One new blueberry pruning tip. It’s time to prune.

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead I'm standing out in uh some of The oldest bushes at Columbia fruits Here in Woodland Washington these older Blueberry bushes these are happen to be Blue jays they're estimating them to be 50 60 years old anyway uh as the bushes Get older they start to have a little Bit of an issue on the pruning and it's January it's time to be pruning your Bushes right around the New Year anyway I'm here picking up a bunch of canes That they pruned off the bush in my Horticulture class is going to do Hardwood cuttings to start some new to Propagate some new bushes but anyway Just an interesting note on pruning they Found that on these older bushes and Particularly these Blue Jays that when You cut these old large canes really low To the ground it hasn't been producing Very good new canes on these they're Starting to come up a couple feet they Cut it off here And you can see there's tremendous New Growth that they got last year and they Said the only difference that they did Instead of cutting it low to the ground Is they cut it a couple feet off the Ground and they got much more vigorous New Healthy Growth So that was just a quick reminder it's January it's time of year to go out get Your uh blueberries pruned up and enjoy

Some abundant beautiful sweet fruit this Coming summer love my blueberries and as Always thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees Are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion hope to see you Again soon be blessed everyone

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