Our Most Ambitious Flower Patch Ever

Hey guys welcome back to wood street Farm i’m phil and today we’re going to Be planting our 2022 flower patch our Biggest patch here that we’ve ever done Uh we’re actually going to do you know Maybe about a third of this today and Then we’ll do some next week and some The following week because we want to Have succession for several weeks of Blooms when we open for our flower fest Season in august and september before we Get into that i want to show you the Other flowers that are around the Property so let’s hop on the Four-wheeler and take a ride This is the first sunflower patch that We planted this year this is all black Oil sunflowers and this is in a section Of our christmas tree field where all The trees had died so we’re just going To try to work the soil a little bit and We’ll put the flowers through here we’ll Put some buckwheat through here a winter Cover crop in here and then next year We’ll probably plant some trees here Again but you can see these flowers in Here are the tallest ones or maybe Upwards of three and a half feet tall Just starting to get some buds produced On some of these so we’ve still got Several weeks before we’ll see any Blooms here but that’s just fine we’ve Got a bunch of photographers scheduled For uh late june so hopefully the timing

For these works out that this patch will Be in full bloom for them and then i’ve Got some more flowers over here let’s go Check on those just a week ago we Planted this section here and some more Black oil sunflowers on part of it and a Mix of autumn beauty and a couple other Types of sunflowers that will provide a Bunch of different colors over on the Other part of it and then there’s the Last maybe 25 of this over on that very Edge that we’re gonna plant not this Weekend but next weekend so that this Patch has Uh more flowers over a longer period of Time and nothing’s really coming up but There’s a couple little sunflowers Sprouting up here and there but it’s Only been a week and you know you Probably already know sunflowers are Usually about 10 to 14 days so in this Next coming week a lot more will be Coming up in this patch and i’ll have Something to show you but check this out Right next to The sunflowers right there it this was Last year’s sunflower patch and we let This go to seed last year i’ve talked About this in some previous videos but I’m just recapping if this is your first Time checking this out we planted rye Grass and clover here and just kind of Let it sit last year i did let the Cosmos and the zinnias that were here go

To seed and we let them dry out in the Fall before we mowed it down and i was Hoping we would get a good reseed here Of zinnias and cosmos and then this Would just look like a wildflower patch And i’ve been kind of disappointed up to This point because i thought they would Have already shown themselves by now but They have not done that but i’m finally Encouraged look at this i am just Starting to see now some plants in here That i’m pretty sure are zinnias there’s One there Move over a little bit there’s another One there And all throughout here there are little Zinnia plants so i’m pretty sure we’re Gonna have some zinnias now out in this Middle section i expected to have some Cosmos i haven’t seen anything yet That’s starting to show up as cosmos but I know they’re more of a Hot summer plant anyway so we’ll just Kind of give them another couple weeks And see what happens but i’m not really Planning on doing anything over here Whatever grows grows and if nothing Grows whatever that’s fine and we’ll Just let it let it be back over here We’ve got the three foot tiller hooked Up to the tractor we’re going to use That to define our rows and since the Tiller is not as wide as the tractor the Tires kind of create our aisle ways and

That’s also going to pack down a surface For us to put our landscape stakes into That will hold down our ground cover so You’ll see how this all plays out here In a minute [Applause] To get that cricket man Get it maxie That’s cricket Get it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] So [Music] Setting that up was a little tedious Burning those holes putting seed in Every single little hole took a little While not gonna lie but hopefully it’s Well worth it with savings not having to Weed that area so we’ve got five rows Down i’ve got enough plastic to do five More rows but we’re going to do that Next week so we’re kind of setting up Our succession plant here and what we Did on those rows was we did about A third of it in cosmos Part of it in zinnias in the last 10 Feet or so we did calendala or calendula I don’t actually know the right Pronunciation of that but Little orange flowers should be pretty

We haven’t done those before so Hopefully they work out well i’ll keep You guys posted on that And So i kind of marked off where my next Five rows are going to be you can see Those here and then we’re going to get Into doing some blocks of just direct Zone zinnias and cosmos kind of the old Style the way that we’ve done it in Previous years i’ll show you how i sew Those now because i don’t think i’ve Actually ever filmed that and a few People have asked that before so here we Go I’m just going to use a small hoe like This i’m going to define a little row And then i’ll come back and i’ll drop Seed in this row [Applause] I’ve just got my little packet of zinnia Seed here It’s a bulk seed and it’s mixed Uh it’ll be end up being all different Colors And i’m just gonna sprinkle it in And try to get seed Down You know every few inches Some people are really particular and They plant these you know eight inches Apart or something I found they come in really nice if you Plant them pretty close together

Follow it up with a little fertilizer And then the last step we’ll just break It in What i just showed you is how we’ve Planted zinnias and cosmos each of the Last two years you can see it goes Pretty quickly and What it looks like is more of a hedge When it’s done rather than seeing like Perfectly spaced Individual plants You see this nice thick full row of Flowers like we’ve shown you in previous Years so i’m interested to see how this Compares to that method over there with The plastic we’ll know in two months or So of how that’s going to look but for Now the plastic is an experiment we know This method works but we do have to Invest a lot more time in weeding and Have to invest a little bit of time in Spraying because trying to pull all the Weeds by hand is just too much So we’ll see how this goes We’re also trying to create more of a Like big block of flowers up here so i Don’t just want to have like individual Rows these rows that i’ve tilled in this Section will be closer together so the Rows won’t be as obvious and it will Look like a big block of zinnias up here Once we’re done so a couple months i’ll Be able to show you what all that looks Like

I didn’t film it earlier but we did also Plant two long rows it’s actually two Rows per Tilled row that you see here so there Are four rows of sunflowers right along The section we actually found some Really old Mammoth sunflower seeds from our first Year that we ever tried planting Sunflowers they were in our freezer so We’ll see how they come up if they don’t We’ve got time to till this back up put Down pro cuts or something else that we Know will pop up pretty quickly but i Was thinking it would be pretty cool Most of our um people are going to be Coming in over there and they’ll walk And they’ll enter the patch from down There so be kind of looking uphill and i Just thought it would be really cool if We had these huge 10 12 foot mammoth Sunflowers here kind of anchoring the Very back of the plot so we’ll see what Happens with those i’ll keep you guys Posted and then i will have in front of That a couple other rows of different Types of sunflowers then we’ll have our Little quadrant over here of uh zinnias And cosmos couple different kinds of Cosmos a couple of single colors zinnias And then we’ll have a section for pro Cuts and then at the very back will be More sunflowers so all of this will get Filled in in the next few weeks here and

I’m hoping to kind of lay out my Succession plan that will get us at Least four weeks worth of blooms From mid-august to mid-september okay Guys let me know how you think we did Here like i said plastic’s new for us The other stuff we’ve done before and This is the biggest most ambitious Flower patch that we’ve ever attempted Here and this is only part of what we’re Doing because we’ve got more across the Property which i’ve shared with you on Previous videos so if you’re interested In this flower business and you don’t Already subscribe make sure you hit that Subscribe button we’d ha be happy to Have you following along uh until next Time i’m going to wrap this up hope you Have a good one i’ll see you on the next Video bye-bye

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