OUPES 1200W Solar Powered Generator Review

Hey welcome back to the channel we are Going to do a review On our Opus solar generator we’ve had This thing for two maybe going on three Months now and we wanted to do a review But not until we’ve actually used it and We’ve used it so here it is we’re our Pretty much let’s see We are at 100 charge we have I’ll give You a rundown real quick of what we got This is a 1200 watt solar generator Uh we have four 100 watt portable solar Panels and these things will in my Experience in our where we’re at it’s Going to be different from where you’re At to where I’m at in full sun These things will charge this thing Completely up uh in about four hours This is the Opus 1200 watt solar Generator and we got ours with four 100 Watt panels To be transparent up front Opus did send Us this to review on our Channel and I Want that to be known up front however We put in some conditions that you know It was we would do the review but only After we used it for a while so we have Been using this solar generator for the Last three months over some pretty harsh Environments as we build all of our Projects on our on our property you may Have seen it in some of the other videos As we were using it but I think we’ve Got enough time under our belt now to

Give an honest review about it and that Was one of the other conditions with Opus they said I take it tell us what You really think about it so they’re Pretty confident in it So first thing I want to cover is the Solar panels because there’s not a lot To talk about they are a portable 100 Watt solar panel that can be folded up Into a small Satchel like container and They’re very very very easy to uh Transport from one place to the other so Let’s talk a little bit about some of The specs of this Opus 1200 watt solar Generator it’s able to put out 1200 Watts continuous of perfect sine wave Energy and what that means is you can Plug up your sensitive electronic Devices and not worry about damage them All right let’s talk about the battery In this unit a little bit this is really Important it’s one of the reasons that I Wanted to go with this when we when we We got to talking back and forth this Unit has a 992 watt lithium iron Phosphate battery and why that is Important is the life expectancy of this Battery so at at 2500 charges this unit Is expected to still maintain 80 percent Of its efficiency so it’ll it’ll Maintain 80 percent of the energy Density at 2500 charges that is pretty Much phenomenal this means if you think About 2500 charges that is years of

Charges so that’s really important So the size and weight is 13 inches by 9 Inches by 11 and it weighs just a little Bit over 24 pounds so even though the Unit is small in size it does pack a Pretty good punch now I want to tell you My first test which I did not record on Video because it’d be kind of boring I Took a window air conditioner a small Window air conditioner and it ran just Off of battery power alone it ran that Air conditioner for three hours straight I mean full on high hot day and it done It for three hours straight that was Without a solar panel any solar panels Hooked up I believe with the solar Panels hooked up we could have probably Ran that air conditioner five to six Hours because we were pulling about uh 470 watts and we have 400 watts of solar Panel so the battery depletion would Have been a lot less if we had the Panels hooked up so we got 1200 watts of 110 power here and again this is pure Sine wave it’s perfect take sine wave Electricity which is really good for Your electronic devices like your cell Phones cameras computers things like That that you want to run on it however There’s got this little unit’s got Enough oomph that it could run your Freezer your small you know refrigerator Freezer for you know several hours just To at least get it cooled down so let’s

Talk about the 12 volt side you have a 12 volt power outlet You have two a plug that you can plug in And run a a regular 12 volt at I believe This one’s uh 10 amps and then you have Two c type USB ports and this is a 60 Watt and this is an 18 Watt and then you Have two regular USB ports side by side Here all right so we push the power Button here and the screen is pretty Much it’s it’s really simple let’s see We’ll go ahead and turn the power on so That should you hear it come on the fan Is really quiet uh it does have a Multiple speed fan so the higher you uh Pull the higher loads you pull the Louder it will get but I never found it To be obnoxious in any way so the screen As you look as you can look at it it’s Pretty simple it tells you how much Power is coming in how much power is Going out and what percentage of battery You have left it’s it’s pretty cut and Dry there’s two ways to charge it out of The box and the first one is a 12 volt Cable and then there’s the wall power Pack you have to purchase the solar Panel separately and that gives you a Whole different way of charging the Cable that plugs into your car Outlet Takes about 12 to 14 hours to charge so That’s it’s not really reasonable unless Maybe you’ll see you’re going on a trip And you just throw this you forgot to

Charge it you throw it in the back seat Of the car and you plug it into the Outlet and you’re running down the road So just keep that in mind the 12 volt Outlet takes a good while to charge the Other way to charge that comes in the Box is the wall power pack now this is a 200 watt power pack and I found that it Will if it’s completely discharged it Will recharge that unit in about six Hours maybe a little bit less but it’s Pretty consistently six hours you come Back and it’s gonna be completely full Fully charged and ready to go this unit Has been really useful for us in our in Our what we do as a YouTube channel also Out here in the woods building projects Because behind the scenes the things That you guys don’t see we’re constantly Charging camera batteries mics uh power Tool batteries and like I said before You’ll probably see some of that in some Of the video clips that we throw in here The the 12 volt side doesn’t seem to be As efficient as the 120 volt side I Think the 12 volt button side is Somewhere like 62 percent efficiency so As it discharges a battery you’re losing Almost 40 percent of the capacity as it Discharges however Uh the 110 side is very very efficient It seems to you you get those times and Ratings that you would expect out of out Of the the numbers on the battery and I

And that’s primarily what we used so far Was the 110 side and probably what most People will use it for so let’s talk About the surge power capacity and what This is is the the solar generator it’s Meant to provide 1200 watts of power Continuously and that means just for the Life of the battery however there are Those instances where you have a surge Capacity that’s higher than 1200 watts And this unit can handle that it can Handle up to 3 200 Watts for one second So and that’s going to come into play When you have something like a power saw Or your refrigerator or a freezer or a Drill or something along that lines when You initially pull the trigger It takes there’s a there’s an Instantaneous power surge that it takes A little bit more oomph to get Everything turning over this unit like I Said will handle 3 200 watts and we used A chop saw we use drills we use a metal Metal shear had no issues whatsoever With it I want to talk about one more Thing here is you’ve seen out front we Had four panels well this is rated at 200 Watts input however unless depending On where you’re at and how close you are To the equator is how efficient your Solar panels are going to be so what we Have found if we have four of those Panels and they’re plugged in in uh Parallel and you plug these in you can

Get the full 200 Watts with those four Panels generally where you cannot now We’ve it it this has a what we call a Clip system where it will actually clip The power it’ll take in 200 watts and no More so on those occasions where your Solar panels are producing more than 200 Watts it’s not going to hurt the system It just it just takes in the 200 watts And basically the rest of the energy is Just on the back of this unit is another Handy feature that literally guys it was Here I probably I read the manual and I Knew it was there but I just kind of Forgot about it but it has a light it’s Got uh different levels how cool is this For like a tent you’re in a you know you Got your power unit inside your tent Your solar panels outside a year at Night you gotta you have a light that’s Actually handy and the light is actually Strong enough to be of use cut different Settings and then it has the SOS Settings so you have the three settings You have low You have high and then you have SOS So there’s a lot of other YouTube Channels out there if you want to get Into the get into the Weeds on this they They nerd out on this thing plug in Meters and charts and all the graphs That you could ever want that’s not what We’re about we’re about actually real World use we actually took this unit

Over the last three months it’s been out In the sun baking it over 100 degrees It’s been raining on a little bit we got It out it’s not waterproof so you don’t Want to let it just get soaking wet the Panels are waterproof but the the unit Is not waterproof so we got it out of The rain quickly and got it dried off uh It’s been dropped it’s been kicked it’s You can see it’s dirty it’s got some Scratches Throughout the 100 degree plus weather I Never once cut off so that’s a good Thing it uh it’s the even at the highest Output the fan you can hear the fan but It seems like it’s got good quality like A good quality fan in it so it’s not Loud it’s there you can hear it but it Would never be anything that would Bother me in my case it actually was Kind of soothing So my take on this unit uh honestly is I Would buy it I absolutely I would buy This unit I I like it Um I think it’s going to serve us well And again full transparency they sent This to us to review and we have and I Think we’ve gave it an honest review you Know some of the channels out there they Will take it out of the box they’ll put It on the table they’ll work on it and Put some meters on it and use it for a Couple of days and then they call that a Video this has been in our position for

About two to two and a half three months Now I guess somewhere along in that line We started we got this when we were Building the fence back in the early Part of the summer so this has been beat Up throw it around kick cooked And it’s held up just fine and I’m going To take it camping next listen I hope This has been helpful to you I again I’ll leave a link in the description of This video for for this uh this unit uh I think they make a pretty solid unit They have some other new stuff that just Come out I’m interested in looking into That too but we are interested in solar On our property we are looking at Building a solar cabin and eventually We’re going to build our house that is Completely off grid and the but the First thing that’s coming up next is We’re going to be powering our Greenhouse completely by solar Hey I appreciate you watching our Channel if you want some more Information on this I’m going to leave a Link in the description And we’ll also I’d love to hear some Comments and thoughts from you guys I Think solar has made it to that point Where it’s actually viable now listen Leave us a comment Subscribe and hit that thumbs up God Bless have a great day

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