable and must be able to run on its energy without relying on the grid.

DIY Crack Filling

  • The off-grid building process comes with some unique challenges, and filling in wall cracks is one of them.
  • The DIY crack filling involves using drywall compound with added water to soften it and make it more pliable.
  • The process requires significant care, patience, and preparation for it to work correctly.
  • The result of crack filling is excellent and improves the overall structural integrity of the building.

Renovating the Cabin’s Master Bedroom

  • Renovating the cabin’s master bedroom is a crucial step in the building process.
  • The upgrade is essential to ensure a comfortable and conducive environment for carrying out the building process.
  • As the building process can stretch for months, renovating the bedroom creates a comfortable living space for the builders.
  • Ariat sponsored the video and provided suitable clothing for the building process.
  • The Ariat sponsor’s clothing is durable and comfortable and helps builders focus on the task at hand.

The Deep Well & Wilderness Outing

  • As is common with off-grid builds, well drillers come back and predict a need for a 400-foot well.
  • The wilderness provides various exciting excursions, and in this episode, we’ll go on a hike to find a beautiful waterfall.
  • The deep well will eventually provide water for both the human and construction needs involved in the build.
  • It is essential to take breaks from the building process, and excursions such as the wilderness outing provide an opportunity for that much-needed respite.
  • The deep well and wilderness outings are essential elements of the off-grid building process.


Off-grid building is a challenging yet rewarding experience that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The process comes with unique challenges such as filling in wall cracks, renovating the cabin’s master bedroom, and drilling a deep well. Ariat sponsors the building process, providing durable and comfortable clothing for builders. Wilderness outings such as exploring a waterfall provide some much-needed respite from the building process. Every element of the off-grid building process must be sustainable, efficient, and able to work independently of the grid.


  1. What are some unique challenges involved in off-grid building?
  2. How does DIY crack filling work for off-grid buildings?
  3. What is Ariat, and how does it sponsor the off-grid building process?
  4. What role does the deep-well play in off-grid building?
  5. What is the importance of renovating a bedroom in the off-grid building process?
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