If you're reaching out and asking me hey Would you recommend I go buy a Kubota M4 I'd say Folks had this tractor over a year now And uh debating Is it time to sell it so you know uh Before I do I want to tell you my Thoughts on having this for the last Year plus and what I think about it and I want to preface this by saying I do a Lot of reviews all right Most equipment out there is pretty good You know there's There's things that can make it pretty Good versus great or versus awesome or Versus your favorite but there's very Few machines out there that are junk you Know I mean besides Your Kubota b3350 we've talked about That John Deere 2320 2025r Kubota BX you know besides those Everything else is pretty much you know You're starting at a pretty high bar and Then you're splitting hairs from there Maybe picking options maybe picking a Good servicing dealer uh maybe a certain Feature that's standard on there you Can't get from another brand So let me tell you more about this one Now I had to check my notes I got a lot Of things I want to talk about I'll make It quick but you know I mean most of These tractors are not complex machines All right so you're not going to have a

Lot of issues I'm going to get that out Of the way first I've had two things That I've had issues with on this Tractor in particular one was with like A hydraulic chattering noise of some Kind Foreign [Music] Super annoying a lot of folks had it There was a bulletin that was out there I took this in recently and had that I Think it was a line that was rubbing Honestly I they told me and then I it Went in one ear and out the other but There's a bolt and if you had this weird Chatter related to Um the four-wheel drive kicking in and Out then Talk to your Kubota dealer because you Can have that replace somebody out there Will leave a comment and remind me of What that is the other issue related to That when I had it in there I had wanted To get I was waiting for a summit Hydraulics do-it-yourself third function To put on there and they just hadn't Come out with it yet they were starting From the bottom and working their way up You know the BX the B the L all that Kind of stuff and just hadn't got to it Yet so I had the dealer put a third Function on here and not really an issue With the Kubota tractor more just they Didn't tighten some fittings and when I

Got it back here I showed you recently There was a pool of oil on the floor That's actually what it was coming from Was the fittings that weren't tightened Down on there when they installed the Third function lines that ran back to The uh the housing back here so those Are the only two issues I've had and I've had this I don't know 14 fit Benefit well over a year now a couple Things I've done to it I put that third Function on you can see these 511 Grille Guards here these things are awesome They got the front guard and the side Guards they're a discount club members Save five percent with code GWT tires Are filled so there's liquid ballast Inside here first thing I do when I get A tractor is if Have I ever bought a tractor new I have Yeah I bought one new most of them are Used though so the first thing I do when I get them is I have these tires filled Just it's extra weight I think here it's Maybe a thousand 1200 pounds of extra Weight that's in here hanging out really Good balance weight when you're using That front end loader and then on the Back side I went to Amazon And found a hydraulic top link that Would fit on here so a hydraulic top Link is just the cat's meow I absolutely Love it especially when you get larger Attachments you know on a sub compact

You can manage most of those attachments To hook them up and they serve other Purposes besides that you can make Adjustments when you're grading and Using a tool if it's a brush hog or a Tiller or a box blade or whatever but Even just hooking up and disconnecting From attachments to top a hydraulic top Link really comes in handy now I had Three four series tractors in a row a 4066 another 40 66 and then a 4720 and Really love my 4 series tractors a Really great machine I thought I was going to miss it a lot More But I haven't used I still have a 4720 I Haven't shown on this channel and I think over a year now Um I haven't I haven't missed it and not That if I was using that tractor if I Didn't have the Kubota I would still use The John Deere 4 Series or like a Kubota Grand L 6060 all the time but I've I've gotten a lot more comfortable with This and the main hesitation I had was Really with loader work and using the Power reverser or the manual Transmission that is still Uh cumbersome to use you know if you're If you're changing speeds changing gears Changing direction a lot Um It still doesn't compare to a Hydrostatic transmission the efficiency

Of it and so that is it's become less of A headache the more that I've used it But it's still not it's still the thing I like least about it I guess and so you Go to a utility tractor like a Kubota M4 A John Deere 5 series and you're going To only have a manual transmission of Some kind you know it could be a a Pretty basic Plain Jane transmission or It could be a power reversal but fancier You have a slap handle to go forward in Reverse on the the steering column but The in the the four Series in the Kubota Grand L you can get a hydrostatic Transmission or a power reverser you Know and we've done a whole video Comparing four series or large frame Compacts to utility tractors so that's Not really what this video is about but A lot of folks are interested in trying To make that decision and that's just One of the factors folks if you like Tractors then take just a second and hit That subscribe button down below we put Track your videos out every week we'd Love to have you tag along and if you're In the market for a tractor attachment Something for your front end loader Something to fit the three-point hitch We can help you out go to and see what we Have for sale we sell and ship all over The country every day of the week now I've mainly used this tractor for

Three-point work okay so You know pulling A box blade or a lamp plane uh batwing Mower mowing the field Um Cultipacking you know just different Tools with the three-point hitch where You can kind of set it and and kind of Forget it right so you just put it in Gear and you're just kind of going in a Circle in a loop or whatever and it's Not a lot of back and forth I've done Very little So far with the front end loader I'm Offloading some trailers here and there With the pallet Forks not much bucket Work with this tractor here now I just Got that third function on there like I Told you so I'm going to have a grapple Coming from Precision grapples I'm going To slap on there and we're going to put This to work May down the line look at a a loader Mounted Wood splitter of some kind okay we're Going to see about that too but you Start to get too attractive this size With a little bit higher hydraulic flow And you have some other options up there Too we're going to see what that's all About as far as three-point capacity Goes and PTO horsepower it's got enough To do whatever you need to do on a Tractor this size front end loader it's

Got a lot of of umph but I was surprised When was that last last year at some Point I needed to get my my brush Mulcher my bomber light brush mulcher For my skid steer Back here somewhere else doesn't matter Anyway and so the Kubota was already out Of my property with the Mulcher on it And it wouldn't lift it up this loader Didn't have enough umph to lift up that Brush mulcher to put it on a trailer and Get it back over here so we had to turn All the way back around Drive the skid Steer out to that property hook it up And get it back over here which was that Was a pain so that's the one time it Fell short for me Um other than that though it's done what I needed to do now this is a nice look Inside the cab and this has been one of My favorite things that I I look forward Every time I can can climb up in this Thing and sit in it very good visibility Very comfortable plenty of space I'm About six foot three A little over 200 working on that and uh It's got this buddy seat in here too and And that's one of the cool things I I Liked about this over the John Deere is That this model here you can you can Flip this up and it's got its own seat Belt and everything else you can carry Somebody right along with you if you Want to

Um it would be a little bit more cramped My foot doesn't go over any further than That but you know if you want to bring One of your kids Along on a ride you Know you had that possibility to do that Put it back down like that too so nice And out of the way the John Deere's at Least when I was looking didn't have That option available so I really like That Um storage I can all you want good Visibility on the sides all around Headspace everything you need it's a Very stable tractor too I really like That as well Haven't felt A a bit of you know that side to side Tippiness Feeling Again a lot of that's With the liquid ballast in their rim Guard great solution for that but the Bigger the tractor you go the more Stable they're going to be naturally Your subcompacts like the 10 25 20 25s LX all that kind of thing Even like the John Deere I had a 3046 Art for a while side to side that's Still relatively narrow for where Your center of gravity is up and down And I felt like once I got to the four Series I finally started to feel like I was safely planted to the ground Before that it was a little sketchy so Uh Chris the cameraman there had a few Things he said I should talk about uh

The seat there's no air ride seat Upgrade uh that we know of but this Seat's actually really comfortable I I Haven't found a need for a more Comfortable seat I think this one does Just fine Um venting as far as the HVAC system Goes if you're if you're warm enough in The winter cool enough in the summertime This has done a good job keeping up I've Mowed in the hottest of summer days with This in the fields and I've been in very Cold weather in the in the winter time Too so it's been just fine and all those Scenarios I think in the in the Beginning I wasn't sure how this would Work because all of the venting all the Ventilation is right around the the Column here and everything else and and All that but this has been really good For me and in fact in the summertime I Like it a lot because you can blow the Cold air like right on your core and it Helps you be cooler that way too so I Like that a lot and then the remotes That came on here and maybe if I would Have ordered this tractor new instead of Buying it used I bought it with 60 some Maybe 70 hours on it somewhere right Around there I could have had it set up Differently but when we're running our Our wood splitter it's a hydraulic wood Splitter off the back there's not a Continuous flow function here and it

Sounds like there is an option to get a Continuous flow function we just don't Have it equipped on here and so I just Kind of jam something and keep a valve Open and hold it open so the flow is Continuously going through there Not the normal way of doing it but it Gets the job done now this tractor Really works great for me in my Situation right everybody's situation is A little bit different I have here well Here I've got about 40 acres or so and Only about half of that is usable for This tractor so only about 20 acres but I still find myself using it a lot just Because of the efficiency of it with the Size tools you can use that said if I Only had one machine I've I've got a lot Of machines Well it would be a struggle right that Would that would make the decision a bit Harder because the biggest heaviest Machine that I have the R1 AG tires are Are really rough on like a lawn if I Wanted to use this up to do some Landscaping jobs around my house too I Really couldn't without causing lawn Damage or maybe on the uh the drain Field you know having too much weight Potentially crushing something there and So that's that's a trade-off I have Smaller equipment that can do that if I Had to pick just one machine for this Scenario maybe this wouldn't be the one

You know or at least not with these Tires for sure because these will rip up Uh the lawn and divot it and everything Else and that's where potentially You may lean more towards the four Series or you know an l-60 something Like that so that's really going to have To be a decision that's based on your Own circumstances for me though it's It's hard to find much negative to say About this machine you know I feel like If I was going to say the top three Things that I really like about this Tractor first I'd say it's the cab And and maybe an open station would be Similar I don't know but it's just it's Just quiet it just feels solid and quiet And the engine's not too loud I mean Even if you're outside using the wood Splitter you know it's on but it's not Terrible and it just feels it just feels Good I mean I don't know I just like It's just put together well also the Fuel tank may seem trivial but the fuel Tank it's easy to access right here okay And it holds a heck of a lot of fuel I Don't know how much but I rarely have to Fill this thing up and so that's I have Some smaller machines that seem like They have to get filled up all the time Of fuel and it's just really annoying so It's nice to be able to do A few jobs with a tractor maybe more Than that even and not have to worry

About topping it off and then the last Thing I would say is probably the Overall I want to say stability you know and Again I'm big on that I like to to feel Nice and safe when I'm in my machine I Don't want to have to worry about Is my tractor okay in this situation not That you want to forget about it but I Just feel like it's good to go wherever I need to take it you know that's if I'm Using the front end loader or the Three-point hitch or just driving the Tractor from point A to point B it just It just seems Dependable in a way as far As that goes and so on that note I have Made the decision and I've learned From past mistakes I'm going to hang on To this machine I'm going to continue to To set it up the way that I want but I've got a lot of stuff on here that Takes time it takes time money effort Just to get it the way that you want it I still have to do some things the most Important thing I need to do is put my Hydraulic multiplier on the back here Because I want to use a few tools like a Big flail mower that tilts and and Shifts and all that kind of stuff that Takes multiple functions you know I've Got the hydraulic top link on there we May put a snow blower on the future that Has three different functions so I need More hydraulics on the back side but I

Used to have a 4066 dialed in just Perfect how I needed it and then you Know I do it a lot I get rid of it and Go to a new machine and want to set up The whole thing again and it's just a Pain in the butt and sometimes you got To leave well enough alone and for me That's what I'm doing this time around It's a good machine I would recommend it If you're reaching out and asking me hey Would you recommend I go buy a Kubota M4 I'd say heck yeah it's a great machine It's not going to steer you wrong it's Going to be very capable I think a lot of times it's going to Actually be cheaper Than like an l6060 or a 4066r don't ask Me why but it is and so it's a good bang For the buck so I hope that helps you Out gives you some real world experience On what attraction like this is all About I don't sell these tractors so I Don't have any There's nothing in it for me to say you Should buy this because I'm not getting A commission off of it all right I just Think it's a good machine and again I think most machines are good you're Just going to have to pick and choose Those features that are on each one or a Good dealer or a bad dealer or whatever Brand preference whatever you want to do But when I do sell are tractor Attachments both for the front end

Loader and for the three-point hitch and I am very selective about what I choose To carry and represent I want high Quality I want the best features that Are out there and I want a good price Point so it's got to be a combination of All that and that's what you'll find on Our website and we Sell and ship all over the country every Day of the week and I'd ask if you take Just a second if you enjoyed today's Video to hit that subscribe button right Down below it is completely free if we Want to have you tag along and come back And join the conversation I want to Thank you for taking time out of your Day to stop by and until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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