Opening day on the Christmas tree farm

Hello everyone uh time to share The first day of esport christmas tree Farms we had a little bit of setup going On Had to get the signs out our joy to the World Sign on the petting zoo getting it ready Just a few minor decorations this year We didn’t do as much since we’re not Open as long as normal and Uh obviously the nativity scene was There Then the boys got to work as people were Asking For trees they’re cutting them down for Them we cut them down Haul them out for you i have probably The strongest crew around The boys spent a lot of time in the Weight room and they’re good hard Workers And have a good time while they’re doing It We do whatever we can to help make this A fun And safe family christmas environment People coming and going enjoying the Petting zoo Everything else we have to offer we had A beautiful day some people had to work Harder to get in than others We have the shaker this is a big tall Noble fur Handshake in there

[Music] And a little downtime the boys had to See if they’re stronger than the quad The quad did win Tommy who’s a helper on the farm wanted To get a little bit of a ride on the Shaker [Music] And after a little down time back Taking care of making sure it fits in The stand very Really well We even had a chance to plant a few Christmas trees uh In between for future harvest Come back in seven years and buy this One People coming and going Hauling up trees in the quad so that we Can shake it others have their tree down Ready to go A couple more kids enjoying petting the Goats in the petting zoo And loading up a big van full of mini Trees My coleman lantern decided to really Light things up tonight This was an exciting moment my propane Lantern caught on fire inside the Warping cabin I was able to grab it and fling it out Into the roadway We just let it burn out there Thanks for watching uh please consider

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