Oversized Log On The Frontier Sawmill! This is Real!

All right This is going to be a fun video but We’re going to show you some struggles We have the grapple on the small tractor Over at our house our current house that We live in right now we’re cleaning up The back the back property line so all We have here at the farm right now is The forks for the big tractor so yeah This could be this could be squirrely Because we’re going to get this big old Monster out of here without we’re going To try to slip this one into this one’s Place Yeah this could go bad what could go Wrong right what could go wrong this is A big old oak it’s uh Right at 22 inches in the in the Frontier Sawmill that we have will only Take a 21 or 23 inch log it’s what it’s Rated at 23 I put 26 on it and if you’re Patient with it you can definitely put a 26 inch log on it And let’s see here on this end It’s about 19 and a half almost 20 Inches so yeah it’s pretty symmetrical Log very little taper Oh the Gizmo see something This could be you could get us on video When we get sprayed by a skunk that’s Going viral I know it is all right all Fun aside I got to be real serious about This I don’t want to drop this back on Anything

That Yeah that log right there probably Weighs every bit of Gosh I bet that’s gonna be 2100 pounds 2200 pounds that’s a big heavy log Yeah and let’s see what the length is we Didn’t see what the link was 10 foot long and some change 10 foot six inches long so probably Actually 10 foot of usable boards Let’s go to it [Music] So I forgot that the uh just the postal Diggers on the back so I don’t really Have A good solid ballast the tires are Loaded on this tractor so we’re gonna We’re gonna play with it right now and Just see what it feels like but we may Have to go put like the Flail Mower or Something heavy on the back of it This wouldn’t be near as difficult but There’s a big A big uh limb sticking off right there I’m going to try to ease up under it it Probably the proper way to Bend your forks Yeah pretty sure this is the proper way To bend the forks Foreign Well I mean I could roll those down the hill Probably be the worst case scenario I

Said That happens I think I would have attempted this log With my the T25 unless it had the Grapple on it and probably the backhoe On the back with the backhoe on the back Of the T25 it will lift a good bit of a Bit of weight and uh but I tell you what I know this is here there’s no doubt About it so let’s go to the next part That’s going to be difficult is set it On a sawmill without rolling it off the Back and turning the Sawmill over like I Almost did last week but we’re not going To talk about that and you cannot hurt Frontier yeah yeah Frontier of the mouse You got I I’ll put a picture in from Frontier of the mouse we got we got a Little mouth living in The Sawmill and We call him Frontier Foreign So here’s a problem That I had last time with a fork I let it go to like too fast I tilted it Too far and then it rolled pretty fast It almost turned the whole The whole Sawmill over So what I’m going to try to do is just Go across Straddle this and just set this under The forks the forks down right I’ve actually been a couple of my bunks By dropping We’re gonna try to be am I sitting on

Anything I go back a little bit I just want my Forks to be level four a Little bit There you go See if we can pull this out of here Without scraping the rails Well that’s two that weren’t really that Dramatic again this could come wrong This could have gone wrong like I said The other day I was out here by myself Tanya wasn’t here to supervise me seems Like everything was better when she’s Here yeah and I tilted It Forward just a Little bit and it rolled off and hit the Sawmill backstop and literally the thing Tilted up on its side and then fell back Forward the log rolled back over onto The tractor and then I had to take Everything back off and then re-level The entire Sawmill yeah it was a mess it Was I literally almost took out my Sawmill the other day so something think About I think I’m going to take the tractor And push that end around because there’s No way that I’m pushing this by hand Okay I’m gonna just the four Four five over They touching both I love this big tractor I really do and It’s it’s a it’s a good tool to have Around the Sawmill but I do like for This kind of stuff I like the little T25

Because it’s uh it’s you can see a lot Better uh for the small things in front Of you and it’s not so strong like this Thing comes up and bumps The Sawmill and Literally almost turns it over and the T25 is just it lifts a lot for what it Is and it I don’t mean to put my tractor There because I love this one too but For the Sawmill working around it I love It with a grapple the T25 with a grapple So for you guys that don’t know my wife Has got into this she got her an app on Her phone where she can go out and look For wild edible mushrooms and books She’s got apps and books and she’s Really been studying this but she has uh She’s been picking up all these Mushrooms and she’s like a That’s like maybe you’re going to end up With one of those you’re gonna start Pick up one of those mushrooms and start Seeing pink elephants and stuff I Already found one for you remember yeah So this is not It’s wanting to sit pretty good so It is pretty humid I feel like I mean to mess that up but no I yeah it Feels like a sauna on here I don’t know if I’m gonna get by there I think that’s good right there yeah no I don’t think though The track it’ll go by the track Because whatever you do just don’t hurt Frontier

Frontier of the mouse yeah We need to get him a mouse house out Here Nice Well [Music] Right Gizmo Right they’re everywhere bubby what do You think what are you seeing what are You smelling Hmm go chill out A lot of work in it but you’re working Really hard keeping us safe Today we’re going to be using a turbo 7 By wood Miser on this it’s uh we get Them from Joe main out of Georgia I’ll Leave a phone number down uh for him he Is a good guy you call him up you get Your blades in I mean we usually get Them in like three to four days so I like the sevens on this particular saw Now my saw has the 14 horsepower engine On it we’ve replaced it out so if you Have the seven horsepower version Probably wouldn’t recommend the sevens I’d probably go with a ten just my own Personal preference but for this Hardwood this this sevens well they they Grind through now the OS 23 with a 10 Horsepower I think you’d be fine with The uh with seven degree blade Absolutely This is gonna be tough now Yeah this can be real tough just be

Patient well it’s It’s less than a 23 inch log But Yes we’re gonna clear it I mean just That’s very close yeah but I think I Tell you right now this bark is uh Coming off so I see mushrooms up there [Music] You see mushrooms When I see purple mushrooms I believe they’re turkey tails Yeah We’re gonna do some more studying before We get to eating on him though So I’m not gonna these are the one Easiest to identify I’m not going to do a lot of messing Around with this I’m going to take as Big a Cuts as I can So that I can I got another project that I can use These slabs on Foreign Go down right there let me make sure I Pretty sure oh that’s totally close Can you go up any higher yeah I can go Power personally so you’re not wasting As much as what I’m saying you can make Well I’m I’m going to smaller Boards out Of it Um Daryl wants some more of these So no water no wasting that’s good yeah

Yeah he wants these so won’t be any Waste at all Try out this warm Tower I turned it off I should let the Run Foreign [Music] [Music] Now this should be some kind of fun Right here I really could take another cut You can make with just one single board Out of it I just don’t think I’ve got enough space Uh the logs kind of setting crooked And I don’t think I’ve got enough room To get the saw by Maybe if I Do a little prying over No that’s pretty much it that’s just how The log is Well but I did get a little bit they Wasn’t touching that bike stuff over There it was before yeah well it Whenever you Might get a one inch board out of that So that’s 18 and a half inches from the Deck so we’ll just go down 17 and a half Get a one inch board I think I can clear That Doggies that’s gonna be close So you doggy Uh jib clamping Doggies I’ve heard that my whole life Though

When I heard that growing up before the Clampetts were big Favorite people Especially that’s why I married you Special Ellie May Ellie May in her Cement pond How many how many y’all watch the Clampetts or The Beverly Hillbillies It actually works is a pretty good Fart remover yeah And I said that never mind [Music] And break it off it’s loose Well maybe it don’t matter I got plenty Of room down there Doggies That was close right there now I mean it the Scraped right there just a tad My name is Grace I’m just having one of those days I Think there’s a red ant nest in this Let’s probably termites So that’s a nice one inch board now we Got to turn this dude over this is where It gets fun This is where it separates the smart People from the done people and I ended up sitting around by myself Feeling pretty dumb sometimes This is where actually this is where the Grapple I’ve learned to use the grapple Come in here and grab it and rotate it Over the tractor hydraulics

But as I said I don’t have it here Well you’re the one-on-one carried the Other tractor to the house so If I do it’s your fault no you can’t Blame me I don’t know I guarantee I can’t nope I Think it’s somewhere in our marriage Contract that I can blame you for things If they’re in a fine print Whoo Adam dudes heavy Maybe use the tractor just a little bit To help you tilt it He’s my legs Let me help you No I’d rather be able to get away from Here okay Something goes bad wrong No you’ll be looking at mushrooms or Something Be distracted oh there’s a mushroom and It falls over and breaks your leg You know I ain’t really fond of it Either [Music] I don’t I don’t recommend them I can’t really jam it Foreign We might get rained out This is a lot like work Yeah we’re never we’re never taking the Grapple away from here ever again Huh especially when we have to use nah Where’s that we got all these Woods over

Here we need to Grapple here that’s what We bought it for Two to get clear stuff yeah you could Have done all that with my hand I would Have watched you I Sorry to be breathing all like out of Breath and you guys ears but this is We getting close well it’s lining up It’s just pizza broke up the bark off Well how far lined up is it I mean it’s Lined up but it’s just you need to go Look at it I can’t go look at it will You come hold this okay I hold it It should be I’m trying to line the flat Part up level look The flat part needs to be level You’ve got going on here so let me just Hold it I got that stuff going on here Well that’s not even a problem That’s just a little bit of bark Okay look another fungi See you’re gonna drop it on your foot So all I need to do is make that back Flat spot stick to the back Line it up There you go there you go perfect okay That ain’t gonna hold it wants to roll Back so let me help you yeah you’re Gonna have to tighten the Tighten it up while I pick up [Music] Well according to the little app No I’m gonna pick up here I have to pick Up yeah

Okay roll it back unscrew it all the way That’s great all the way you’re going The wrong way Faster Okay all right raise it up Right there and push it into the bottom Push in the bottom in the bottom All right go go I’m gonna be saying that for the rest of The week now You’re stuck in my hand oh thank you So it is September now and it’s it’s hot Still here in Tennessee but it’s not Like it has been but still very humid so It’s starting to rain Okay we just looked at the weather out There’s a little rain coming through Here but it’s going to be a lot of rain So we’ll catch you back after this rain Storm’s over [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Okay we’re back out here uh the other Day we were we were trying to do this Log and also need to become a not just a Rainstorm but I mean blowing rain and It’s pretty tough So it’s raining for two days so this First day we could get back out here Happy Labor Day by the way and Miss Tanya she brought her a big old camera Umbrella

Playing it safe today because it come a Rain and not just any rain I’m talking Like rain sideways and full on rain so She’s running back to the to the to the Pole barn with the camera trying to keep It from getting wet is that gonna happen Today now we’re gonna be a jacket and Umbrella yeah it’s not supposed to ring That bad today it’s like sprinkling That’s what you said the other day too Hey I can only tell you what the weather App tells me Why I can’t figure out where they’re coming From Foreign Foreign foreign See this one here I cut cut that so it All right yeah You’re the wrong side All right so we’ll come back and cut This off Um there’s some Live Edge I can cut down Here and here and make a pretty good Board out of that that’s gonna be Probably a good 12 inch border so for the bottom Yeah be good good 12 inch Ward at least He said it’s not this is not rocket Science what we’re building so We gotta finish the stuff at the house First you know all things consider what This is fine I enjoy this So glad you’re enjoying

If you come to work this is our kind of Our work but you’re not you’re having Fun is it really work Oh that’s why I asked my buddy the other Day or this morning I said I said it’s Especially in that certain kind of Environment I love the environment I Just don’t like how that sawdust yeah Um we were talking about that earlier And about Labor Day I said well is it is It labor when you’re having fun and then You call it labor Is it really labor or is it just Something we found something we really Like to do or I found something I really Like to do anyway You like you like the wood S Right [Music] So you’re like most people in the world They like the they like the done product They just don’t like the hard work that Goes behind it I Work I don’t like the size the dusty the Dusty nasty stuff If I had an allergies I wouldn’t be as Bad but I need you to come up here and do this I gotta flip this dude Drop it Yeah well it’s always the dangerous part [Music] This um

Let me roll something Up that a little bit Oh it’s a little Punky on the outside [Music] That’s where it was sitting on the Ground for a while Yeah just that age It’s really I’m glad I had you here for that Play-by-play We’re never taking the grapple away from Ever For no matter What reason You have to pick up sticks around the House by yourself Well your head with your hands And never taking the graph away from Here I’m already picking I doubt it that’s two thousand pounds or Better man I can’t push Let’s let leverage push it Well this this Rusty Thing here it’s a little bit Rusty in it I think we’re up there felt like we’re Up there Hit the stops So now it should be somewhat easier Probably should have said that out loud Man That’s like real freaking work Foreign

[Music] Foreign [Music] Rotate it over here Never bring the grapple Away from here ever again I think we should just turn stop and go Get it I was trying to get it back far enough This way So that I could rotate it over but it’s Just too big to rotate over on the bunks So Foreign Foreign [Music] Sawdust clogged it up So this is going to end up being about 13 and a half inches wide which would be Pretty much perfect but then we’re going To need some two by our one by sixes for That other side so I’m going to cut down Probably two of these boards For it to go across the bottoms And I don’t actually want to do the Other thing on the side I don’t think It’s gonna look weird I just think we Should keep it straight clean lines I Don’t want the piece of the back end I Think that’s gonna look weird what the Piece of where you got the bench and it Goes up the back yeah it’s going to look Weird I don’t think so I know so

It was right with the bridge Broke clocks Rock twice a day I already can see down in my mind I said that to somebody Um I forget who it was some of my younger Fell I said broke clocks right twice a Day and he’s like How is that possible I’m like well the hands he goes oh I Thought you I use digital So I guess that makes sense Can we not go ahead and use This big board right there is on the on The forks to put that on the bottom no Because this guy’s pretty rotten Well it’s going to get roughed up I knew About the weather well we’re gonna seal It just thought we are on the bridge We’re gonna seal it I mean I mean to Build this where it’s going to last Forever I know I’m just gonna this is And you can’t drive a tank over it I want this to be the bottom piece Because that wood we’re stacking that’s Gonna be heavy that’s oak wood there’s Going to be thousand pounds sitting on That all the time So it needs to be pretty substantial so I’m going to cut this down I’ll cut a two and a half inch board Down I’ll make it too thick two inch Board then I’ll do a two inch board down and then

I’ll make two two inch boards because This is uh I don’t know if it’s long enough it Might be long enough about itself Well that’s 12 foot So yeah we’re gonna have to have two Boards and then the other board will be The leftover pieces will be the seat So we need two two inch boards off of This And then the rest and the rest will be Roofing Then you can put that piece there or Live Edge you can put that up for the Back we’re not going to go thick no it’s Going to be very it’s gonna be kind Of we could I’m afraid that it might Curl Well I’ll just put 75 nails per board And it’ll be all right So that right there Had a little tension there so that was 11. 11 and three quarters with a set we use The red one Set that on Four Will come down four quarters or eight Quarters we’ll come down eight quarters That’ll give us our There’s one [Music] All right [Music]

That’s good [Music] [Music] Okay Foreign Thank you Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign I had a good time making it I don’t know If you got I probably look all grumpy When I’m making these things but uh I’m Just thinking and boy I just every board I cut I’m thinking where’s this board Gonna go what’s that board gonna do my Wife’s behind the camera and there’s Some big Hornets flying around her so She’s any sudden jerk to the camera That’s what’s going on Uh the last time I used this saw blade I Had an unscheduled blade dismounting That’s what I’m going to call it when my Blade comes off an unscheduled blade Dismounting and it binged up several Teeth I used some pliers and Straightened them back out and we got Through these boards but the next time We come out here we’re definitely Putting the brand new blade on for sure For sure It’s true and this is going to be uh

This we’re looking for Live Edge or Rough cut Lumber we’re not looking for a Pretty And I will say that I succeeded hey I Can’t wait to show you what this uh Project is going to be this is a very Unique project if you are into firewood You’ll really want to watch this it’s if You’ve got firewood at your house this Next project you won’t see it on this With the next project you’ll see it’s Going to be interesting hey I appreciate You watching our Channel if you would Hit that subscribe button and the thumbs Up God bless and have a great day [Music] Thank you

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