Choose UHMW as your cutting edge when buying an HLA Snow Pusher, or buy a piece or pieces of UHMW to attach to your bucket or plow.

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What is uhmw well it's going to be all These plastic surfaces that are going to Be the contact points if you have Concrete asphalt pavers brick anything Like that where you want to protect it You'll see it advertised as being harder Than steel it steals harder in my Opinion but this stuff is durable we're Going to be going on the third season With what you see here this is two Seasons worth of wear okay just a little Bit on the bottom and this Cutting Edge Is kind of wearing in just like I want It to Heavy duty thick stuff that we sell for The snow pushers inch and a half on the Runners it's in a quarter thick on the Edges you can reverse it use it on the Other side so you can double the life Out of it that way too we sell skinnier Sizes for snow plows for rear blades you Can put it on the bottom of your bucket We sell super thick stuff for the bottom Of your bucket so you can countersink Into it not have this bolt head scraping On the ground but protects your driveway Cuts Like steel lasts a long time super Durable get yours at goodworks Tractors.com we ship this stuff Nationwide

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