Pantry Chat Podcast w/ Josh & Carolyn

Introducing the Pantry Chat Podcast hosted by the charismatic duo Josh and Carolyn! In each episode, they dive into the world of food, sharing recipes, cooking tips, and discussing all things culinary. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a kitchen novice, this podcast is sure to inspire and leave you hungry for more. So tune in and join the conversation as Josh and Carolyn bring their passion for food to life in the Pantry Chat Podcast.

Pantry Chat with Josh and Carolyn


Podcasts have become a great source of entertainment and, more importantly, knowledge and information. In the world of sustainability, there are plenty of podcasts to choose from, but few are as unique and entertaining as the Pantry Chat with Josh and Carolyn. The podcast is hosted by a self-sustaining family of 13 living in North Idaho. Josh and Carolyn have been together for over 20 years, and they use their collective experience and knowledge to share their love for all things self-sustaining, homesteading, and survival. The podcast took a brief hiatus when Carolyn became pregnant with their 11th child, but now they’re back and better than ever.

The Pantry Chat podcast is back after a hiatus

After a 2-month break, the Pantry Chat podcast is back! Fans can expect to hear everything they know and love about the podcast, plus some new surprises. The show became a fan favorite thanks to the hosts’ engaging personalities, interesting topics of discussion, and willingness to share their knowledge with their audience. Now, after the break, fans can look forward to all of that and more.

Carolyn is two months postpartum and recovering well after a home birth

Carolyn, one half of the Pantry Chat’s hosts, gave birth to their 11th child at home. As a strong advocate for natural, unmedicated births, Carolyn followed Chinese postpartum practices, including eating nutrient-dense foods like bone broth and liver, to aid her recovery. Now, two months later, she’s fully recovered and ready to dive back into the podcast.

The podcast includes a Q&A segment and discussions on topics like canning versus freezing and salt for fermenting

The Pantry Chat covers a range of topics related to homesteading, self-sustainability and survivalism. Fans can expect discussions on subjects like preservation, fermentation, animal husbandry, and more. But what makes the Pantry Chat special is the Q&A segment. Listeners can send in their questions and concerns about homesteading and self-sustainability, and the hosts will answer them in a future episode.

The hosts are a self-sustainable family of 13 living in North Idaho

One of the most exciting things about the Pantry Chat is that the hosts are not just experts on self-sustainability, they live it every day. Josh and Carolyn are the backbone of their large-family-farm. They have developed extensive knowledge on raising animals, growing food, preserving food, and more. They want to share everything they know with the world through their podcast, website, and workshops.

Viewers can access free workshops on topics like herbal medicine and bread baking

Apart from the podcast, the family also offers free workshops on a range of topics that include bread baking, herbal medicine, and food preservation, to name just a few. These workshops are an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn more about self-sustenance and homesteading. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn from the hosts, ask them questions, and get hands-on experience with various skills.

The family also offers free downloadable resources on topics from permaculture to egg preservation

Along with workshops, the family offers free downloadable resources on their website. These resources cover topics from permaculture to egg preservation, providing valuable information to anyone interested in homesteading. The resources are designed to help people take the first steps towards living a self-sustainable life.

The podcast is filmed outdoors in a pasture and may include background noise like rushing river water and animals

The Pantry Chat is filmed outdoors in a pasture, amidst nature’s beauty and the farm animals that Josh and Carolyn look after. As a result, the sound quality may not always be perfect, but that’s what makes it authentic and unique. The background noise adds to the charm of the podcast, making you feel like you’re right there on the farm with the hosts.


The Pantry Chat is much more than just a podcast. It’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in self-sustainability, homesteading, and survivalism. With its unique charm and engaging hosts, the Pantry Chat podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to learn more about living a self-sustainable life.


  1. Can I submit a question for the Q&A segment of the podcast?
    Ans: Absolutely! You can submit your question on the Pantry Chat website or email them directly to the hosts.

  2. Do I need to live on a farm to benefit from the Pantry Chat?
    Ans: Not at all. The topics discussed on the podcast and website can be applied to a wide range of living situations even in urban areas.

  3. How do I sign up for a workshop?
    Ans: You can sign up for workshops on the Pantry Chat website.

  4. Are the workshops open to everyone?
    Ans: Yes, everyone is welcome to attend the workshops regardless of their level of experience.

  5. Where can I find the free downloadable resources?
    Ans: You can find the free downloadable resources on the Pantry Chat website’s “Resources” page.

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