Planting Flowers Where The Trees Died

Hey guys welcome back to woods tree farm I’m phil and today i’m gonna be planting Eight thousand square feet of sunflowers By hand stick around it’s gonna be a fun One i shared with you guys in a previous Video we’ve got a section of our Christmas tree field here that has lost All of its trees actually a couple Plantings worth of trees we kept putting Trees in there year after year after Year and they kept dying and dying and Dying so we are not planting anything Else in there right now we have tilled That up and it is ready for sunflowers We’re going to amend that soil for a Couple seasons and then we’ll try some Trees there again when we plowed that Field we saw there were actually quite a Few grubs in the soil and maybe that Contributed to the tree losses that we Had so we have put down some insecticide To try to treat that and what i have in The truck now will get us started on the Sunflower stuff so look here we’ve got Everything we need we’ve got our bag of Seed this is actually black oil Sunflower seeds that we had left over From last season mice got into it a Little bit over the winter but there’s Plenty of good seed in there and Hopefully it germinates and does well For us i’ve got a custom blend of Fertilizer in here this is based on our Soil test results and i mixed that up

Myself i’ve done a previous video on how I go about mixing up seed or rather Mixing up fertilizer so you can go back And check that out i’ll put a link in This video’s description if you’re Interested in seeing that and uh What else we got here we got our bag Spreader because we’re going to use that For the Fertilizer i’ve got about 15 pounds of Fertilizer here and that is going to be Plenty for our little 8 000 square foot Patch and then i’ve got my garden seeder Here which i’ve showed on previous Videos we got this second hand a couple Years ago for like 150 bucks maybe and It has done really really well for us Though it’s uh starting to get a couple Little issues just because it’s old and Some of the plastic on it has gotten Brittle and it’s gotten cracked but Totally worth it to go and buy a new one Which i think right now are about 150 160 dollars when this one Finally gives it up we are definitely Going to invest in another one of these And this is probably the largest patch That i’ve done with this so it’ll be Interesting to see how tired i am Afterwards but let me get everything set Up here and we’ll get to work So you can see here on the seed plate I’ve got some black electrical tape Covering up some of the holes now this

Is tape that was on here from last year Some of it is lifting so i think i’m Gonna pull this plate real quick and try To Put some fresh tape on there Now this is the plate that’s labeled for Beets Swiss chard And it’s made for slightly smaller seeds They make all sorts of different sized Plates this one’s labeled for sweet corn But the cup on this one’s much larger And this one for example is for leeks Asparagus and spinach really small and You see there’s more holes on this one So it’s made to put seed in the ground a Lot closer so i’ve done videos before of These earthway cedars and how we set it Up and all that kind of stuff if you’re Interested in seeing that i’ll put a Link in this video’s description you can Go back and watch that if you want to Buy one of these seeders you’ll help us Out by purchasing it through our amazon Affiliate links and i will put one of Those as a top comment on this video and You can go and click that and check it Out we appreciate you supporting us Through purchases through those links That’s awesome i’m gonna be leaving About a mower’s width of space in Between our last row of trees over here In my first row of sunflowers so that’s Why you’ll see me starting off several

Feet inside of where i’ve tilled here i Want to make sure there’s a nice border All the way around so we can get through Here with the mower So 12 rows in that took me about 15 Minutes Did work up a little bit of sweat took a Break got some water before i turned The camera back on because i didn’t want To get on the camera all out of breath But it looks pretty good to me that’s 150 foot rows 12 rows spacing should be About six to eight inches And that could be upwards of 2 700 2800 Blooms but my plan is to actually get More than that because i’m gonna come Back in about 10 days or so maybe maybe A week we’ll see how the germination Goes and i’m gonna come back and i’m Going to put in some additional rows in The other direction and just try to get As many blooms in here as we can i left My spacing pretty far it’s almost two Feet per row on average so maybe a Little bit more so maybe a little bit Less but that is a little bit spaced out For sunflowers but it’s been my plan all Along to come back in and put down some Additional seed and fill this plot in And that will also give us an extended Bloom duration if we have uh you know Multiple plantings in here to You know get plants to come up at Different rates so that’s all part of

The plan and i’ll keep you guys posted On a future video of how all that turns Out and i got a lot more Flower work to do And Just to kind of fill you in i shared With you a little while ago planting a Buckwheat patch over on our new flower Patch which is across the pond in that Direction It has been a pretty dry spring so far So the germination on that has not been That great i expected to have six to Eight inch plants by now and stuff is Really just starting to emerge i’ve got Little two inch plants right now so That’s a little bit disappointing Because we wanted to try to have a Field full of white buckwheat flowers by Early may early may is right around the Corner that is not going to happen So we’ll just have to kind of wait and See how that develops in the coming Weeks and then as soon as that crop is Done we’re going to have to start turn It around and start planting our flowers For our peak flower season so that’s all Coming up on future videos if that’s Interesting to you and you don’t already Subscribe make sure you hit that Subscribe button so you can get plugged In with all of our future updates and Hope to see you around the channel again In the future i’m gonna wrap this up for

Today thanks for watching guys i’ll see You on the next video

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